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I am back, at last!

After my hiatus, well, this is because I don’t want to spend too much time on the Internet or maybe there’s something in the Internet that fascinated me.

In Osaka Monogatari, this is the start of the story where Akio starts to tell his story about his love life. Of course, you will know how Kei differed from Antonello (BTW, Kei and Antonello are based from the late AJ Perez himself). Kei is known to have a certain reputation about being so much different from Antonello and another thing is that, Kei has some of the worst traits that Antonello never had (and won’t have if he were still alive).

In deviantArt, I posted a photo captured on the Galaxy Tab for the first time (I should’ve brought my phone instead haha! I’ll post a separate article about this). It is really as meaningful as you can imagine, because the picture itself is ironic, paradoxical and oxymoronic.

My Reaction Towards Roxy’s err… article about Mariel and AA

First of all, I have nothing against Mariel. However, I was wondering, why was she recruited in ABS-CBN as a host who doesn’t fit in the baduy fashion, and also… why was she chosen by Robin Padilla!? Damn, I think she does everything by the power of her wealth! Well, yeah. However, simply don’t get it… Mariel’s beautiful!? She’s only got BIG BOOBS and that’s it! She looks like a gay and acts like one, but she cannot be like Vice Ganda who has a good voice.

I smiled when Roxy described AA as my “eternal mortal enemy.” It’s very funny and at the same time, true. FUNNY, but TRUE. You can’t imagine how such a prosti-tot is “respected” by teen stars and good actors alike. This is because she has the same level with Mariel Rodriguez, in terms of… reputation. You can’t blame them if they’re admired by some, but that’s because Channel 2 prefers sexualization over taking care of talents more. You can’t question that– Mariel and AA are the two primary examples of “sex toys.” Well, Mariel isn’t bastusin and never got a prosti-tot-y reputation, but she’s really as annoying if she isn’t hosting a game show. She could only host, ON A GAME SHOW, NOT on a music channel.

Well, when Anne Curtis err… endorsed SMART by the… power of the superhero suit, she looked like Mariel due to her bangs. HAHAHA!

Hiatus III

There is something that you should know: I won’t be spending much more time on the Internet because this is getting worse than I thought. Alright, so before I start, I won’t be able to reply back to your comments. Hmmm…

Too much Internet: Doesn’t help either

I remember when one of my profs. once said that it is important to balance your time between study and hobbies. It actually works, according to him.

I really do not know if I should leave the computer for a while and hang out with someone to talk to, because this doesn’t help anymore. I think, I shouldn’t be more addicted to the Internet, although I have so many friends online.

For now, I will keep myself busy. I won’t update everyday unless I have something really meaningful to write.

Expect me to write again some blog entries after one or two weeks.

UPDATE: I will still be posting blog posts HAHA! It’s only that I should minimize it already.

Joseph Cheng: The friendly deviant

I really do not know how to say this but…

He is one of the deviants in deviantArt who noticed my interest in photography. Aside from that, he spent time with me, talking about which camera I should get, and/or lens.

I really do not know how to show gratitude towards this guy. He’s really someone worth featured in this blog.

Credits from|I’m not sure if this is him; but yeah. ;D

Some things that an amateur/enthusiast should learn from this guy

EINS. First of all, he said that a real photographer could capture the best shot by using ANY kinds of camera, even from camera phones. Some of you might not know that I took some pictures by using my Nokia N8, whenever I take pictures of food (I really cannot post it right now unless you’re making a request haha).

ZWEI. This guy has real experience. He usually gives a lot of advice regarding which camera and/or lens to buy. When I first thought of buying the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, he said that the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 is better since most of his photography orgmates said that it is the better choice.

DREI. If you’re NOT a fan of both Canon or Nikon, Sony is the best option. Aside from its Carl Zeiss optics line-up, the IS/VR/OS is built into the camera rather than in the lens. No wonder, Sony offers more benefits to the consumer compared to the two leading camera brands. You really can’t question that Sony is a really good brand, which ranges to Home Entertainment System to handy-dandy electronics. Of course, when Sony and Minolta merged, the first Sony Alpha was born.

One of my friends told me that Sony is good in producing colors. Joseph proves that right. Most of his photos are not only good and presentable, but also, the colors are vibrant and “naturally” saturated.

VIER. This guy diversifies. He doesn’t only prove his talent by using a full-frame camera, but he also uses any types of camera. Just check his deviantArt for more.

FUENF. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a full-frame camera although not a professional photographer, for as long as the person operates the most in the camera.

How should I thank him?

Because of our conversation, I think I learned something from him, and also, he’s also informative. Our conversation is so far the most meaningful, and it’s really like a classroom online, sharing ideas.

I do not know how to say this, but I have to say thank you to this guy. (:

Why is morality getting loose nowadays? Here’s your answer

Morality is the most valued; or at least, something that mean doing what is right or wrong, or good or bad. In the present day world, “the world is getting immoral nowadays; the bad guys gets on the spotlight while the good ones are being set aside.” If you dislike KC Concepcion, Carmen Soo, Shaina Magdayao but like Cristine Reyes (truth is, I HATE TO name-drop this “thing” again, but this is necessary), you are the one promoting this quote. You prefer to idolize someone whom you thought was frank and feisty, if truth is, she’s a fake, plastic sex toy (no offense, but this is undeniably true) with an attitude problem. Yes, you know who you are, and I have to be this time, assertive. You once asked me if I hate Cristine, and I said, “I just don’t like her attitude,” if truth is, I really despised her as a person because she’s really as bitchy as hell. She’s really a skank who always looked cheap, and that is impossible to change. Don’t you know that even her own mother cannot even sermon her or discipline her in any way (Sorry Madam Klenk for the violent reaction)? That’s because she might have ADHD/ADD.

Admiring some suplada actresses like Juday isn’t bad; there are some actresses like Mylene Dizon who is suplada, but is a versatile and respected actress, alongside Cherry Pie Picache. Also, some actresses who often portray villains are really nice people in real life, like for instance, Gladys Reyes. I really liked her although she was a villain on-screen, because she also does comedy. In fact, she is a good parent and shows a good example to the youth. You do not hear issues involving her, unlike Juday.

What ever happened: Get ready

One of the actresses that I used to like is no other than the Diamond Star, Maricel Soriano. She’s really a good actress, she is funny and also serious on-screen. Everyone thought she’s really “nice,” but it wasn’t until her “secret” is revealed, that she’s really bitchy and manifesting fanaticism towards her maids. Sayang pa naman, she already has a title. Although respectable as an actress, she isn’t respected as a person starting from the fact that she is a mean person. But we do not know the other side of the story just yet.

Heart Evangelista is another actress whom I used to admire, not until she started to become hypocritical; she used to endorse a whitening soap when she is tanning with Jericho Rosales on the beach. She isn’t the person we used to know: Smart, classy and the traits that an elite possess. She isn’t the Heart right now who used to be matched with John Prats on-screen. Heart is one of the people I used to admire, but what made me disappointed is her hypocrisy.

The cause of immorality

Immorality is caused by cronyism and/or nepotism. Usually, people do vote for the one with a hidden attitude problem as the class president; after all, I would say that someone who is pasaway (rule-breaker) seemed to be more approachable than the one who is a law-abiding citizen but doesn’t manifest equal treatment towards his/her classmates as a person (and not to mention, has enemies because of whatever reason). Promise, you can’t question that. This is like saying that Winston Churchill is a good guy despite that he’s a smoker, gambler and womanizer compared to Adolf Hitler, whose good side is that, he’s a non-smoker, a vegetarian and a loyal lover. Whatever you apply to yourself may apply to how you handle your subordinates in the future.

Why respect those who are pseudo-feisty (yes, palaban na parang nawala na sa ere, for easier understanding, someone who manifests having a mistaken attitude problem)? Most of them are actually confronting the target as if they’re starting the brawl and/or looking for a fight. Hindi tama ‘yun. Being irritable shouldn’t be an excuse; it may be one of the factors that will mistake you to have an attitude problem. Trust me, this happened before when I was depressed, pero sige sagot parin ako ng tanong sa Formspring (good or bad questions/messages), although people are starting to rant against me.

Manifesting that kind of behavior might lead you to criticisms; or worse, a stab on the back. Hindi mo na pala alam, mas nirerespeto pa nila ang taong namamansin.

The nice people do not deserve this kind of treatment

Alright, so when someone makes a big mistake, do you think he or she is worthless right away? Do you know that being judgmental should be with critical thinking and not only in conclusions alone? I would understand that if you had a traumatic experience; but being judgmental because you have high standards and you are assertive, well, that’s not right. First of all, you get karma with that. Second, you are booed at and third, you’re being undermined.

Mean people are actually promoted by know-it-alls, because they think these people are their “allies.” Is there such thing as a war? Think about it, if you verbally clog, truth is, there’s no winner or loser in a very colorful conversation, yet, you interrupt by verbally-clogging the person whom you’re talking to.

Here’s the thing about know-it-alls (e.g., the homewrecker): They usually make the marginalized person feel bad about him/herself, because they think they’re a burden and they think, that the popular kids, and/or people who are bullies, are doing the right thing. Gosh, it’s very insulting. The know-it-alls do NOT even know what it is to experience identity crisis. They do not even know that the popular kids won’t accept them unless they did something “spectacular.”

Know-it-alls might relate towards popular kids is because, based on my personal experience, most popular kids started as know-it-alls, who just end up being pasaway, and of course, contradicting their own attitudes. These people who used to be know-it-alls wanted to have a new identity, or do some tactic just to get what they want. Rather than to remain a know-it-all, they have no choice but to become academically-incompetent popular kids. If I put the reputation of popular kids in bad light, some of them are actually academically-competent; but you only see a handful of them, taking importance of their priorities. They are deprived by the regular people if most of their friends are those popular kids who break the rules. I feel sorry for these people because they are being misjudged and being frowned upon.

Here’s the thing…

I am not here to re-educate my statements to you. Everything I reiterate is for the good of you, that these should not only be embedded in your minds alone; these things should also be embedded in their hearts. Like what I said, I do not like reiterating things, but this is necessary so that you will understand how the person talking to you experienced life as a whole. Life is never easy to deal with; it’s all in the person who experiences it. Remember, it is always full of challenges, and when luck comes, you have to take it or else.

The reason why I have to reiterate (pardon me if it’s not related with the blog title) everything from my POVs of my past blog posts is because, I strongly believe that embedding all my beliefs to your hearts will make you understand who I am not only as a blogger, author and of course, a casual netizen. This is to remind you that I am human too, and I make mistakes. Of course, like what St. Francis of Assissi once said, “It’s better to be an honest sinner than to be a false saint.”

I just want you to know…

Side note: For the last time, I HATE spoon-feeding this, but please, you have to read this one thoroughly and meticulously. I’m not joking at all.

Alright, I don’t want to repeat this again, but mind you that I do not accept know-it-all comments. It really annoys me when someone mixes it with arrogance.

Rennie Pritzkow, I am talking to you! And whoever you are, you might be one of the people I have “blind-itemed.” It’s either you’re the ex-best buddy or “you-know-who” guy. OR worse, the homewrecker! (You can’t be AA Klenk or someone else whom I blind itemed, because it’s really impossible to happen!)

As I search your name, you are nowhere to be found on the Internet. FYI, I have blocked you, whether you don’t give a stupid f*ck.

People, I simply blog just for fun

I confess: The Internet is my world, and it’s obvious. Every single day, I post things, whether it makes sense or not.

Also, I am not really meticulous when reading comments. I usually read it once, then that’s it.

The real deal with arrogant know-it-alls

You see, it’s really insulting when someone tells me, “I am more intelligent than you are.” Why, do you think you know everything about computers, huh? Somehow, I am only a gadget enthusiast. I am NOT a computer science student or someone who has read tons of computer-related books, or programming. You can’t blame me if I simply ridiculed FF about hating Mac computers. I cleared this out to the first one who commented about my post about FF, because that person was constructive enough. However, having the guts to tell me that I have “no knowledge in computers, etc.” or someone “more intelligent” than I am is like, ugh. How do I explain this? Do you think I am stupid enough to know more about computers? Hell, NO. I am NOT stupid, I just do not have the patience to discover new things about the PC. Also, I am a hardcore user, when it comes to the Internet. Sometimes, I just have to be patient, but now, you can’t blame me if I discouraged you from preferring PCs over Macs. What I’m telling is that, if you’re using a PC, you just have to be careful and somehow, have back up for your files. Well, that’s what I didn’t do before, but that’s already past. The only reason why I chose a Mac not because of the virus things, but because I believe that this is really the computer for me, something that will last long when I’m using it.

Alright. The reason why I ranted about know-it-all people is because, they really cannot stop forcing someone, which is the only way to enlighten them, which is wrong. Look, you can’t force someone to buy the product that they do not like. For instance, I was forced to buy something that I really do not like! Do not be accompanied by someone who’s a selfish, manipulative and worst, assertive know-it-all. You might get frustrated.

For those people who think they’re right, think again. Maybe what you’re doing is wrong, and try to reflect. Somehow, this might improve your self-worth as a person.

To clear things out… and to end the conversation

You can’t blame me for being a hardcore peopleware. Of course, there are times that you are blaming me for being “arrogant” and of course, “bragging.” Bragging your things isn’t bad, unless you’re in front of the crowd, like for instance, most of the audience are NOT elite. Look what AA Klenk did. She just bragged about her Versace and Louboutin stuff, which, for crying out loud, are signature things. What now if she gets hold-upped? What now if she gets kidnapped or let’s say, stabbed a lot of times, but survived? Of course, that’s really one lesson she should learn in the end.

You cannot blame AA Klenk for being arrogant, but being conceited is a different thing. It’s MORE than arrogant, and it’s worse than being arrogant. Remember when the pop princess apologized with a “sad look” on her face, it went viral. Some people commented that “mataas ang pride ni CR ah,” (CR is so full of pride) which means that AA Klenk feels that she’s the queen, and she should be envied, when she interviewed Ross. Well, drag queen, actually.

FYI people, I am not as arrogant as you think. It’s only that I love to show off my new stuff if necessary, or if people gets curious, but please, just be happy for me if I am happy because of this and that. You can’t drag me down at all. There are times that I was dragged down, but please, it’s because of people thinking that I’m elite. I never thought of myself as an elite, it’s only that I have very expensive taste in a particular product. Call me “worldly,” but it doesn’t have to mean that I am conceited. It’s only that I have high standards, but know-it-all people jus have to lower it so that they could just get anything they really want, seriously.

Not that I’m again, being sooooo… y’know, but you see, I do not like people who are arrogant know-it-alls with a mix of the following: Selfish, manipulative and assertive in a bad way. Being controlling to other people results from the bad things you did.

To the following people, this message is for you

Narcissists who are too draggy
Ex-best buddy
Guy whom I admire for four years
People who put crab mentality in a bad name (BTW, crab mentality means TWO things)
…and to those people who have nothing to do at all, but to be uh-hmmmm, y’know what I mean

Take note: I usually get mental-blocked whenever I reply to your comments, unless your comment is really… informative. If your comment is hateful without any constructivism inside, simple: I can’t answer that thoroughly. And sorry to those people whom I misjudged at the first place. I really do not want to start or to be involved in trouble, but saving face isn’t a must at all. It should be something that you should fight for.

You know my name, but not my story.


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wikipedia|The most common thing!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This is the common greeting we do when you’re in the Philippines. Well, I hate stating Wikipedia, but Kung Hee Huat Chai is Hokkien and the first greeting (not the title) is Cantonese.

The Chinese New Year is a very important celebration for the Chinese. Basically, tikoy is the main dish served.

Make way for the Chinese New Year!

If I were not mistake, I wrote two anti-Chinese sentiments. However, it only shows the flaws of the Chinese influencing others to do things like piracy, disrespecting the IPR law, being indifferent, and so on. But looking at the better side of the Chinese will make you feel like you’re in Chinatown.

Like what I said, the “headquarters” of the whole Chinatown is the Sinosphere (PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan). The Chinese are almost everywhere in the world, and India is no exception. There are many people celebrating it, although Chinese or non-Chinese who have Chinese ancestry in them, or the purely non-Chinese.

The Chinese are best known to love food. They go out with family on a dinner, unlike the Japanese who are individualistic. Somehow, family values are practiced in Chinese culture more than anything else. That’s where the Filipinos inherited family values. Also, the color red. The color red maybe a sign of courage, but for the Chinese, it is a symbol of good luck.

The Water Dragon is here

Make way for the Chinese New Year! The Water Dragon symbolizes luck.

Updates, once more, “you opened the door”

NAH, jez kidding. LSS mode.

I just updated Osaka Monogatari (I hope you like it as soon as you click the link) and if you’d notice, this was my original draft that just have to come out from my mind. Lawl, I’ll never gonna be a good story-teller.

Roxy’s reaction towards AA as host and theindifferentmasochist

It’s finally here! So, to quote her interesting points:

I couldn’t believe that Cristine was born in 1989 coz her personality and physique looks older than her age.

Whoa! Even one of the most famous Blue-A bloggers (wait, you know who you are but please, keep your feelings to yourself, ok? I don’t hate you btw) looked older than her ate, who is the more famous blogger/artist na namamansin pa, but she has a childish attitude almost similar to AA’s na parang nagma-manifest ng attitude problem when handling haters/hard situations. The Blue-A blogger here has the same reputation with AA, so I think it’s probably the reason why her ate (not Ara Mina) seemed more respectable.

Regarding when this Blue-A blogger defended her sister, eh parang naghahanap siya ng away online. Akala mo kung sinong naghahanap ng away, eh ‘yun pala dinedepensa lang niya ‘yung ate niya. For crying out loud, doesn’t she even realize that her ate is old enough to handle herself? Alright, it’s really normal for someone to defend his/her sibling against those criticisms/hate stuff, but confronting people shouldn’t be started by a brawl. It should be a “diplomatic” way of confronting them, like, “Respeto naman sana. Papano, eh hindi naman maganda ang pagko-construct niyo ng criticisms.” But this Blue-A blogger’s way of confronting people sounded too immature, na parang kakasimula pa lang niyang mag-confront ng people.

Well, I feel like cringing whenever she handles hate situations. She sounded too immature.

However, that’s not in the case of AA Klenk. AA Klenk, unlike the Blue-A blogger, is actually more of sparing people. Infairness pa nga kay Blue-A blogger, she only focuses on those who should be targeted, unlike AA, it’s like parang wala na sa ere kapag may inaaway siya.

There are some points that I want to mention:

Why do some people respect AA Klenk if they don’t realize that she started her career jailbait?

I’m not saying that even Boy Abunda is an idiot for admiring her “frankness.” If she’s frank, why can’t she admit that she had a nose and boob job, huh (I hate mentioning this all over and over again, but I just want everyone to understand that being frank means being open-minded as well and not only speaking your mind out!)? Insecure much? Well, if I’m not mistaken, she just did this just to be like her sister– beautiful, and booby. If “Ate Hazel” is naturally blessed with good looks and a voluptuous figure, of course, that hindered her improvement in acting, because it seemed that her annoyingly unstandable little sister is better than her in acting.

Alright. I just have to emphasize this: If you had a scandal, it’s alright, for as long as you’re sorry for what you did. However, having an attitude problem is something that you should be ashamed of. I do not respect people who manifest attitude problem. Manifesting that kind of attitude for a celebrity is really the most irritating annoyance. Same when you combine it with cheapness. You won’t be respected if you have an attitude problem and at the same time, cheap.

I think AA Klenk had ADD/ADHD before, but there’s no proof, just yet… haha.

I just don’t want the night to be ruined

To be continued. I have more sh*t to tell hahahaha.

For the convenience of saving space

And to paraphrase Molybdenum, what the heck are with those Louboutins and Versace? Why the heck does she (AA) need to brag those? She doesn’t even have the personality to pull off on those, and she pronounced it WRONG!

Alright, the Louboutin is wrong, but the Versa-CHE is actually right, since it’s Italian. However, AA might’ve NOT project(ed) those words properly.

Oh, let’s move on to Beni Medici (aka theindifferentmasochist)

Roxy said:

I understand that UST is not perfect, that it has lapses, is uber-Catholic that some people won’t like, but trampling UST like a rag is just NO. As for Thomasians squatter ang ugali? Seriously???? Has she (Beni) befriended or encountered any Thomasian? I have Thomasian friends and so far, they are not as squatteric as what she claims to be. Baka siya ang squatter, hitsura pa lang, 100% squatter.

This. Thomasians are nice and ethical people, unlike people like Beni. They’re also down-to-earth achievers.

I agree with the fact that she might not be accepted in EACH AND EVERY UNIVERSITY in the Philippines. Roxy thinks that PUP will be doomed if they accept Beni in the university. And remember– UP might disqualify her since she called UP “full of worthless people.” Eh, kung ako nga, gusto kong mag-UP because it is cheaper than any other university and of course, it produces topnotchers and at the same time, quality professionals. She might only focus on the bad side of UP, like for instance, the aktibista part. Remember when one of the UP transferees from La Salle wrote about UP and its “dirt.” She should also learn from that guy, aside from learning from AA’s mistake.

Dear AA Klenk, may katulad ka na din. HA, for the good and all of that, no wonder, pareho kayong walang breeding at saka, kung gaano kadungis ang mga bibig ninyo, ganun din ang inaasal ninyo sa totoong buhay.

I would have to disagree with the fact that AA “should be respected” because AGAIN, she’s frank, feisty and kalog in talk shows. Weh? Niloloko niyo ba ako? It’s like everyone’s choosing her for humanity’s sake. S’yempre, sino bang may gustong pumatol sa isang SEX TOY na pwedeng gawing dildo/vibrator?

To be honest with all of you guys, the thing with AA is that, she’s only a starlet. She won’t have the same level with people who made a name for themselves. Although AA would suit in that category (she becomes independent from her ate, btw), she can’t still prove her worth as an actress. The only reason why sumikat siya is because of numerous controversies. That’s the only way that would make her famous. She would do anything in may ways possible, to be the talk of the town.

Lastly, AA Klenk showed everyone how she became famous: Creating issues to be the talk of the town. This is what Beni Medici did just to garner attention/feedback from netizens. Hindi tama ‘yun. They do not really know the importance of establishing good moral character, as a foundation of their identity in the future. If Marian is the butt of jokes, AA and Beni are the subject of hatred and criticisms.

It’s like the media portraying retokada people as “role models.” AA is one of them, but didn’t even bother to admit that she had a nose job and a boob job. Is that how you portray “prangka“?

Think about it. You will amount to nothing if you appreciate someone who is a complete fake.

Canon’s PhotoYou Magazine: The most recommended photography magazine

Ever wanted to have the same pictures with the most famous Atenean bloggers like Ashley Gosiengfiao or Tricia Gosingtian? Or learn a new technique of creating unique shots? Well, here’s the thing: This may only be for Canon users, but this magazine is really for the casual photographer.

These are courtesy of

Presenting, PhotoYou Magazine

PhotoYou Magazine is one of the magazines I most admire for its articles that are easy to understand and not only that; it also taught me some of the techniques, as never seen before.

One of the best pieces of advice they gave were the following:

Think of abstract things as painting with light, or maybe creative out of focus shots as creative, so that you won’t be empty-handed.

If I feel bored about taking pictures, I often use my camera as an art medium. Like for instance, when I set the aperture to f/20 and has a shutter speed of at least 2″ and above, with a very low ISO, usually, I draw something abstract. However, I only do that when it’s already dark HAHA.

Samples of my photographs PhotoYou taught me:

Perfect Starr|This is an example of “painting with light.” Here, I move the camera as if I were drawing a star.

Light Graffiti|Red strobes of light form as the graffiti of the walls.

On the other side of the road, my day won’t be complete if I don’t take pictures of bokeh! Sometimes, it’s really obligatory to do so is because, I don’t want to be empty handed again. I usually make the subject out of focus and pop up the flash so that there would be sparkling jewels, I mean, bokeh.

Jewelry in Magenta|I took this with the help of a pop-up flash.

Sparkling Gold Jewels|One of the “hexagonized” bokeh things… turned into jewelry. Also taken with a flash.

PhotoYou isn’t only a magazine

It also has freebies on it! I really have to be delighted that PhotoYou is just like any other magazine with freebies. Unlike other magazines, it is the best. It is really friendly to the casual photographer/enthusiast. Just think of it as kindergarten to photographers. Reading magazines that are not really easy to understand, serious and bland are only reserved for people who are experienced in the field of photography, as a job.

PhotoYou brings out the Disneyland in photography; it doesn’t only include Caucasian people as models. Most of the PhotoYou models are Asian. It’s like Disneyland caters every opportunity for everyone of different races, most particularly Asians.

This is a recommendation to Canon owners

PhotoYou brings out the best in you and photography. Remember, the camera isn’t the one taking pictures. It’s the camera’s eye used by the person him/herself. The more the creative the pictures are, the more the artistic the person is.

Updates, once more

Here are some of the articles I’ll probably post:

1.) Audrey Hepburn: A Blue-Blooded Legend – Audrey’s one of the people I admire because of her classy appeal and the way she had a clean record. After watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I just realized that she’s really a great actress. BTW, she’s also one of the most interesting people ever in history. (Spoiler: In Osaka Monogatari, one of the characters resemble Audrey Hepburn at her 60’s, but lived a very ripe old age of 77 [with white hair]. This character is one of Hanako’s English mentors, born in the UK but was raised in the United States.)

2.) Rowan Atkinson: The Flexible Comedian – He is most notable for his iconic trademark character of Mr. Bean, but Rowan Atkinson himself is more than a scriptless comedian. In fact, he’s a man of wordly comedy, often portraying the roles of certain characters, depicting them as the comic relief.

Every Photo has a Story: The memoirs of a flexible photography enthusiast

Imagine a world without photographs. Alright, life would be complete without photographs, but there’s something in photography that other art medium cannot have: Take a shot.

Photography: Me|The desaturation is more than the depth of the picture itself.

Photojournalism inspiration

One of the photojournalists that I admire most is no other than British photographer Jason P. Howe, who specializes in conflict photojournalism. I was stumbled on his article about falling in love with an assassin when he was staying in Colombia.

He is a brave soul; this guy never fails to take the most beautiful photographs on conflict and war. If war is absolutely good for nothing, he focuses more on the depth, the story and of course, the aftermath. He tells a story about war, through photographs. Looking at the horrors of war, you’ll see that there are sad faces, and wailing people. However, heroes on that story are those who are fighting for their people.

Embracing photography through flexibility

Not all photographs tell a story; sometimes, they are eye-candy; sometimes, you’ll see humanized objects and animals with facial expression. But in photojournalism, a photograph has no meaning if there’s no story behind it.

Photography by: Me|A very beautiful house renovated. I wonder if this used to be a historical landmark, eh?

Photography by: Me|I always wanted to try riding for a while in a school service… or in a school bus.

Photography by: Me|The pink fiesta decorations represent joy in a typical day in Manila.

Looking at the gap between the most depressed areas of Manila and the whole DLSU Main campus represents poverty surrounding rich culture and history. If Manila used to be Intramuros alone before the Spaniards left the country before the 20th century, it is right now, a mix of rich and poor. It is like the irony of what is happening today.

The most depressed areas of the Philippines is so far the most beautiful. You see a lot of happy people even though they live in poverty. They know how to survive better than those who are wealthy. So far, the very first photo in B&W is actually my attempt in photojournalism, showing everyone how crazy people end up being poor– dirt poor, that is.

The irony of the capital vs. the richest city

Since Manila itself is the capital city, why isn’t it as rich and clean as Quezon City? Why does it still have the most depressed areas, particularly Tondo? Ironically/paradoxically, Tondo used to be a financial center. Right now, it is one of the poorest, if not exactly the poorest in Manila. The area is congested, and people there have more problems than wealthy people. It reminds me when I was not yet relocating in Quezon City; the street children that I see are very happy playing, while I’m only at home, just scribbling things.

Watch out for my next entry: The Philippines: Land of Ironies and Paradoxes