Lesson Learned: NEVER ever use the term, “downfall”

So, yeah. Here’s my confession about using the word, “downfall.”

Why should this be a taboo?

Well, I’m not necessarily saying that it should be a taboo, but “flaws,” or maybe “shortcomings” would sound far more decent. My professor said,

The term “downfall” means total failure. Will you ever quit school if you fail a class? Will you ever commit suicide if your girl/boyfriend breaks up with you? Well, you may use that if you’re referring to Adolf Hitler.

It should be a taboo if this is referred to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is also a mortal sin, actually. Do you think Jesus didn’t rise from the dead? What will cause the downfall of a Christian’s faith, in my opinion, would be:

Another misuse of the Apostles’ Creed, “…and He descended into hell,” if the correct term is, “…and He descended into the death.” Will you ever see Jesus in hell? Certainly not.

It should also be taken note that it shouldn’t be used in other religion-related people like the Buddha, or maybe Mohammed. Same when if it is referred to Abraham. It will sound disrespectful.

Use the word, downfall, if only necessary

Contrary to the blog title, the continuation goes on…

Don’t use the term when referring to killer things

Using the term downfall during the time when Toyota had a simple mishap, that is wrong. If there are many people who died simply because of the factory defects of Toyota cars, do you think Akio Toyoda himself, committed hara-kiri? When I mentioned about the Japanese way of balancing things, in that case, of course, Toyoda-san accepted his mistake and of course, solved the issue of the Toyota cars. Aside from asking for forgiveness to everyone killed in any Toyota car, he made sure that Toyota would still be in the Top List of companies.

Don’t EVER use the term when referring to people beside Hitler

Downfall doesn’t describe Kim Jong-il either. So does with late former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Or maybe Mao Zedong. Or any other dictator who didn’t observe the Nazi way of governing the country. Communism doesn’t necessarily equate dictatorship. It just so happened is because, it is applied the wrong way. You can’t blame Marx (or Lenin) for that matter. What Marx stated is that, “Class causes inequality,” based from my own understanding. Did I mention that Nazism is far away to be compared to a communist government?

It’s a mortal sin if you use it to people with (a rare form of) medical condition

Stephen Hawking wasn’t hindered from ALS, an incurable disease that left him unable to move his own body. Since he is already an accomplished professor, doctors were very kind and generous enough to give him the best resources just to make him communicate with normal people. This also didn’t hinder him from being married and having children. Of course, his children are proud that they have such a pop who is still alive and kicking on the inside.

When referring to people with progeria, Down’s Syndrome or children with cancer, this is also a taboo. Children with cancer usually die young, but some weren’t hindered to do what they wish; one child with cancer was given a chance by Disney Pixar to watch the movie UP at her house. So what happened was, she could now rest in peace, after watching the movie (reminds me when Vice Ganda told his grandmother to wait for him before she died; of course, after coming from the US, he immediately went to the hospital and of course, told his grandmother to rest, and so, she passed away).

Sickness or any other forms of medical conditions such as disabilities/diseases/syndromes shouldn’t hinder a person from anything normal people do. Autism shouldn’t hinder someone as well; there are other things accessible for people with those conditions.

Blindness didn’t hinder Andrea Bocelli from taking up law; Lack of arms didn’t hinder Jessica Cox to drive without any restriction. In fact, she’s hailed as the first armless pilot (she’s half-Filipina, so that makes her the pride of the Philippines as well). People like Heather Mills didn’t stop from being an actress/model after she lost a leg due to an accident. Other athletes weren’t hindered (e.g., legless athletes who were born without a fibula) to do sports, although most of them sprint, or swim.

The proof of using “downfall” as a term to someone with a simple mishap, most of all, was proved wrong by the one and only Raissa Laurel, whose legs were amputated after the bar exam explosion. Since there’s NO relationship between amputated legs and taking up law, of course, why make this a reason if law is only about reading all day? Ha, if there are some people who have no legs, some of them might climb a mountain like Jessica Long.

Never use the term, downfall, in every aspect of life, unless, you know what

I mentioned everything. If you think nationality would hinder you from being a diplomat, that doesn’t really matter at all. However, if you so happen to have an “ideological conflict,” or whatever you call that, that IS frustrating.

I was wondering if Natalie Portman or maybe Bar Refaeli would be hindered from travelling throughout the Middle East since most Muslim countries located at the Middle East do not welcome people who are Israeli citizens. It just so happened that these countries do not/refuse to recognize Israel as an independent state.

So, here it is. A person educating you if you do not know the basics yet. Just kidding. I’m just delivering you an informative blog post. That is all.


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