Anti-Japanese sentiment of the Korean people|Manga Kenkanryu is one example of hindering South Korea-Japan relationship.

When I asked some of my (South) Korean friends, I asked them any Japanese-related things, and they said, “no,” with a slightly cold response. I just learned that it’s a very sensitive topic to the Koreans. Why?

The truth about Japanese-Korean relations history

The Koreans hated the Japanese for quite so long, and no wonder, some of them would lash out at Japan as a country. Filipinos may have the same sentiment with Koreans, but that doesn’t really have to mean that hating the Japanese should be the result. Filipinos, compared to Koreans, are more forgiving and of course, like what I said before, both the Filipinos and Japanese share the same trait: Hospitality.

The Koreans were actually forced by the Japanese not to speak Korean, and of course, change Korean names into Japanese ones. The result is, Korean heroes are willing to fight for the country, even by just sacrificing their own lives only to liberate their fellowmen from the hands of the Japanese.

I’m not threatening the Japanese or the Koreans, but the diplomatic relationship of South Korea and Japan today isn’t that bad; it’s only hindered by the Liancourt Rocks (Dokdo/Takeshima) dispute and claim. This is the only thing I could relate with; it’s just like the Spratlys, but that doesn’t hinder the Philippines from its relationship with the PRC. To be honest, Philippines should claim the islands, not because of geographical benefits, but also, this is also a strategy to let the Philippine economy grow.

Truth hurts, so does history

History is not necessarily synonymous with “truth” alone. History is also accompanied by theories in which, some of the facts are not really facts; some of them might be simply legends, or maybe personal accounts.

The Japanese government whitewashed the WWII event is because, they don’t want the younger generation to feel bad about themselves; it is quite a sensitive topic in Japan, so never ever utter WWII, unless you happen to be a Filipino-Japanese.

History repeated itself, again

Manga Kenkanryu: A Controversial Comic

While some of the best Japanese manga-ka entertain their readers, their comics are turned to anime. However, in the case of Manga Kenkanryu, that will never become an anime. Lambastments sparked all over South Korea, that this is really going to make a debate, whether this would hinder their relationship with one another, just because of one manga.

Fuji TV boycotted because of K-Drama

This is another issue regarding the Japanese complaining and then boycotting about Fuji TV broadcasting more K-Drama than Japanese dorama. Of course, this is really an insult; airing more Korean films will just anger the Japanese, especially those who are fanatic patriots.

South Korean Children’s Drawings against Japan

Source|This is seriously, the drawing I’ve been lookin’ foaw!

This was probably a school project regarding the Liancourt Rocks. Somehow, this was really controversial, and of course, this sparked hate comments and of course, hindered the relationship between South Korea and Japan.

My comment: Why can’t you guys love one another, eh?

My take: Japan’s not doing anything when South Korea…

Hmm, it’s not really the whole of Japan’s fault when it comes to its relationship with South Korea. It’s only that, people cannot really forget the past, but somehow, they are doing efforts to stabilize the diplomatic relationships towards the end of the story.


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  1. Very descriptive post, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  2. 當我們看中國的外交,卻發現她很多時會在違背自身價值觀和利益的情況下,向各國妥協。可見中國外交的失敗。








  3. Hi, this post is really cool. I’ve lived in the Philippines for 7 years and I’m a Japanese!
    (I’m not kidding! 🙂 ) Sorry to advertise on your blog, but I wrote about the same topic so I really want you to read it:
    Hope you like it~!

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