A twelve-year old’s negative sentiment against UST

Tumblr|It’s so sickening to see a 12-year old lambasting a school.

UST has NEVER been the butt of jokes

Alright, so I never heard that UST has incompetent students. It has a very clean reputation, and it has a clean record too. However, the record was tainted with the Corona Ph.D issue, which became controversial.

UST doesn’t deserve to be the butt of jokes, actually. FEU is once the butt of jokes, but it produces topnotchers. DLSU is of course, never been the butt of jokes, but it was only a subject of rivalry for the Ateneans. For the Isko people, they’re often criticized for being know-it-alls, yet some prove that wrong, and that’s what I like in UP.

UST has never been the subject of hatred towards the majority, however, it just happened that its strong sense of Catholicism makes it the subject of criticism.

It’s all thanks to you, tactless kid

People like her do not deserve to be hated, but what she did hurt other people’s feelings, especially those who are die-hard loyal Thomasians. I really feel so sorry to those who were offended on what she said, it was worse than the Facebook page of UPCAT, where a status post became controversial as well. However, the Tumblr thing’s way more hurtful and it’s more offensive and insulting.

She’s like insulting Hayden Kho (even though he was a maniac), Maricar Reyes or those celebrities who were Thomasians. They might not know that a kid was lambasting people like them all along. I also feel sorry to my Thomasian friends, who were also insulted, but you see, a 12-year old kid like her might’ve had some friends who were so arrogant that they’re Thomasians. I never heard Lasallians being lambasted, like they’re not as “intelligent” as Ateneans, but Lasallians usually keep mum when it comes to controversies. They never did a single faux pas, not even one student of La Salle would ever do such thing like that.

She should learn AA Klenk’s faux pas

To theindifferentmasochist, take note: Remember what Cristine Reyes did when she lambasted Sarah Geronimo? You should learn that lesson, and of course, reflect from it. Cristine may lay-low right now, but we still do not know if she has completely changed. She’s quite questionable, when she says, “Okay, fine. I won’t do it again.” However, if you might as well change, at least do it. Don’t wait for the “right time” to be pwned.


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  1. She isn’t 12 years old. She’s a 16-year old high school senior at Montessori San Juan.


  2. angel, magpapayat muna siya kaya. mukha siyang baboy! joke!

    not that I am bashing her school, but Montessori de San Juan is the thing I NEVER HEARD OF. I first heard of her school due to my colleague. Since medyo ‘dubious’ ang colleague kong ito, hindi niya sasabihin na nag-aral siya sa school na iyun until malalaman ko sa Facebook niya na dun siya nag-aral. While my colleague cannot go as bad as the commenter above, my colleague of mine is as illogically cocky/arrogant as hers. She takes pride in her school she graduated, and that includes her college New Era University. She may not be badmouthing other universities but the way she talked about New Era University as if it is the best school in the P.I. just because of its fucking strict standards lalo sa paggamit lang ng CR at sa paggamit ng ID lace, eh sapaw naman ng PUP kung top schools lang din ang paguusapan considering na public school lang ang PUP.

    That colleague of mine and that girl above are giving me the impression that Montessori San Juan students are illogically arrogant bunch.

    • Yes, that’s the spirit! Arrogance will lead you to nothing.

      Maybe it’s because Montessori San Juan doesn’t teach them manners, IMO. Like what? New Era University may be a strict school, but it doesn’t really have to mean that it’s the best school. I was right all along with my high school (which I often cite as “former second home”) that they’re not providing good quality of education. Frankly, rich, exclusive schools are actually focusing more on the education of students rather than the strict rules. My high school was very strict, but most of its students are just taking the rules for granted.

      Like what I said in one of my blog posts, “Rules kayo d’yan ng rules, but you’re not improving the quality of education of the school.”

      I think MSJ should learn this lesson the hard way. They should learn a thing from one of my first-hand accounts from my former second home, para matauhan sila.

      • dapat ang pangalan niya, theindifferentSADIST, not masochist. Does she know what she is sayin’?

      • Oo nga, ano? HAHA, she’s making herself very ironic. xD

        Hmm… dahil 12 years old pa lang siya, I think banat lang siya ng banat sa sinasabi niya kaya ganun. However, being a 12-year old doesn’t have to mean dapat ipagkakalat mo lahat nag hinanakit mo. Dapat, may self-control.

  3. Off topic, both Ateneo and La Salle have been subjected to ridicule, maybe not by this generation but the generations before is. Ever heard of la salle jokes before? Back then all i heard was that those who go to la salle have the money but not the brains.
    You are right tho, UST has always been ‘clean,’ except for notable alumni who bring infamy to the school. However, like one of the comments above, i had a friend who studied first year in UST who said the same thing about her classmates in UST, that they were mentally-challenged and the lessons were easy (she transferred to Ateneo afterwards). Maybe it depends on the course and/or the people she was with that gave her this impression. As for the minor who bashed UST, it must have been a tough year for her, with college applications and the pressure of graduation.

    • Ever heard of la salle jokes before? Back then all i heard was that those who go to la salle have the money but not the brains.

      Yes, but DLSU proved me wrong, that not all Lasallians are like that. In fact, most of them are achievers and at the same time, down-to-earth.

      It was only then the butt of jokes whenever it is a joint topic with Ateneo, in comparison. Lawl.

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