Most valuable quotes for the year 2012

These are the most valuable quotes for this year

If you want a new camera and get back into modeling, DO IT. Make it happen. Save money, WORK for it, make it happen for yourself. Don’t ask your significant other, or family, or friends or “fans.” The most rewarding thing is knowing that you are doing something for yourself, by yourself. Welcome to adulthood.

–notyourheroes, on Felice Fawn and her wishes to have a new camera or going back to modeling.

Forcing the mind to think in the collegiate level will surely cause identity crisis. Like what I said, I was thinking from atoms to the universe if those things are not that necessary at all. I am not an expert in quantum physics or an atomic scientist. I do not think scientifically, to be honest. I think as if I know everything, but in a much more poetic way of doing so. As such, it’s no big deal at all if I speak like a poet.

–Excerpt from Extremes & Randoms (a .doc file may be received via E-Mail)

The (suplada) girls whom are referred to are the ones who easily get what they want in different ways possible, and that they are not necessarily intelligent or talented. It should be noted that the world is fast becoming immoral, so the bad ones get the spotlight while the good and ethical ones being set aside.


Dissecting each quote will make you understand everything

First quote: Save something for yourself

While Tumblr user notyourheroes expressed her thoughts about Felice Fawn, of course, I would agree with this one. Felice is already in her 20’s and YET, she’s still whoring to get money. Well, what type fo job’s that, anyway? She ain’t Norma Stitz who is really an Internet porn star and earns money through tittays. Why can’t Felice use her talent and act professional, or have work ethic? Dropping everything just to become Internet ~famous~ doesn’t really deserve the right recognition.

Felice should go back to modeling by simply getting hired the right way. She should earn money through her talent, NOT by whoring for attention. I really have to agree with the quote is because, working hard for your own benefit is much better than begging or asking for financial aid. Wait, is Felice a scholar or something? Well, if she was “self-taught,” why was she featured in the Photography Institute with her birth name, huh?

Dropping your talent/profession just to earn attention from the Internet is really, pointless. Will people ever respect you for being “Internet famous” without recognition from magazines such as Vogue or Esquire? It’s a waste since she’s a Brit, and usually, there are many famous British celebrities, if not a celebrity, maybe a model, rather.

An anon asked Tumblr user felice-lawn about the Mirrin magazine, which is another project that failed just because…

I dunno if you guys know about this but Felice used to also have a magazine called “Mirrin” of course it’s another project that failed because she has no work ethic. there’s still a tumblr account “mirrinsubmissions.”

Basically, she made it look as if the other photographers were cheating and using shortcuts and her techniques are special because she’s “self-taught.” Let me tell you that those techniques were basic professional retouching and I’m pretty sure Felice uses them too. And why is her skin always blurry if she doesn’t use blur? well that forum got closed since she didn’t had time to “maintain it.”

Well, I have to agree with this. Why didn’t she continue her profession as a photographer? Yes, she may be a good photographer, but to be honest with you, the works of Joey Fitzpatrick (*ReflectedElements of deviantArt) and of course, Nikki (*incolor16) are way more than creative as compared to Felice.

Second quote: The Extreme part of a particular topic shouldn’t be regarded after all

Would you ever use quantum physics or even atoms in everyday life? It may be do so, but please, life’s not only a science class, or a Math class. Would you ever use scientific names to identify animals in everyday life? Well, it’s not right if you’re not comfortable with it.

Also, regarding writing a book in quantum physics about this… err… it really can’t be written in a very scholarly and poetic way. Wait, I remember my Filipino subject class, and of course, the compilation’s written in scholarly words and I really hated it. Now who supports scholarly Filipino? You know who you are.

Third quote: A response to my essay about being arrogance, in relationship with being smart and talented

Alright, so if the best young female actors are the ones who are snobbish, that would only mean that some people support them is because, they get what they want. I really feel sorry for those demurely-nice men who fall in love with suplada girls. They might be controlled, or manipulated, or simply, they’re really in love with them because these men thin they are “strong” women if in fact, they’re arrogant.

I have to agree with the fact that morality is getting loose nowadays. Some young actors (Let me name a few, Sam Concepcion, Robi Domingo, Enrique Gil and Albie Casino) are crushing on AA Klenk/Cristine Reyes, which I have to cringe at. Like, what? Why do people have to be infatuated to a pokpok? Why not people like Anne Curtis or Angel Locsin, or maybe KC Concepcion Even Maja Salvador, it would be alright as well? I really don’t get it, once more. If I were to be ask if I would court Cristine Reyes, I’d say, “I won’t ever date a cunt.” Eech. It’s so shameful to have a girlfriend like her, actually.


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