Day Twenty: Top Five Most Annoying Celebrities

1.) AA Klenk – Of course, you really can’t question that. Aside from being involved in numerous catfights and of course, sexually-related stuff (no sex video, however), I really doubt about the teen stars crushing her. Like, there are a lot MORE better-looking celebrities, and her looks are quite overrated. Will you appreciate someone with a nose job and a boob job at the same time? BTW, I never heard about her admitting her nose and boob job. Wait, if she’s FRANK, why can’t she do the same like what Ashlee Simpson did? I mentioned it before that Ashlee at least admitted cosmetic surgery just to improve her look. Even Phoemela Barranda admitted her boob job (well, she’s buttless, no wonder). Katrina Halili probably did admitted her nip tucks, but AA? Gah, she’s hiding it. What she only admit is her white skin.

2.) Ross – Of course, if I dislike her, that’s because she was given a break, then became arrogant. Look, if she only maintained her previous behavior, she might’ve received more projects. She may have an attitude problem, but it was only lately discovered.

3.) Kate Hudson – The queen of all cheapos, but good thing she has cleaned up her act. No wonder, she’s no longer having more projects.

4.) Taylor Momsen – The juvenile delinquent is now legal, but showing off your tittays is such an immoral act. So, she’s too trying hard to be sexualized.

5.) Megan Fox – The pokpok who never looked cheap. Well, the reason why she looks bastusin is because, she wants to be like Marilyn Monroe. Was Marilyn Monroe a slut? Course not!


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