Felice Fawn’s statement about the difference between the two Testaments of the Bible

As much as I do not like talking about religion, I might as well, finally, speak out my thoughts about Felice Fawn’s way of comparing the two Testaments.

Felice said,

The Old Testament defines what Christianity really is; the New Testament, however, tells how disgusting the Old Testament is.

My counter-arguments

The Old Testament is not necessarily Christian

Of course, the Old Testament is followed by the Jews, as far as I know. The term “messiah” is mentioned, while the name of Jesus isn’t mentioned at all. The reason why the Old Testament is featured in the Christian Bible is to guide and enlighten people and tell the history of ancient Israel just before Jesus was born.

My descriptive essay about religion talks about how Christianity emerged from Judaism. Since Jesus was a Jew, of course, He saw the faults of the Jewish preachers. If the Jewish preachers (scribes, pharisees) seemed to be judgmental, of course, what Jesus did was, He corrected those preachers and said that morality shouldn’t be based on rituals alone.

Now what, Failice? Do you think the New Testament lambasted the Old Testament? If the Ten Commandments sounded too negative, of course, the Beatitudes sounded positive. It may seem pointless, but the Beatitudes would put you at ease.

The New Testament defines what Christianity really is

If Felice said that the Old Testament defines Christianity, well, you’re getting it all wrong. If some hardcore Christian fanatics DO follow the Bible teachings religiously, some Christians believe that doing good to your fellowmen is the best option.

Felice, if you chose to be an atheist, come on! Christians aren’t the only ones affected with your “preachings.” Truth is, even Muslims or Jews might question you.


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