My previous memory about college preparation…

If you’re in a country that follows the K-10 system of education, tertiary education is really mandatory. If I were to be asked, tertiary education should be optional, because my main concern is, how about those people who really cannot make up their mind? Take in the case of Shaira Luna, a former genius who ended up shifting courses just because the media screwed up her own life as a tween.

When I was still in high school, I was very firm in taking up ComSci. However, my structured life full of “don’ts” and rigid rules just didn’t let me access to those opportunities (take note of the honor sections, all the opportunities were just given to them). If only I did have a flexible life way back then, I might as well be motivated to study harder.

My life was structured when I was in high school. It only became flexible when I became a second year college student.

Here are the courses that I wished to take before I went to DLSU, taking up ISE

AB History – This is the only course that I wanted before going to UP. I don’t know why, but somehow this really didn’t hinder my Computer Science dream.

To be honest with you, world history is very interesting. Learning the life of personalities such as Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I and of course, the French Revolution (not to mention the execution of King Louis XVI and his wife Queen Marie Antoinette, a native Austrian) will really hep you a lot when you grow older. But first, learning the history of your own country should be the top priority, but the problem of Philippine history was that, the imperialist colonizers who did the water cure killed these old people and proclaiming themselves as “gods” that will surely let the kids forget the real history of the Philippines. It’s just butthurt to hear that the American colonizers “purified” and “cleansed” our hearts and minds from real Philippine history, which is sad.

No offense to my American friends, but you have to learn the mistakes of your ancestors. If the Filipinos wanted the American dream, the Fil-Ams however, wanted the Filipino dream.

Linguistics – I wanted to learn a lot of languages, be it European or Asian.

Learning different languages is another way of learning a specific culture. If you want to learn German, you must learn their way of life, their way of distinguishing things (although German’s gender-specific, at least it has neutral) and of course, their traditions. If German is the language of “anger,” it is also sosyal-sounding since most high-end products made in Germany are damn expensive, take Volkswagen as an example.

But… linguistics is also learning how people pronounce the consonants, the vowels and of course, you’ll learn different weird sounds never heard before.

Computer Science – My dream course. The only reason why I wanted to take up this course is because, I wanted to fix computers by myself for free, or I just don’t want my parents to get worried. Now, I just realized that there’s a Mac, anyway, unless something’s really wrong.

Fine Arts – Painting, sculpture, everything! This is also one of the courses I wanna take. That’s because I love to draw and life in high school does forbid gadgets, so I usually get bored, and draw things, be it with sense or not.

AB English – Learning the English language more is also like learning the tongue of Shakespeare. Take note: Shakespeare. Since English is the language of the world, it is also useful when communicating with different races, or if you’re on a tour. This should be mandatory in all countries if ever possible.

Comparative Literature – Literature, this is what I wanted to take up, but thing is, you should have the patience to read, so yeah. This is only recommended if you love to write a book, and of course, if you share the same interests as Mikx.

MassCom – Otherwise known as Communication Arts, Mass Communication varies from photography, filmmaking to of course, publishing magazines. This course teaches you how to use Adobe software products such as Photoshop or even Flash. This is really an interesting course and I almost wanted to shift to this course. The only disadvantage is that, it wastes a lot of money and you only got an hour’s sleep or less. This is according to a friend who’s taking up this course. You’ll really get busy when you take up CommArts/MassCom.

Psychology – I’m really interested in interpreting human behavior and of course, I often visit the shrink whenever I have problems. I also wanted to be a guidance counselor one day to help those people who are in need, and to those who need someone to talk to. However, someone I really dislike is a student of this course, which made me in question. Hmmm…

Law – The hardest course to take if you want to defend all those who deserve justice. Since this IS a family tradition, my parents are so ambitious to let me take up law, which will only make me sick for weeks. But good thing is, you get a high salary, if you just have to win the case, I guess.

Tourism – Another course that I wanted to take, and I heard that students taking up this course is actually learning a language or two. Tourism is really a course if you love to travel to places, and also if you also like to promote tourism as well. Better ask/consult Arnie or Miho if interested.

Culinary Arts – I just want to learn how to cook, that’s it.

Theater Arts – I wanted to create films and of course, create stories that will soon become films.

Sociology – I’m interested in different cultures, that is.

DLSU wasn’t really my dream school, actually

All I know is UP. I wanted to study there not because it’s just near our home, but I thought it was free to study there. Truth is, it’s not free, but not as expensive as La Salle, so yeah. Also, UP teaches you to be independent, whether you like it or else.

I could only imagine myself creating a new type of Facebook or Friendster, however, there are things that I should consider before establishing a social networking site before pursuing it.

That’s all for now

…and not to mention, it’s a Merry Christmas to everyone!


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