My heartbreaking response from “The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”|This is the book I’ve read, but the smaller one, that is.


So after writing two Anti-Chinese sentiment posts, this book made me feel curious. So, yeah. I checked out the book and of course, I read it but skipped some pages that are not really interesting, but here goes.

While the narrator (the author herself, of course) talks about the way she raised her children, that’s because she was raised that way by her parents. In some cases, most people do not know what the secret of Sophia and Lulu was… what was their secret to musical success? That’s simple — it’s their upbringing, the Chinese way, with a tinge of Jewish belief.

This also talks about how Chinese parents raised their kids, the Chinese way, and I’m afraid to tell you that, this book portrays Chinese parenting a horror… but I won’t tell you much more because I don’t want to break everyone’s heart.


This really broke my heart, and it bursted me into tears. While some people are threatened, I wasn’t. So, let me give a little background about how I was raised… and it would tell you how I became the opposite.

To be honest with you, I didn’t like piano lessons — I was just forced to play it because these know-it-alls were just feeding their fantasies. I may sound bitter right here, but to be honest, I’m not practicing the piano anymore; but I never call it “quits.” I just don’t feel it after all. Rather than playing the “Fuer Elise” which I was forced to play, it just turned out; it made my typing skills much more improved. I learned to type properly by myself. I never had a tutor to do it; not even the software I used helped me or motivated me… I just finished the game after I showed my skills.

Sounds shocking, eh? I only took piano lessons because I wanted to be at the Recognition Rites, and that’s it. I really do not care what type of medal should I have, but it’s a good thing I had silver. It’s already enough to me; in fact, I never expected high of myself playing the piano.

Also, the Taekwondo part. I’m not really interested in martial arts; well another know-it-all coerced me to do so. After all, Taekwondo is only for me to lose weight.

The reason why I bursted into tears is because of my terrible childhood. I posted one time on Facebook that people only know my name, but not my story, only a different version.

(I’ll post my confidential sentiment, which is password-protected.)

So, next comes, the reason why I felt like crying…

To the know-it-alls, and to the unwanted villains of the universe, here’s a reading for y’all

I just don’t get why manipulative people enjoy doing their “job” when in fact, it’s sickening. However, in the book itself, I’m like Sophia, who is obedient, but sometimes, she also gets mad when things go wrong, or maybe off the limit. I was raised to follow the orders of manipulative people when in fact, they’re the real bunch of losers. Why can’t they just get a life and respect their own children’s decisions?

I really don’t want to talk more about it, I just took piano and Taekwondo for granted. I never took it seriously, and my passion belongs to art (if not musical art, it’s visual art). I’m an artist myself, if not recognized, way back in high school people were depending on me when there’s a drawing class or whatever shit it would be, but way back in grade school? People will just criticize me because there’s someone “better” than me when in fact, these people were just tired of their interests. They changed. They are not know-it-alls, anymore.

After all, I am becoming rebellious, but I’m not really the pasaway person everyone must know. I am not actually going to be lazy, or maybe simply irritate you just because of nothing.

I also criticized know-it-alls for being indifferent when someone cries — they think they’re also weakened, and they have short patience, which I’m totally cringing at.

“Don’t cry without reason!”

Wala bang karapatang umiyak ang isang bata, HA? Akala mo kung sinong magaling, kung sa totoo lang, nagmamagaling. Hindi pa nila alam, may tinatago akong mga hinanakit laban sa kanila, and that should include the homewrecker, but it’s not necessary to include her, because I never had any problems dealing with her, except when she’s verbally-clogging to satisfy herself alone.

If the homewrecker’s the reason why my life resulted to identity crisis, that’s because she achieved something which isn’t recognized in the academe. Like, ignorantly mentioning the name of you-know-who and when things go wrong, she would mess up everything. Ganun siya ka-ignorante. She’s a merciless fool who is just doing nothing but to be lazy. She imposes her beliefs to satisfy herself, but truth is, she is just insecure when someone is much more well-to-do than her. In Filipino, kapag mas may-kaya pa sa kanya, parang nagiging defense mechanism na lang ang ginagawa niya para hindi ko mahalata na hindi siya masaya kapag nandiyan ako.

I just don’t feel understanding her somehow. When I say I hate know-it-alls, I mean it. I do not lie, unless necessary. I am not meant to be a lawyer, because I really cannot lie, unless necessary. I lie just because I do not want everyone to get hurt — but it hurts more than how the truth hurts in many ways.

I don’t feel stressing this again, but the know-it-alls just wanted to be “brutally frank” because they just want to ease their lives, but this situation will only make you feel bad about yourself. Truth hurts, but they just keep on stressing it just to make you feel bad about yourself. They think that a burdened person is a “burden” to them, and they just keep on idolizing blindly to those who keep on contradicting themselves. They think they’re better because they’re “dominant,” when in fact, these people they admire are just a bunch of incompetent, free-riding suckers.

Know-it-alls, most of them, are actually secret narcissists, who are selfish in their own way. The manipulate you because they feel superior when they do it. They believe that arrogance is strength; humility is weakness. They don’t feel like laying low because they believe that superiority is based from arrogance.

This is what the know-it-alls should read.


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