AA Klenk’s #1 On the List: Thoughts…

WARNING: No bashing or flaming or post rude comments. For the last time, I will post anything I want here because this is my blog… but of course, not a personal blog haha.

To all those who want to say, “Ang bitter mo parin d’yan!”, “You’re such a hypocrite” or “Past is past,” just keep the shit to yourself. Thank you. (:

Update: Sorry if this is really too late to be posted, but here’s a random thought, ok?

Let’s start with…

When AA Klenk was crowned as the #1 sexiest in FHM, I’d say that everyone’s judging a person based on the body! If people think that “straight ang katawan niya, walang korte,” they’re wrong! AA is known to have curves, but the rest of the features seem questionable, haha.

This is the post that I’m looking for haha.

The Filipina version of Nozomi Sasaki is of course, criticized than praised!

I really don’t get it. I really hate to brag this, but I saw AA Klenk in person. The same face pa rin but it doesn’t mean that she’s extraordinarily beautiful. Do you consider someone who is pale white and retokada beautiful (truth is, if you so happen to have flawlessly white skin, that will reveal your outer beauty)? Nah, the likes of Rufa Mae Quinto may just be cute, but at least, she looks natural although her skin’s white by the help of Gluta.

japan-gossip.blogspot.com|Chiaki Kuriyama is much better-looking.

Most Japanese celebrities are being questioned if they were once nip-tucked, but according to my classmate in a major subject, the Japanese don’t like surgery! All they do is medication, so yeah.

This may seem irrelevant,

Here are some comments:


Cristine for FHM? NO!
Cristine as epitome of modern Bakekang? YES!
Pinoys…listen…having a lighter skin does not mean ur beautiful inside and out. Not unless FHM standard for beauty is being trashy and slutty. FHM should select a Filipina who truely represents her skin color and culture…a woman who posses grace,poise,intelligence,strong cultural ground. A body,beauty,brains and character bundled into one. wtf! Christine’s beauty and body is so generic,often u can see them in the streets of Quiapo,Olongapo or Macau.That’s my opinion.

Agree with this post! Read this post, and this explains everything!

Actually, hindi nga siya mukhang sosyalin. Asa ka pa! Just like those social-climbing cheap skanks, she’s one of them lawl. Pansin ko nga, mas bagay pa nga siyang maging katulong, kumpara mo kay Kristine Hermosa na dapat lang maging sosyal ang role eh.

My take: Quoting roxyisferox again,

Cristine is constantly voted to be one of the sexiest, if not THE SEXIEST; however, the way how she was viewed as sexy, was it being combined with respect, particularly men reading FHM? Sure, her acting is more than just improved, but still questionable in over-all talent department. She cannot sing. She cannot dance. She cannot almost everything. Just like some typical Korean girl idol groups, all Cristine does is to appear sexy. That’s it.

If you’re voted in FHM, you should be respected for attitude. If people vote AA to be the sexiest, when what is she sexy for? Being a slut who does skanky stuff and shit? Man, if she has changed, to be honest with you, I really doubt it, but hey, I’m not the one’s being a keeper of grudges! If you deserve respect, why publicize your relationship with someone else? Boosting self-esteem? Remember, being single rocks more because “it teaches you patience,” quoting AJ Perez.

I personally think that AA will never be famous unless she has a lifetime partner. I smell Plan B.


cristine? nah thanks.. i dont like her for having relationship with dennis t. carlene and dennis have a baby for God’s sake! sexy is with an attitude. and she doesnt have it.. man thief

Matagal na kaya ‘yan, dre. Past is past, but I still have to doubt it. Why, do you think publicizing your relationship with someone else is a good move? Feeling ko it’s just to make her feel complete. I really feel so sorry for Rayver Cruz, but I really don’t care about him at all haha.


si cristine reyes fhm sexiest woman in the world?!
oh cmon! baka mga naka drugs ang mga nag vote sa kanya?! oh well..filipino way yata talaga basta maputi kahit na mukhang pandesal ang shape ng katawan at mukhang rambutan ang mukha pag walang makeup maganda yon sa kanila, wahahaha! sexiest in the world?! SA TALIPAPA PALA HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sana naging katawan na lang siya, ‘no?


Of course not, I don’t think she has that nice body or face, mukhang trying hard lang, o baka naman marami lang siyang pinakiusapan na bumoto sa kanya o sinipingan. ni wala nga syang panghollywood muscle eh, . Pwede ba , di rin sya maganda, dami naman dyan. eh sa kulay pa lang ng balat walang appeal dapat medyo morena.

Agree with the first emphasized line/s. Well, Cristine, compared to those really pretty faces such as Song Hye Kyo, Yukie Nakama, Zhang Ziyi, or any other Asian star outside the Philippines, doesn’t stand out at all.

Katrina Halili and Angel Locsin are mere examples of morena beauties. If Angel Locsin became white, that’s because of the power of Gluta once more, but Katrina Halili, at least, chose not to be white. She proved everyone that being morena looks sexier than being pale white. Even Lucy Torres-Gomez wanted to become tan, even other stars. Good thing those half-Filipinos who are really tanned chose to retain their color is because, it looks sexier.

That’s what Hollywood is promoting. No wonder hindi naman totally patok si Anne Hathaway in the majority of American audience, for of course, being scary pale white.


Cristine? I’ve always found her looks to be very ordinary. Maputi lang siya, yung tipo pang parang may sakit.

My take: I really have to agree this one. She really looks older than her age, and eww, hindi talaga sila bagay ni Rayver Cruz. Ayos lang sana kung sila pa ni Zanjoe Marudo, eh (what makes it down is the Twitter thing!). I really didn’t believe at first that she was born in 1989, parang ka-age lang niya si Shaina Magdayao or Erich Gonzales. So, yeah.

Well, like what momma said, she’s really very pale white! But some said she looks like a Korean, which I doubt since most Koreans are really pale white. Eh, mas lalo na akong hindi maniniwala kapag… may nagsasabing mukha siyang Hapon. But somehow, para na ding Korean is because most Korean actors are nip-tucked which isn’t questionable after all!


SI CHRISTINE REYES?! retokada queen. wa yatang part sa body na hindi “thank you, doc” she doesnt deserve the title. it should be queen whore!

AND according to one of my schoolmates back then, she answered my question regarding who’s attractive or bitchy between AA, Kate Hudson and Taylor Momsen. She said that AA’s average-looking, which I have to agree with since… she’s not the epitome of Marilyn Monroe OR even someone else.

Comparison with Ashlee Simpson

No doubt, Ashlee is much more honest when it comes to nip tuck. At least siya, she’s very open with it and she even said that she wanted to be as sexy as her sister Jessica. Like, what? Ashlee’s sexier and prettier because Jessica got envious so nagparetoke na din siya. Unfortunately, Jessica looked OLDER and even more overrated-looking. Jessica should’ve just been supportive na lang rather than to imitate Ashlee. Whoa.

Ashlee’s like Nicole Richie, who is also down-to-earth. If Nicole Richie is just known for being a socialite, she’s got values with her. Paris Hilton is actually lucky to have a BFF like her pa nga, eh, but because Paris way back then is a slut, they had a conflict, pero nagkabalikan din naman sila at the end.

If AA doesn’t really admit her plastic surgeries (take note: The nose, the everything, even the melons!), that’s because she wanted to become an artista, but look what happened. She’s got no talent at first. Boom.

To clarify things…

I am not making issues, just please. I am not jealous of her since it doesn’t really have to make me less of a person, right? First-hand evidence pa nga, I could actually prove it right.

Overall, if AA Klenk really deserves to be FHM’s number one, that would only mean that people criticized her because of the features she had… sino ba namang magkakagusto sa cheapipay kung may mas maganda at mas matalino pa, at hindi mukhang cheapipay, oh?


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