Bokeh Shots

A New Start to go back to Square One

New watermark, new err… style of photography and so on.

So, yeah, me momma’s BFF during her high school years recognized my photography enthusiasm. But her Sigma lens has OS! Ugh! Should’ve been rather, a y’know haha!

Here are some of the latest shots that I have for you guys to enjoy!

~molybdenumstudios|I didn’t expect that the outcome would be a celestial entity being sucked by a black hole.

~molybdenumstudios|Is this a kind of eclipse, or is this the sun coming out at the night sky. Weird, but impressive.

~molybdenumstudios|I really couldn’t think of a title for this, so yeah… just named it with oblivion.

Photographing Bokeh

Photographing bokeh needs a lot of imagination and creativity. If you see something in a certain photo, think if it reminds you of something.

I really didn’t expect that one of my bokeh shots (first photo from top) would resemble a black hole capturing a celestial body, probably a star. Of course, that black hole is surrounded by red circular objects that are probably red giant stars or maybe “fiery” effects just to make the black hole look like a devouring creature.

The second photo is of course, a sun coming out at night, which seems weird and very impossible to happen, unless there’s an eclipse happening. So, yeah… it’s really a celestial oxymoron if you see a sun coming at night.

In the last photo, I really couldn’t actually think of a title, so I just entitled it as “State of Oblivion.” The state of oblivion is something when you really couldn’t think of something, or you just forget everything.

Other Bokeh Shots that you’ll really enjoy

These are shots you prob’ly did miss… haha

Bright Goddess|When a commoner falls in love with a goddess full of light.

Abstract Figure|You prob’ly might’ve seen this before, but sorry if it’s too small hahaha!

Captured Light|My very first bokeh shot.

There are more bokeh shots that I uploaded, but most of them didn’t really have any meaning at all. However, playing with light (or painting it) will really help you figure out what a photo means.

Bokeh shots are really nice, actually. If you want to contribute something, make sure that you’re a registered member of and of course, join this group:

#BokehLicious on|Best group ever

Of course, you may also join wilderness-click (I mentioned this before just search it here) in and place it in the “Conceptual Shots” folder.

To see more…

Click HERE and view it. Don’t forget to leave a comment!


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