Day Sixteen: Top Five Things In Life You’d Like An Explanation For

If NOT in life, these are my everyday observations:

1.) Most Italians/Italian-Americans or people/celebrities of Italian descent (half, one-quarter Italian, if not US American) have tattoos, only John Cena, Rosa Kato or Michael Angarano do not have tattoos. I never heard Alessandra de Rossi with tattoos haha. Also I applaud Gwen Stefani for not having a tattoo. Good girl! I’m not sure with Ilaria Graziano.

2.) Most suplada women are smart and talented – Good thing Roxy’s on the rescue, and she said that the world’s getting immoral nowadays. There’s someone who supports my argument, “Morality’s getting loose nowadays.”

3.) Children’s digestive system should be kept virgin-ly sanitary – Of course, I cannot eat Japanese raw food back then, but it was only when I grew up that I looooove sushi. Sushi, salmon, sashimi, crab sticks! Wait, what about Japanese children eating sushi, huh?

4.) Why most Ateneans are good bloggers – My favorite bloggers are Tricia Gosingtian, Saab Magalona and of course, Pilar Pedrosa Pilar. They’re all Ateneans, even the Gosiengfiao sisters. Camille Co’s also one. Hmm… does this have a connection at BFA Creative Writing or something?

5.) To be honest, why do beautiful genes go recessive? For instance, tall, white people have weaker genes that those who are short n*ggas. No racism intended, really. Also, if you’re the only black person (or dark-skinned rather), why do your light-skinned brothas have weaker genes compared to you, and you have the strongest teeth and has a history of two women at the same time. Haha. Also, why do girls inherit men traits, like tan skin or hairy skin. If the guy’s tan or even hairy, he might be like Derek Ramsay, am I right? But there are more handsome men than Angelica Panganiban’s beau.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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