Samsung PL210|Samsung PL210 in blue.|The rear side.


14-Megapixel CCD sensor
3.0″ LCD monitor
10x optical zoom (27mm – 270mm)
miniSD card slot (seriously!)

Of course, this also has Beauty Mode, Frames Mode and of course, there are lot of features which you can use here. Also, it’s image quality is the same with the newest digital cameras, SLR-like.

I used this digicam for shooting fireworks due to the fact that I didn’t even have to mind charging my cam’s battery! So, I had no choice but to use this one. So, it turned out to have good results:

It’s only by using night mode. Although my hands were shaky during that time, of course, it is not mistaken that I have good shots simply because of the Image Stabilizer in the cam itself.


Yes, it’s a must if you’re really a camwhore. It’s really a good camera and of course, since it has miniSD card slot, you may insert it on your cellphone for viewing.


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