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I am back, at last!

After my hiatus, well, this is because I don’t want to spend too much time on the Internet or maybe there’s something in the Internet that fascinated me.

In Osaka Monogatari, this is the start of the story where Akio starts to tell his story about his love life. Of course, you will know how Kei differed from Antonello (BTW, Kei and Antonello are based from the late AJ Perez himself). Kei is known to have a certain reputation about being so much different from Antonello and another thing is that, Kei has some of the worst traits that Antonello never had (and won’t have if he were still alive).

In deviantArt, I posted a photo captured on the Galaxy Tab for the first time (I should’ve brought my phone instead haha! I’ll post a separate article about this). It is really as meaningful as you can imagine, because the picture itself is ironic, paradoxical and oxymoronic.

My Reaction Towards Roxy’s err… article about Mariel and AA

First of all, I have nothing against Mariel. However, I was wondering, why was she recruited in ABS-CBN as a host who doesn’t fit in the baduy fashion, and also… why was she chosen by Robin Padilla!? Damn, I think she does everything by the power of her wealth! Well, yeah. However, simply don’t get it… Mariel’s beautiful!? She’s only got BIG BOOBS and that’s it! She looks like a gay and acts like one, but she cannot be like Vice Ganda who has a good voice.

I smiled when Roxy described AA as my “eternal mortal enemy.” It’s very funny and at the same time, true. FUNNY, but TRUE. You can’t imagine how such a prosti-tot is “respected” by teen stars and good actors alike. This is because she has the same level with Mariel Rodriguez, in terms of… reputation. You can’t blame them if they’re admired by some, but that’s because Channel 2 prefers sexualization over taking care of talents more. You can’t question that– Mariel and AA are the two primary examples of “sex toys.” Well, Mariel isn’t bastusin and never got a prosti-tot-y reputation, but she’s really as annoying if she isn’t hosting a game show. She could only host, ON A GAME SHOW, NOT on a music channel.

Well, when Anne Curtis err… endorsed SMART by the… power of the superhero suit, she looked like Mariel due to her bangs. HAHAHA!

Hiatus III

There is something that you should know: I won’t be spending much more time on the Internet because this is getting worse than I thought. Alright, so before I start, I won’t be able to reply back to your comments. Hmmm…

Too much Internet: Doesn’t help either

I remember when one of my profs. once said that it is important to balance your time between study and hobbies. It actually works, according to him.

I really do not know if I should leave the computer for a while and hang out with someone to talk to, because this doesn’t help anymore. I think, I shouldn’t be more addicted to the Internet, although I have so many friends online.

For now, I will keep myself busy. I won’t update everyday unless I have something really meaningful to write.

Expect me to write again some blog entries after one or two weeks.

UPDATE: I will still be posting blog posts HAHA! It’s only that I should minimize it already.

Joseph Cheng: The friendly deviant

I really do not know how to say this but…

He is one of the deviants in deviantArt who noticed my interest in photography. Aside from that, he spent time with me, talking about which camera I should get, and/or lens.

I really do not know how to show gratitude towards this guy. He’s really someone worth featured in this blog.

Credits from|I’m not sure if this is him; but yeah. ;D

Some things that an amateur/enthusiast should learn from this guy

EINS. First of all, he said that a real photographer could capture the best shot by using ANY kinds of camera, even from camera phones. Some of you might not know that I took some pictures by using my Nokia N8, whenever I take pictures of food (I really cannot post it right now unless you’re making a request haha).

ZWEI. This guy has real experience. He usually gives a lot of advice regarding which camera and/or lens to buy. When I first thought of buying the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, he said that the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 is better since most of his photography orgmates said that it is the better choice.

DREI. If you’re NOT a fan of both Canon or Nikon, Sony is the best option. Aside from its Carl Zeiss optics line-up, the IS/VR/OS is built into the camera rather than in the lens. No wonder, Sony offers more benefits to the consumer compared to the two leading camera brands. You really can’t question that Sony is a really good brand, which ranges to Home Entertainment System to handy-dandy electronics. Of course, when Sony and Minolta merged, the first Sony Alpha was born.

One of my friends told me that Sony is good in producing colors. Joseph proves that right. Most of his photos are not only good and presentable, but also, the colors are vibrant and “naturally” saturated.

VIER. This guy diversifies. He doesn’t only prove his talent by using a full-frame camera, but he also uses any types of camera. Just check his deviantArt for more.

FUENF. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a full-frame camera although not a professional photographer, for as long as the person operates the most in the camera.

How should I thank him?

Because of our conversation, I think I learned something from him, and also, he’s also informative. Our conversation is so far the most meaningful, and it’s really like a classroom online, sharing ideas.

I do not know how to say this, but I have to say thank you to this guy. (:

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wikipedia|The most common thing!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This is the common greeting we do when you’re in the Philippines. Well, I hate stating Wikipedia, but Kung Hee Huat Chai is Hokkien and the first greeting (not the title) is Cantonese.

The Chinese New Year is a very important celebration for the Chinese. Basically, tikoy is the main dish served.

Make way for the Chinese New Year!

If I were not mistake, I wrote two anti-Chinese sentiments. However, it only shows the flaws of the Chinese influencing others to do things like piracy, disrespecting the IPR law, being indifferent, and so on. But looking at the better side of the Chinese will make you feel like you’re in Chinatown.

Like what I said, the “headquarters” of the whole Chinatown is the Sinosphere (PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan). The Chinese are almost everywhere in the world, and India is no exception. There are many people celebrating it, although Chinese or non-Chinese who have Chinese ancestry in them, or the purely non-Chinese.

The Chinese are best known to love food. They go out with family on a dinner, unlike the Japanese who are individualistic. Somehow, family values are practiced in Chinese culture more than anything else. That’s where the Filipinos inherited family values. Also, the color red. The color red maybe a sign of courage, but for the Chinese, it is a symbol of good luck.

The Water Dragon is here

Make way for the Chinese New Year! The Water Dragon symbolizes luck.

Canon’s PhotoYou Magazine: The most recommended photography magazine

Ever wanted to have the same pictures with the most famous Atenean bloggers like Ashley Gosiengfiao or Tricia Gosingtian? Or learn a new technique of creating unique shots? Well, here’s the thing: This may only be for Canon users, but this magazine is really for the casual photographer.

These are courtesy of

Presenting, PhotoYou Magazine

PhotoYou Magazine is one of the magazines I most admire for its articles that are easy to understand and not only that; it also taught me some of the techniques, as never seen before.

One of the best pieces of advice they gave were the following:

Think of abstract things as painting with light, or maybe creative out of focus shots as creative, so that you won’t be empty-handed.

If I feel bored about taking pictures, I often use my camera as an art medium. Like for instance, when I set the aperture to f/20 and has a shutter speed of at least 2″ and above, with a very low ISO, usually, I draw something abstract. However, I only do that when it’s already dark HAHA.

Samples of my photographs PhotoYou taught me:

Perfect Starr|This is an example of “painting with light.” Here, I move the camera as if I were drawing a star.

Light Graffiti|Red strobes of light form as the graffiti of the walls.

On the other side of the road, my day won’t be complete if I don’t take pictures of bokeh! Sometimes, it’s really obligatory to do so is because, I don’t want to be empty handed again. I usually make the subject out of focus and pop up the flash so that there would be sparkling jewels, I mean, bokeh.

Jewelry in Magenta|I took this with the help of a pop-up flash.

Sparkling Gold Jewels|One of the “hexagonized” bokeh things… turned into jewelry. Also taken with a flash.

PhotoYou isn’t only a magazine

It also has freebies on it! I really have to be delighted that PhotoYou is just like any other magazine with freebies. Unlike other magazines, it is the best. It is really friendly to the casual photographer/enthusiast. Just think of it as kindergarten to photographers. Reading magazines that are not really easy to understand, serious and bland are only reserved for people who are experienced in the field of photography, as a job.

PhotoYou brings out the Disneyland in photography; it doesn’t only include Caucasian people as models. Most of the PhotoYou models are Asian. It’s like Disneyland caters every opportunity for everyone of different races, most particularly Asians.

This is a recommendation to Canon owners

PhotoYou brings out the best in you and photography. Remember, the camera isn’t the one taking pictures. It’s the camera’s eye used by the person him/herself. The more the creative the pictures are, the more the artistic the person is.

Updates, once more

Here are some of the articles I’ll probably post:

1.) Audrey Hepburn: A Blue-Blooded Legend – Audrey’s one of the people I admire because of her classy appeal and the way she had a clean record. After watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I just realized that she’s really a great actress. BTW, she’s also one of the most interesting people ever in history. (Spoiler: In Osaka Monogatari, one of the characters resemble Audrey Hepburn at her 60’s, but lived a very ripe old age of 77 [with white hair]. This character is one of Hanako’s English mentors, born in the UK but was raised in the United States.)

2.) Rowan Atkinson: The Flexible Comedian – He is most notable for his iconic trademark character of Mr. Bean, but Rowan Atkinson himself is more than a scriptless comedian. In fact, he’s a man of wordly comedy, often portraying the roles of certain characters, depicting them as the comic relief.

Dear Felice, welcome back to my life…

So, after months or a year of disliking (but absolutely NOT hating her as a person, in whole) Felice Fawn, something really inspiring happened. I just joined Stickam and of course, I chatted with her there and not only that, she has lay-low.

When she was still on Tumblr, she was like, self-centered and of course, comparing herself to Taylor Momsen. However, that’s not the point at all. I applaud her for being snobbish to her haters. I really love that feeling. (:

It was really fun talking to he on Stickam, unlike when she was still on Tumblr.

Well, that’s all for now. I won’t be defending her against her haters or forcing everyone to follow my lead. She is old enough to handle herself. (:

After reducing my infatuation to you-know-who…

Another dream about that guy…

So, when you think less about that person, he usually comes to your dreams. That isn’t really a problem at all but, how will you know when he wants to go back to you again?

These are my answers

a.) Of course, I would still accept him, but only if he humbly apologizes for his shortcomings. That way, there’s no downfall.

I’m just letting him do anything he wants; like contradicting his own words. This what makes him happy, and not only that– that’s what makes him a person.

If he’s happy, then he should do what he wants.

b.) I won’t defend him, or side with the opposing group that will damage his reputation. However, if he’s incapable of handling himself, he should think about the consequences that might lead to his eventual downfall. He should not make his own failure a downfall; he should think of it as a mistake.

c.) If he’s going to reconcile with me, go ahead. However, he should not think about himself only; he should think about how this benefit his well-being.

The Drama continues…

For most people, he seemed to be a nice guy. However, what makes him criticized is his way of handling situations. His approach is quite awkward; he just shoots the target without any valid reason at all. He doesn’t “saint” anymore. He has no mercy when you become his enemy.

When he handles situations, he’s the lamest. He puts everything into a downfall and not only that; he often sides with the wrong person. As far as I know, siding with the wrong person causes semi-actual downfalls. When it becomes an actual downfall, communication will be lost forever.

Now what happened to him? He’s not the nice, young-looking guy (in person) we know today. Kumbaga, nilaspag na siya ng yosi. He’s also not the guy who jokes like a retard, or maybe like a clown. In fact, he has changed. All the false words coming out from his mouth will never be heard again. His face will never be the same once more. He’s not the young-looking guy anymore, once again.

If he’s going to ask again another retard question, it’s like going back, to the past, but this time, I won’t be insulted. I’d laugh at him ridiculously that he’s not asking something decent.

After all, this is who he is.

I will kiss your feet, and ask for forgiveness. See ya.

He will never be the same again.

To be honest, I really find his Formspring questions very funny and ridiculous, since I have moved on from my gloomy days as a frosh. However, whenever I sarcastically say, “I’m waiting,” he would say,

You just want to have a conversation with me, freak!

Come on, I just want to hear more from you. No joke, I’m emotionally ready today to answer your questions. I enjoy answering them, actually. Whenever you ask me something, you sounded funny. No wonder, you are the legal hater, because you’re asking so many funny questions. If only I weren’t sad, you might ask me something funny, or ridiculous once more. I missed it. I feel bored when someone doesn’t ask me in Formspring.

A twelve-year old’s negative sentiment against UST

Tumblr|It’s so sickening to see a 12-year old lambasting a school.

UST has NEVER been the butt of jokes

Alright, so I never heard that UST has incompetent students. It has a very clean reputation, and it has a clean record too. However, the record was tainted with the Corona Ph.D issue, which became controversial.

UST doesn’t deserve to be the butt of jokes, actually. FEU is once the butt of jokes, but it produces topnotchers. DLSU is of course, never been the butt of jokes, but it was only a subject of rivalry for the Ateneans. For the Isko people, they’re often criticized for being know-it-alls, yet some prove that wrong, and that’s what I like in UP.

UST has never been the subject of hatred towards the majority, however, it just happened that its strong sense of Catholicism makes it the subject of criticism.

It’s all thanks to you, tactless kid

People like her do not deserve to be hated, but what she did hurt other people’s feelings, especially those who are die-hard loyal Thomasians. I really feel so sorry to those who were offended on what she said, it was worse than the Facebook page of UPCAT, where a status post became controversial as well. However, the Tumblr thing’s way more hurtful and it’s more offensive and insulting.

She’s like insulting Hayden Kho (even though he was a maniac), Maricar Reyes or those celebrities who were Thomasians. They might not know that a kid was lambasting people like them all along. I also feel sorry to my Thomasian friends, who were also insulted, but you see, a 12-year old kid like her might’ve had some friends who were so arrogant that they’re Thomasians. I never heard Lasallians being lambasted, like they’re not as “intelligent” as Ateneans, but Lasallians usually keep mum when it comes to controversies. They never did a single faux pas, not even one student of La Salle would ever do such thing like that.

She should learn AA Klenk’s faux pas

To theindifferentmasochist, take note: Remember what Cristine Reyes did when she lambasted Sarah Geronimo? You should learn that lesson, and of course, reflect from it. Cristine may lay-low right now, but we still do not know if she has completely changed. She’s quite questionable, when she says, “Okay, fine. I won’t do it again.” However, if you might as well change, at least do it. Don’t wait for the “right time” to be pwned.

Revisited: Always bring your mind with you

A response from this blog post.

So, this is another rant regarding marrying between a rich white man and a poor native. Well, I’d choose the rich white man, because I used my mind rather than my emotions, or mind alone.

Like what I said before, my maternal great-grandmother married a poor native, rather than marrying a rich Spaniard. This turned out that she told my white mother, out of frustration and regret, to marry a lawyer, and that guy turns out to be a n*gga (I’m not hurting anyone’s feelings, okay?). It’s a good thing my mother said, “No thank you.”

My maternal great-grandmother’s side’s history of unusual attraction to natives

When you look at Vigan, Ilocos Sur, you’ll look at the colonial architecture. Basically, my theory is, the Ilocos region is has a predominant population of dark-skinned people. AND YES, it’s really hot like hell right there.

I will tell you a story about how Spaniards expanded their race and allowed the native blood to become thicker than their own, sophisticated yet flawed traits.

My Spanish ancestors’ unusual attraction towards natives reflect the way Spaniards were attracted to the yndios/yndias during the time they invaded the Philippines, and called themselves “Filipinos” in case that they’re born here, although purely Spaniard (ang kapal niyo ha). The reason why I loosely used the term “unusual” is because, in my Spaniard side, if you’re native, you are the pride and joy of the family; if you’re white-skinned, you’re rejected, neglected and worst of all, frowned upon. So, the history of their unusual attraction towards natives became apparent from then on.

The typical Nora Aunor appearance is worshipped and hailed as the epitome of beauty by most of my Spanish ancestors and of course, my Bisaya-Castillian relatives. Alright, the Superstar may seem ordinary-looking to me (IMO, Lani Mercado’s more beautiful, especially in person), but for them, they allow that blood to be thicker, because if you’re white, you are viewed as ordinary.|If you look like this, my Spaniard ancestors will go ga-ga over this one, and I’m not joking after all.

My maternal great-grandmother’s trait of “unusual attraction” to natives is of course, passed upon to my beautiful and intelligent (to be honest, my maternal great-granny belonged to this category) cousins who are also attracted to native-looking (or let’s say, dark-skinned, but not necessarily handsome at all) men (there is actually an exception, but I won’t tell you). However, history repeated itself, so what happened was, most of them engaged in PMS, which is sickening in my standards (but I just forgave them because they produce good-looking children, at least).

It would’ve been alright if they’re (tall, dark and) handsome (one of my nieces is really beautiful when she grew up), but choosing someone who isn’t handsome and at the same time, having no ambition at all, that is, something I won’t be proud of.

I am not being racist, but there’s one thing I really do not want to happen to my own children: To be the butt of jokes.

In the Philippines, if you happen to be a child of a Filipina and a white American (or white people), you’ll be a goddess. However, the thing is, most Filipina women today are actually marrying white men who aren’t handsome at all. If you see the father of the Curtis-Smith sisters, no offense, but he’s not handsome (for me). There are other white men there like David Beckham, or maybe Orlando Bloom, who are more handsome (no offense, but I never find Aussies attractive). However, if you’re the child of a Filipina and an African-American, you might be the butt of jokes, but it doesn’t happen anymore. You see, Filipinos who are half-black are actually more famous like and Cassie. To be honest, it’s only Rob Schneider who’s the only white dude of Filipino descent who is famous in Hollywood. Maybe there are many half-Filipinos right there, but they’re not as famous as Schneider himself.

Why am I saying this

Well, I’m not really coercing you to “improve your race” by simply marrying a white guy like Sheamus and have white babies from him (he might be sad because everyone is as white as him, same with red hair and everything), but what I’m trying to tell is, always use your mind before falling in love with a rich man or a poor man. Either way, you might not know, you don’t regret following the advice of your parents, or maybe retaining your virginity for so long. I’m not joking, it’s better to use your mind when you follow your heart; this is to help you define your future and of course, avoid the saying, “love is blind,” which should be marked as wrong, for real.

Of course, having white kids is a very big deal to me (although I don’t want them to be over-appreciated by people). It is because, I don’t want them to be the butt of jokes, or maybe because I look prettier with white skin, what do you think, eh?

I’m just kidding. Actually, it doesn’t really matter at all, but I think it would be more ideal if I have white kids. Para maiba naman.

Maybe if I were in Europe, I might be the most attractive. Most white people like brown, not black. I’m not again, being racist, but they think brown skin’s better and more attractive.

Take note: This shouldn’t be laughed upon, and saying “LOLOLOLOLOLOL…” will be marked as spam.