Random Thought: Antonello Joseph (AJ Perez)

asdfghjklynette@Tumblr.com|AJ’s classical, immortal face will always awe our eyes.

Who was AJ Perez?

Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez (born February 17, 1993 – died April 17, 2011) was a homegrown talent of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic. His real break is actually Sabel, where he was Dido, the male protagonist of the series. Well, if he were still alive, he might have been the next Rico Yan. Oh, yes, he’s really a look-alike of Rico Yan not only because of the youthful looks, but also because they have a good heart.

I only appreciated him after he died

Whoa! Coincidence! Just like Rico Yan, I also appreciated this guy after he died. To be honest with you, my posthumous crush (yes, crushing on someone who is dead) was Rico Yan, but I always keep denying it to death after one of my classmates during Grade Three are teasing me that I crushed Rico Yan. FAIL, I should’ve NOT showed my coloring book to them! ARGH!

The reason why I appreciated him is because, I have this certain character in one of my upcoming fiction stories that I never ever published just yet… (anyway, just so you know, I’ll make a separate blog containing purely fiction stories, in WordPress, that is) and yes, he is the most interesting character you’ll ever know from me since he doesn’t only resemble AJ, but guess what his nationality is?

Answer: Nihon-jin desu ne!

That’s right. This guy’s a Japanese, who hails from Osaka. No doubt, he isn’t really used to city life and only went to Tokyo twice. (Oops, spoiler!) Not only that, he doesn’t only speak Nippongo and Kansai-ben, he also speaks English, with a slight accent, of course.

Regrets: I never saw him in person

The only possible way is to dream about this guy. It worked, actually! I actually dreamed of him, well, with tattoos, that is. Well, no offense to his fans, even to his biggest fan, but yeah. I thought he was alive when I dreamed about that, and also, I saw my granny there… I thought she was alive too. Well, I didn’t cry anymore since I spread out her legacy in regards to religion, that is.

Random pics of AJ Perez (from fan pages in Facebook)

So, yeah. He has a cute, classical face, na hindi nakakasawang tingnan. Yep, he’s a classical face, alright. He fits in the likes of iconic people, and yep, his face is iconic as well.

Fun fact: Someone wanted AA Klenk dead over AJ!

Learn more by clicking here.

Oh, good luck! The good is always called to heaven while the bad people are always burdened! Look at the series of events which made AA Klenk realized that her catfights made her LESS of a person, and the pamboboso thingy is one of them! Karma to her, a’ryt, and also, the Twitter accounts that express hate against her, it won’t be removed because my friend Violisimo Fernando once quoted someone that the “Internet is written in ink.”

Read more

My previous blog entry about AJ.


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