To the victims of typhoon Sendong

Sorry if I didn’t have anything for you…

Rather than blogging about you guys, I blogged about the late Kim Jong-il. Alright, here goes.|A parent is grieving for the loss of his child.

I’m sorry if I didn’t blog about this, but I just want to extend my condolences to those people whose loved ones died, and worse the coffin supply got scarce.

Well, I should blog about the Philippines first rather than other countries. This typhoon may be the Ondoy of Mindanao, but it doesn’t matter, anyway.

READ THIS POST if you agree.

The PNoy issue

As much as I hate ranting about PNoy here, well… the usual thing!

Oh, so what about his tactless sister Kris, huh?

So, this is what happened. PNoy daw was having a party with Valerie Concepcion, and Kris daw didn’t care about the victims of Sendong. Anak naman ng pating, oo. If Roxy once ranted about the oligarchs then, this is another issue. I repeat: PGMA at least, is always present in times of calamities. Tama si Roxy, eh. “There is something in PGMA that PNoy will never do.”

Think about it. What now if PNoy’s (or the PH is) experiencing this earthquake that happen in Japan during March 2011, eh?

Illegal logging: Must be avoided

Yes, we need trees for paper, pencils and shit, but why can’t the loggers have a “license to log”? Think about it, illegal logging, or even kaingin also caused Ondoy, which made me angry to those who wanted flash floods to happen. No doubt, everyone of us, even me, have faults when it comes to nature. We ignore it simply because it is the digital age.

BUT… the Philippines isn’t as advanced as other countries. Well, well, well!


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