The similarities between Felice Fawn and AA Klenk

To all anons out there, please don’t accuse me for promoting such haterade every Christmas season, this is just now… and look, there are things that people should consider before… y’know what I mean already.

myladybones@Tumblr|Felice Fawn scandal on Stickam…

Oh, yes… don’t hide it! ;D

Here are the similarities

1.) They were both born in 1989.
2.) They both whore for attention, to be honest.
3.) They have a history of family problems.
4.) They have attitude problem, obviously.
5.) They are in a relationship to “feel complete.”
6.) Obviously they weren’t really the center of attention when they were not yet famous!
7.) They both look OLDER than their age.
8.) Fan reception’s almost similar to a cult. People think they’re perfect, but there are a lot of women who are actually more appealing than them.

I just don’t get their appeal

Felice Fawn used to be an anorexic, and vigilant people like notyourheroes and Tumblr user failice proves that right. Perfect? If Felice weren’t skinny or attractive she would’ve not been really… a somebody. There are many talented people out there, why her? Honestly, she’s only doing it to buy coke (the drug ok) and of course, smoke, drink and be an alcoholic.

AA Klenk, however, just came out of nowhere. Sumipot na lang siya bigla nung nagkaroon na siya ng issue. Actually, she only became famous is because of controversies, and I have a feeling that it’s the only way for her to be the talk of the town. She wasn’t really well-known, kahit sabihin pa nating product siya ng reality show, ah. I blogged about this before, and may magazine scan pa nga, eh. If she weren’t pale white and slim at the same time, nobody would notice her.

If Felice is known to be “intelligent” and “caring” and AA as “frank” and “feisty,” you’re wrong. They’re just doing this just to gain attention from their audience.

Damn, people are actually lowering their standards

While there are many people who are good-looking, why do people have to choose these two? Delusional, much? If AA is admired for being “pretty” and “sexy,” and Felice for being so “uber-talented” and an “inspiration,” excuse me? Felice will never be a role model because of smoking and drinking and making scandals all over and over again on Stickam. Really, I really just don’t get Felice’s appeal at all. She isn’t really as professional as anyone else, it’s like, ugh. While for AA, however, I posted this blog post to let people know that she is criticized rather than being praised when she earned the Number One title in FHM. People would say that she looks ordinary (which is actually true) and some would point on her pale white skin. Totoo naman, eh. Being pale white will only make you look like sophisticated rather than looking sexy. I agree with that person when he said that “being sexy should be associated with skin color.” There are sexier morenas out there, even some mestizas out there who are the likes of Solenn Heussaff and Anne Curtis.

Don’t ever criticize me of lambasting things to those who never did any harm to me. Well, it just so happened that there are some celebrities who are actually… trying too hard to be on the top list.

Glad thing that was over

There are some celebrities like Megan Fox who are now outdated because they have no talent. Megan Fox’s only known for acting so slutty even though she should know that being slutty makes you less sexy. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Kate Hudson, who isn’t making any more films. Hmm… tired from making lousy romcoms? Kate Hudson isn’t really a good actress, as in, she’s not good in acting after all. She just looks funny, that’s it.

If AA Klenk was hated by those anons who create their accounts against her, accusing her as “hubadera, palengkera, cheap,” for Felice, it would be like, “She’s a hypocrite smoking and drinking alcohol on Stickam.”


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