Photographer (and blogger) Profile: Eva Marie

This time, since Anything at Random is already closed, here it is…

Photo by me|Ate Camille has been an inspirational blogger/photographer (pardon me for the blur haha).

I featured her many times since alongside Kuya Andrew, we talked to each other when she wasn’t yet a graduate of La Salle. Well, I missed her so much that I owe her a lot when it comes to photography.

Of course, I knew Sir Xiao Chua through her (no joke), and it’s really an honor to meet him in person before I knew he’s featured in TV. I didn’t know that! xD

As a photographer

Well, why photographer? Almost every photograph has a meaning, if she’s going to take a picture. Well, everyone’s a photographer in their own kind, actually. If everyone will say, “It doesn’t mean that you have an SLR, you’re a photographer!”, that isn’t the concern at all. Look, my shots were only improved when I started out playing and exhausting my camera, and it worked, actually. To be honest with you, possessing a D-SLR will only mean greater opportunities and more benefits. It doesn’t only make you a photographer; it only makes your shots improved. However, Eva Marie (or Ate Cami – yes, Camille is pronounced the French way), proved that wrong. She owns a LOT of cameras, and click here if you wanna see the proof. (I really can’t post the actual photo here, kakahiya.)

She admits that she doesn’t have patience to learn post-processing. But how come she has such good photos?

It feels great taking photos. To be able to capture something that I may never encounter again gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Unlike some shutter-happy individuals, I take a snapshot when I feel like it, which may explain why there are moments when I carry my camera with me without taking a single picture. I’m quite selective when it comes to subjects.

This quote is from is her statement here.

As a blogger

Of course, you’ll love her blog, and it’s featured right here. If I talk about nonsense things and celebrities, she talks everything with sense. I like the way how she delivers her blog posts; you’ll really learn something. Well, a Lasallian blogger proves everyone wrong, that not all Ateneans are good bloggers. I love that, actually. She’s not the only blogger who proved that wrong; even Arnie proved that wrong as well.

*Sigh* Why can’t I be just like them? Haha.

Unlike my blog post about Language is Culture, hers is much more informative.


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