Day Twenty-Three: Top Five Worst Teachers You’ve Ever Had

My favorite topic, don’t lash out (:

1.) The Assuming Hypocrite – Well, why is this the code name? Of course, valuing something opposite that you teach MORE is just like NOT doing what you preach. Also, what’s the purpose of high-falutin words? Assuming, huh? To everyone following the principles and legacy of this person, just please. You might not want to be talked behind your back.

2.) Doctor Gay – AHHHHH, he’s the epitome of the stubborn HS administration. Ever wonder why he earns that code name? That’s because he already has a Ph.D. and he acts effeminate. There you have it.

3.) Compare and Contraaaaaaast – She loved comparing our section to her own section; yep, she had high expectations. That’s more of pressuring us since this is a sign of arrogance.

4.) The Arrogant Achiever – Every rule she always impose is based from arrogance. If she received a better position in the academe, there goes her true colors. Yes, may maipagyayabang naman, ‘di ba? However, in her case, it’s like this: Power-trippings result from arrogance, and with that, she might not realize that she’s being backfighted, except for the free-riding popular kids, of course.

5.) Nes Vita – Well, never mind. She’s just like any of the assuming people who think that sipsip people are better than those who are too quiet.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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