The difference between a structured life vs. a flexible one

Compare the difference between a frugal life with all the strict rules containing more don’ts than do’s and a flexible life where you’re taught to be practical and at the same time, survive.

Compare and Contrast

Structured life

Wikipedia|This propaganda IS a good epitome of a structured life.

Having a structured life is having a hard time breaking a habit or a rule. For instance, you should be at school at 7.10 AM or else, you might be marked as tardy. Another thing is a sanction when you have wrong uniform. It’s really frustrating if you seem to follow the rules yet you’re in wrong uniform. That’s the reason why I decided to study in DLSU because there’s no uniform (never mind the sexist dress code, mmk?).

In most high schools, life is structured. You should follow all of them or ELSE, you might be sanctioned. Sometimes, there’s a “police system” that will arrest you because you violated one rule, with or without intention.

When I was still in high school, whatever the school taught me made my life really structured. Paradoxically, when the students find a hard time following ALL the rules, what does the admin do? Sit around, doing nothing? Remember, there are many of my batchmates who had a lot of offenses just because they violated all the rules. (Yes, I’m pointing towards the popular kids, who are just feeling bossy but truth is, they’re incompetent free-riders who violates the rules for their own satisfaction.)

A structured life in a frugal environment is really not an ideal atmosphere for students. You see, survival needs practicality, and these are follows:

1.) Your teacher requires you to bring these things not allowed by the school. (BUT he/she gives advice that securing a permit should be done.)
2.) A project (e.g., Radio Drama) should be done, yet you were sick just because of the stupid environment.
3.) Your classmates are mostly popular kids who are delinquents of their own kind, and you’re not close with them (this happened before during the retreat and yet, most of them are still hypocrites somehow tsk tsk).
4.) The admin doesn’t do what they preach.

This is what really happened:

– Relating with American/European culture is really HARD to achieve.
– You are forced not to express your own thoughts.
– Of course, if over-exposed in a know-it-all environment, you are not free to roam around, physically, mentally, but these know-it-alls are just sitting wround doing nothing (yes, they get away with everything, to be honest).
– You feel that the society that you’re in dictates social rules (e.g., this is not allowed/bawal dito, bawal doon).
– There is a hierarchy between officers, students, honor students and regular students (e.g., caste system, a fake one).

Those are the things that I thought. You should please everybody, although the golden rule is that, “You can’t please anybody,” which is actually true.

Philosophical Bombardment

In every aspect of daily life, you should first apply the philosophies taught by your teachers, or maybe those shows that claim to be influential. Truth is, that’s because of the society who expects high and of course, become vigilant once someone makes a false step.

The case of Failice Yawn the fake-ass

Alright, so this is what happened, just before I withdrew from the scenario: This is about Felice Fawn again (which I hate to rant about, again haha), when I used to like her because everyone does it. If you hate Felice, people would say, “FACK U! U JUST JEALOUS!”


Felice is a religion-hater and at the same time, I really cannot get along with her beliefs. Professional model, photographer, artist and err… retoucher? HA! Why isn’t she famous as Gemma Ward or Agyness Deyn? Why doesn’t she earn respect just like those REAL professionals who work so hard just to earn a living? Is that because she’s only whoring for attention that she has a pretty face and her extremely skinny body that’s like an eyesore to everyone?

She’s NOT naturally thin (apologize to Taylor Momsen since she’s really skinny); she was only anorexic back then. Aside from that, her sister ain’t skinny either! Now look, Felice is covering everything up just to save face.


Also, her atheistic beliefs and hating religion is completely pointless. You know what happens? People become atheists just because of her.

If you said someone’s unattractive, then you’re just jealous

Well, well, well… just so you know, there are some people who don’t find a thing or two attractive, just like in the case of me, when I lambast the likes of you-know-who, and some people there who aren’t attractive but either has a good or bad reputation.

To be honest with you, this is the only thing that I’m always repeating: If you’re smart, talented and everything, but having an attitude problem is something not to be proud of.

Pleasing people

This is another thing. If you so happen to criticize someone, the “society” might lambast you for being jealous. What now if that particular person or thing… isn’t your type?

Why bombardment?

Philosophical bombardment doesn’t only mean that you follow all the philosophies everywhere, but sometimes, you have to break this rule just to survive.

Following all the rules very religiously shouldn’t be really a rule to everyone. There are instances where you should at least, prepare to face the consequences, be it from the arrogant achievers OR to the assuming hypocrites.

It is really hard to explain what philosophical bombardment is all about, but the basic mindset is usually, “All people are beautiful, and I love all of them dearly.”

Flexible Life

A flexible life, on the other hand, at least gives you the freedom and immunity to decide on your own. NO restrictions, and you’re allowed to roam around freely without any kinds of help.

Rules shouldn’t always run your life

Take note of the word always. If I ranted before that my former second home imposes rules for some absurd reason, BUT doesn’t really comply with high standards, it means that they do not apply or do what they preach. They simply do it for their own satisfaction, even other schools out there are doing the same. Alright, some school fairs aren’t that boring at all, but the only reason why my former second home’s school fair’s really boring is hell is because almost everything is controlled by the admin (just take note of the term state-controlled).

In my new second home, however, the rules aren’t as strict as my former second home (FSH). In fact, its governing body teaches you how to survive and also, it teaches you how to be responsible.

A frugal, structured life is a result of tight laws

The reason why my FSH implemented a lot of tight rules is because, they wanted to have a good reputation, but according to one of my teachers, students from my FSH are now criticized for their behavior. Having a good reputation isn’t measured by the rules the school has imposed. Also, having a good reputation doesn’t mean that you have very high standards, but the students in that area are quite arrogant and conceited. It so happened that their rival is the more down-to-earth type. No tarpaulin, no billboard, everything.

Know-it-alls and some other interfering people are only a bunch of selfish narcissists – so get rid of them|This is a good example of blind following towards a know-it-all depicted as a “god.”

Know-it-alls are just a waste of time. By how?

They contribute to the society with high expectations, they’re really hard-to-please, but when they sense the preferences of the popular kids, that’s the only time they get pleased, which is really irrational. If I criticized CandyMag for targeting a handful of popular kids as their audience, it means that I really do not always agree on their insights. Candy Magazine isn’t really the magazine for everyone, remember, it targets POPULAR KIDS. It is influenced by the media itself and it also caters typical teenage girls who belong to the upper middle class society. If you so happen to be a K-Pop fan or something else, then rather NOT buy Candy Magazine at all, because… it’s too overrated. Sorry about that. (The only good side is that, they didn’t feature AA Klenk at all hahaha!)

No “police-like” body should ever roam around and violate the human rights

That’s right, people. One person criticized my FSH’s system about the one inspecting students’ bags (well you know who you guys are, huh?), which is one example. Why inspect the bags of students if THIS would be a factor that will just make them do the opposite thing (e.g., no knives, but they still bring knives)?

It is really a violation against the human rights. This is what my FSH’s really practicing. I am not being a “vigilant citizen who has the right to address the situation” with a “pledge-like” tome whatsoever.

Most of my unpublished fiction stories are composed of political situations, and also the interference of the military system which sucked ass!

The reason why I posted this is because… of power-trippings. No special relationship? Cronyism and nepotism still happens up to this day.


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