See, I told ya. The computer screen is the REAL output

Comparing Brand-specific vs. Third-party Checklist

[/] Amount of Chromatic Aberration present
[/] Clarity and firmness of black script


It doesn’t matter if the lens mount is metal or plastic. Remember, it’s all the same.
It doesn’t also matter where the lens is made, for as long as quality is concerned.
Overall, the computer screen is the REAL output, not the TV screen.

To know-it-alls, before you rant against me, always remember, the customer’s always right. Also, according to reviews by enthusiasts and of course, those who have real experience, to determine the better lens, it should be based on quality and of course, the quality of output, not on brightness and of course, durability alone. It’s lacking if you believe the seller, especially if the information’s lacking.

What about third-party lens?

According to a friend (yes, he’s experienced so stop insisting that you’re always right damn it), he said that it’s alright to have a third-party lens, only that the quality’s suffer.


I have nothing against third-party lens, for as long as the concern is not only brightness and durability from the lens itself, but also the convenience of not post-processing it at all, just like how brand-specific lenses prove it right.

If you want to buy in Singapore (or HK), make sure that there are customers in that gadget shop, maybe your will will only become a frustration after all. To be wiser (disregarding tight budget), rather buy it in Japan.


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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