Day Four: Top Five Favorite Things About The Internet

My favorite things in the Internet are…

1.) Blogs – Tumblr, WordPress… those are the things that I love. In Tumblr, I usually just reblog things, because I don’t use my primary Tumbelog anymore. Also, I check out other people’s blogs is because, I want to browse anything that interests me.

Of course, blogging has been a part of my life. If I used to post anything personal, now I don’t. I just write opinions in life and of course, share my “projects” in photography. Whenever there’s an “old news,” I also post it.

2.) Internet Celebrities – Whoa! They’re really inspiring and not only that, they usually come to talks when they’re assigned by the school. My favorite blogger is no other than Saab Magalona because we share the same interests like travel and photogs.

3.) YouTube – Check out the latest videos, and you might get famous if you upload a video of yourself. If you wanna stalk people like Maria Aragon, Marie Digby and of course watch episodes that you missed, this is the right website to start your day!

4.) Facebook – Nowadays, people communicate through this one. Of course, it’s all thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who designed a social networking site that acts like Twitter, Flickr and at the same time, the Notes thing makes it a personal blog as well, and not only that, FB is also a tool for communicating with friends especially if there’s a project coming or so.

BTW, my blog just had a Facebook page, and that’s because I wanted everyone to communicate with this blog via Facebook.

5.) deviantArt – Since I had my Photoshop, I started to go back to deviantArt again, but this time, with a new account. I really do not want to go back to my old account since my life was too structured just to enter that place. My world in deviantArt is new, and I met new friends, new people, but I only approve a few of these people who really appreciate my works, no matter how amateur-ish it looks. HA.

My Top 5’s back then

1.) Friendster – This was the old version of Facebook, only that you get comments or testimonials or bulletins. This isn’t really designed for education (unlike FB, of course!). Before Facebook was born, Friendster has been one of the addictions when I was still in high school. People usually color their profiles with eyesore text and also carnival-like profiles.

2.) Multiply – Before there was Tumblr, this was the hit website, but now, it’s also designed to be an online shop. I thought that I could make a website out of this one, but since nobody’s using this one anymore, at least it keeps all the memories while you moved to a new site.

3.) Blogging – That time there was Xanga, but now it’s like a blog version of and guess what? It doesn’t really work on a Mac, so yeah. Just stick to LiveJournal or WordPress if I were you, or Blogger.

4.) Flickr – This is where I used to upload photos that I stole from various people. However, I’m not doing it anymore since y’know…

5.) Instant Messaging – Remember YM, it’s always been my tool for communicating with of course, this guy who calls himself a hermit. AWWW, I missed that guy so much, so I always turned off my YM just because of him.


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