Revisited: Always bring your mind with you

A response from this blog post.

So, this is another rant regarding marrying between a rich white man and a poor native. Well, I’d choose the rich white man, because I used my mind rather than my emotions, or mind alone.

Like what I said before, my maternal great-grandmother married a poor native, rather than marrying a rich Spaniard. This turned out that she told my white mother, out of frustration and regret, to marry a lawyer, and that guy turns out to be a n*gga (I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings, okay?). It’s a good thing my mother said, “No thank you.”

My maternal great-grandmother’s side’s history of unusual attraction to natives

When you look at Vigan, Ilocos Sur, you’ll look at the colonial architecture. Basically, my theory is, the Ilocos region is has a predominant population of dark-skinned people. AND YES, it’s really hot like hell right there.

I will tell you a story about how Spaniards expanded their race and allowed the native blood to become thicker than their own, sophisticated yet flawed traits.

My Spanish ancestors’ unusual attraction towards natives reflect the way Spaniards were attracted to the yndios/yndias during the time they invaded the Philippines, and called themselves “Filipinos” in case that they’re born here, although purely Spaniard (ang kapal niyo ha). The reason why I loosely used the term “unusual” is because, in my Spaniard side, if you’re native, you are the pride and joy of the family; if you’re white-skinned, you’re rejected, neglected and worst of all, frowned upon. So, the history of their unusual attraction towards natives became apparent from then on.

The typical Nora Aunor appearance is worshipped and hailed as the epitome of beauty by most of my Spanish ancestors and of course, my Bisaya-Castillian relatives. Alright, the Superstar may seem ordinary-looking to me (IMO, Lani Mercado’s more beautiful, especially in person), but for them, they allow that blood to be thicker, because if you’re white, you are viewed as ordinary.|If you look like this, my Spaniard ancestors will go ga-ga over this one, and I’m not joking after all.

My maternal great-grandmother’s trait of “unusual attraction” to natives is of course, passed upon to my beautiful and intelligent (to be honest, my maternal great-granny belonged to this category) cousins who are also attracted to native-looking (or let’s say, dark-skinned, but not necessarily handsome at all) men (there is actually an exception, but I won’t tell you). However, history repeated itself, so what happened was, most of them engaged in PMS, which is sickening in my standards (but I just forgave them because they produce good-looking children, at least).

It would’ve been alright if they’re (tall, dark and) handsome (one of my nieces is really beautiful when she grew up), but choosing someone who isn’t handsome and at the same time, having no ambition at all, that is, something I won’t be proud of.

I am not being racist, but there’s one thing I really do not want to happen to my own children: To be the butt of jokes.

In the Philippines, if you happen to be a child of a Filipina and a white American (or white people), you’ll be a goddess. However, the thing is, most Filipina women today are actually marrying white men who aren’t handsome at all. If you see the father of the Curtis-Smith sisters, no offense, but he’s not handsome (for me). There are other white men there like David Beckham, or maybe Orlando Bloom, who are more handsome (no offense, but I never find Aussies attractive). However, if you’re the child of a Filipina and an African-American, you might be the butt of jokes, but it doesn’t happen anymore. You see, Filipinos who are half-black are actually more famous like and Cassie. To be honest, it’s only Rob Schneider who’s the only white dude of Filipino descent who is famous in Hollywood. Maybe there are many half-Filipinos right there, but they’re not as famous as Schneider himself.

Why am I saying this

Well, I’m not really coercing you to “improve your race” by simply marrying a white guy like Sheamus and have white babies from him (he might be sad because everyone is as white as him, same with red hair and everything), but what I’m trying to tell is, always use your mind before falling in love with a rich man or a poor man. Either way, you might not know, you don’t regret following the advice of your parents, or maybe retaining your virginity for so long. I’m not joking, it’s better to use your mind when you follow your heart; this is to help you define your future and of course, avoid the saying, “love is blind,” which should be marked as wrong, for real.

Of course, having white kids is a very big deal to me (although I don’t want them to be over-appreciated by people). It is because, I don’t want them to be the butt of jokes, or maybe because I look prettier with white skin, what do you think, eh?

I’m just kidding. Actually, it doesn’t really matter at all, but I think it would be more ideal if I have white kids. Para maiba naman.

Maybe if I were in Europe, I might be the most attractive. Most white people like brown, not black. I’m not again, being racist, but they think brown skin’s better and more attractive.

Take note: This shouldn’t be laughed upon, and saying “LOLOLOLOLOLOL…” will be marked as spam.


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