Day Seven: Top Five Favorite Historical Figures

1.) Queen Elizabeth I – One of England’s most charismatic royals, she never married nor had any children. Aside from that, she vowed not to let history “repeat itself” by simply letting her own cousin Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots be beheaded, as this historical figure resembles Mary Tudor, aka the Bloody Mary.

2.) Joan of Arc – Joan of Arc is the patron saint and of course, the national hero of France. France wasn’t really yet France (it was Gaul) and yet, Jeanne d’Arc saved France from the British invaders (most particularly English people). A young hero, she was a martyr, as she was accused of heresy.

3.) Mozart – Probably the most famous Austrian in history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Salzburg native who started his musical career at only the age of four. With that, he wrote musical compositions for the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, but his rival, Antonio Salieri, an Italian, was chosen instead after Mozart wanted to create the opera version of the Marriage of Figaro (listen to the famous Overture), which was banned for political purposes.

Well, at least, despite that, his biography’s depicted in the 1984 film Amadeus.

4.) Jesus Christ – Of course, the most famous historical figure ever in history, is best known for His parables and His teachings.

5.) Jose Rizal – The reason why I liked him as a hero is because, he wanted to show the world that the pen is mightier than the sword. Ironically, if he really deserves the “national hero” title, why was his last love a foreigner? Never mind, that doesn’t make him less a hero since his first-born child who died after three hours was Philippine-born.


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