Day Six: Top Five Things That Happened To You This Past Year

Sorry if I wanted to post other two posts, but I really can’t haha.

1.) Passed my subjects at last – No more eggs or Lord of the Rings in my grades! So happy that I really at least, did my best in studying my subjects ehehe. Good thing I’m not under probation or else, awww… bye-bye ISE.

2.) Made new friends – Of course, this is the best thing a student could ever do. It so happened that in my majors class, it is the best, especially those in the late afternoon. Most of my classmates are from ISA and ISJ.

3.) Went to Boracay again – Of course, this would be the most unforgettable moment.

4.) No China or US trip (ah, at last I am smiling) – Sorry about that! The parenthesized statement is really degrading, but yeah, my life won’t be structured once more (lawl).

5.) Went to Palawan and Japan, and yes, I’d say that 2011 is my best and worst year – Of course, my two dream destinations! Palawan is really a place to discover St. Paul Underground River. Of course, my dream destination, Japan, is like a dream come true. AND YES, it is really expensive there, so that’s why many Japinoys prefer PH than JP. (:


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