Updates, as of January 5, 2011

My first decent fiction story: Osaka Monogatari (2011)


It’s finally HERE! Of course, I just started the fiction story a while ago and pardon me if most of the parts do not really make sense. You may help me improve the story and of course, give me some suggestions.

The reason why I wrote that story is because, I just wanted everyone to appreciate Japan not only as a country, but also as a place for manga and anime, and just because this story’s sort of anime inspired, I decided to have it a tinge of real-life people… I mean, the characters are based from real people, and two of the characters are inspired by two late actors.

Of course, like what I mentioned before from this post, AJ Perez is the face of one of the protagonists of the series.

I declare my literary blog, OPEN for everyone

Click here to be redirected.

Of course, once you follow this blog, automatically, you are now updated with the Daily Digest about new fiction stories and of course, don’t forget about the new fiction stories.

Just remember everyone, if you’re going to make a fanfiction from me, make sure that’s it not going to be Twilight or Naruto! I ain’t a fan of those things, but if you’re going to request for Tekken-related stuff or maybe my favorite anime, it’ll be an honor to do so.

Also, if you’re going to have a fanfic request about your favorite Asian celebrity, well, please let me know if that person is familiar to me.

SAMPLES if you want to make yourself familiar haha.


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