Dear AA Klenk, ev’ryone still hates you!|Everyone still hates Cristine Reyes aka AA Klenk, no wonder.

Good thing I didn’t watch The Buzz

Cristine Reyes was interviewing Maja Salvador, and it’s a good thing I didn’t watch because the two are an eyesore. I don’t like Maja together with AA, actually. If she’s NOT with AA, better.

Similarities between Maja and Cristine: Ang bakya naman nilang magsalita. Quite true, but not necessarily as in totoo talaga. Good thing, I didn’t even bother to watch it, and the voice of Boy Abunda sounded irritating.

I didn’t liked watching The Buzz not because of Boy Abunda’s annoying voice, but it’s also that, the show itself is starting to deteriorate. If KC Concepcion was away, why did they chose someone like AA Klenk? Why not other people there like Anne Curtis? Why not people like err, Valerie Concepcion? Why not Dimples Romana!?

I seriously didn’t like the fact that Cristine Reyes is appreciated and praised at the same time for being “prangka,” if truth is, she’s so irritating to watch. Just like Maja, actually. I don’t want to see the two of them on TV.

AA just thought of cleaning up her act, but the saga doesn’t stop there…

Mas maganda pa ang shoes kesa sa mukha niya, if she were to brag about her Versace shoes and the punk outfit. Haha, just got the sources from the Twitter people, and not to mention, everyone still hates her not because she’s at it again, but because, she’s assigned to be the host of The Buzz. I know, si Boy Abunda na naman ang may idea ng ganito, and I really hate it! Maybe they’re friends, and I would understand that, but AA Klenk as a host!? Gosh, she’s acting unprofessional naman, eh. Like how she interviewed Rayver Cruz, wa-class pa magsalita (trying hard gayahin ang bangingi style ni Alex de Rossi at/o Marian Rivera). Now don’t get me started by telling me I’m “jealous” on her.

Alright, she isn’t going to rant things irrationally on Twitter, I would consider that, but giving her a break for just a short time isn’t enough. To let the person improve their attitude is leave them alone for a year or so. Hindi basta-basta madalian, kung baga, nandiyan na naman siya na parang wala lang. Same with Maja (aka Ross), pero the break given to her is enough. Maybe she learned from her mistake that she shouldn’t be arrogant again, but I still do not know; people are starting to target her classless way of delivering her speech in a conversational way. Eh, sa “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin,” halata namang wa-class siyang magsalita. Dati naman, hindi naman siya ganyan, eh. It’s only that arrogance will bring the wa-klas effect and of course, the attitude problem that a person will develop, unless something happened.

Kung dati, si AA, gagamitin niya ang pagka-jologs niya sa maling paraan. Pero sana, gamitin niya ito sa tama. ‘Wag siyang trying-hard na Marian Rivera (ayos lang kung si Marian ang bangingi kasi ganyan naman talaga siya dati pa, kahit nung hindi pa siya mataray).

I know, there are some people who are still having grudges against AA, but since hindi naman talaga siya bagay mag-host, well, just let other people be judgmental. Sometimes, being judgmental isn’t bad at all; it’s also being frank and honest. Hindi naman puwedeng host ka, kung marami ka lang namang ipagmamayabang. At least, may ipinagmamayabang, but somehow, it should only be for a small circle of people, not for a big audience.

AA Klenk cleans up her act  again = OK FINE!

If you think the Versa-CHE thing is wrong, actually tama naman ‘yun, eh. It’s in Italian, NOT French or Spanish. But the Louboutin thing? Louboutin is French, so it should not be Loubou-TEEN, but Loubou-TUH(ng).

However, the problem is, shoving all your luxury outfits to the audience is sickening. Oh sige, artista ka, but most of your audience belong to the masa. I rarely heard Kris Aquino shoving all her luxury things to everyone, and I never heard of her being arrogant. Same with Gretchen Barretto, she rarely boasted her luxury things kasi alam niyang it’s for her, not for everyone else besides her. Ang good side nga ni Greta eh, suportado niya ang Filipino brands. Filipino clothing brands are expensive, well, lalo na kapag custom-made. I think, sa Totoy Madriaga, mahal ang pagpapagawa doon, but they make the clothing simple, pero binabagay sa kliyente depende sa body type.

However nga lang kasi, it’s not necessary na ipagmamayabang mo ang Prada, Louis Vuitton or maybe Versace, McQueen or maybe Chanel. Most of the European brands I mentioned are really expensive, katumbas lang siya ng Ferrari, Porsche, Land Cruiser (fun fact: These luxury brands are only ordinary things in the UAE) or any of the luxury cars, gadgets, etc.

AA Klenk shouldn’t be trying hard to be another person. If Kris Aquino may seem boastful on her outfits, hindi naman sa ganoon. Prangka lang siya at taklesa, pero kontrolado na ang lahat. Ipagmamayabang pa ni AA ang mga pananamit niya sa mga masa, eh, baka ma-kidnap pa siya, o mabosohan ulit!

If she won’t be like those other celebrities I mentioned, I’m not saying that she should “change” to be like them. It’s only that, she should not be as arrogant as hell, because she might be kidnapped or maybe harassed again!


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  1. LoL. HAter ni Christine, I know she is not that nice goody 2 shoes. But calling her pokpok is another thing. Libelous yan. One though at least nagpapakatotoo siya unlike others who is just pretending in front of the camera, just like one of the in-famous “mag nanay” sa showbiz.

    • What libelous!? Correction lang, libelous ‘yung mga text messages niya kay Ate Ara niya, and worse, having a lot of enemies does not make you a totoong tao, kasi in her case, she starts the fight, the trouble, unlike ‘yung genuine people like Tita Bisaya– palaban, pero hindi naman siya ang pasimuno ng away — ‘yan ang totoong tao.

      People calling her pokpok is just right. Tingnan mo naman ang mga sayaw niya sa ASAP. Hindi talaga siya wholesome. And kapag ini-interview pa lang siya sa The Buzz, I could actually say safely that she’s totally pretentions — even more pretentious than any other typical artista. I could even say na mas totoong tao pa nga si Osang sa kanya, eh.

      Lastly, ang totoong tao, inaamin ang mga retoke niya. Did she ever admit her second nosejob!? NO. Also, I hate to say this, but in Osang’s case naman, no need for her to admit her retoke since “friend” naman niya dati si Dr. Vicki Belo, right? Na inaaway-away lang niya before?

      I really don’t get it why some people like you think that a slutty mahadera like Cristine Reyes is the “frank and feisty” person, if in fact, she’s the total, complete opposite. Well, if she could call people “plastic” due to their dubiousness, that does NOT make her a totoong tao at all. In fact, her apology towards her sister is not even sincere. Halatang scripted at napilitan lang. Even Boy Abunda is even fooled by this slut is because she could do everything like for instance, power-tripping. And yeah, the latest issue naman is how powerful naman of her to remove Joross Gamboa from the set of her upcoming teleserye.

      You know why marami siyang project? She’s one of the people na dadaan muna sa mga Lopezes para lang magkaroon ng career. Ni may mga blind item pa nga ang nagsasabing nakita raw siya na may kasamang executive ng DOS papunta sa isang condo, nakatakip pa ang ulo, ah! Another thing, may isa pa ngang blind item na nagka-STD pa nga siya eh.

      So yeah, I have spilled the rotten beans. I’m only being very honest about this one, not in the defensive mode, but if you’re going to read the YES Mag featuring her house, she opened a can of worms.

      I hope you get enlightened this time.

      With love,
      from an open-minded critical thinker.

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