Arrogance will lead you to nothing

Showbiz Mag October 11 issue|That’s right! It’s AA Klenk!

Arrogance is the key to failure.

Being arrogant will make people talk behind your back

In other words, people will backfight you.

Talk about being a hard-working achiever. You are one of the best achievers way back in high school/college and once you get a better position, you become arrogant.

“Look, I’m already the king/queen of the world!”

You are the subject of controversy. It may sound like a slap in the face, but let’s face it. We’re not perfect, our English is never perfect, so does our native language. We all know the rules of grammar, syntax and shit, but we just don’t know how much people will appreciate you if you just have to lay-low.

Ross and AA: The most butthurt people in my blog

Remember how I exposed their arrogance as “the most beautiful and talented” local actresses of all time? God, as if People Magazine would simply feature Kate Hudson as Number One, which during that time, I was disgusted by the fact that most American media nowadays are lowering their standards. Shouldn’t they have really, very high standards?

I may sound again like an elitist, but let’s just face it. Even arrogance will make your standards even lower, and the worse would be that, the maximum number according to your standards would be a zero.

Like what I said, these two rascals should learn a thing or two from Kate Hudson, who once looked cheap in most of her outfits, but cleaned up her act in the end.

You have honors? Gosh, watch what you’re doing!

This is the most evident part, when you become a hard-working achiever. I really do not like the idea of leaders exploiting their followers just because they have a higher position due to their status when they were still “hard-working” achievers.

My goodness. Your rules like, bring someone and this permit rule thing is part of arrogance! Shit, I guess I’m being too much already, but this is for the future achievers who do not want to be a controversial subject in the future. Learn more about the downfalls of real achievers who still managed to be down-to-earth even though they have a Ph.D. in their whole entire life.

I shrugged when I answered the question, while that person was staring as if the world hates that person. Then, I just answered, like doubting. Gah, arrogance talaga. Like, you think you’re the ruler of the world if you just got a respectable position.

Remember: Arrogance makes you controversial. This is the painful lesson AA Klenk learned after she received negative feedback from other users.

You really cannot please everybody, but what happens when that person is hard to please?

Simple answer: Avoid that person. That person’s a serious eyesore.

You may thing that person’s really hard to please, but this is the only possible reason: That person’s arrogant! Arrogant like hell, and when something pleasing “to his/her senses” come, you feel disappointed. The lower standard rocks better.

Here are a few incidents which made my head hurt…

The arrogant and hard-to-please library staff during High School

This actually happened during third year high school. Alright, we did nothing but to listen and to participate. Alright, (unlike that curly-haired staff, she’s really friendly and funny pa ah) that person is really secretly arrogant and I almost wanted to punch her on the face. Sounds brutal, but look, this person is really unstandable. She deserves a goddamn sanction which will teach her a lesson like, she won’t always say, “It’s your loss, not my loss.” Hello!? We did our best then you’re still that bitchy!? YES, I call you a bitch, and you should know that! If one of our student teachers was being super-strict, at least everyone else knows that. But you? Hindi ka kilala sa school, pero ganyan na ang nagiging approach mo sa mga mag-aaral! God forbid. I guess, if I were your boss, you’re fired. At the same time, you’re going to work at a blue-collar job, cleaning the dirty, smelly shit.

One of my classmates said, “She’s so mataray.” Well, at least it’s true.

See how classless I could be. Arrogance will lead you to nothing. Well, I rarely saw her and I have this very mean stare at her, so yeah. I thought she was fired.

The nice but arrogant ex-boyfriend

I don’t want to talk about that person here, but I just observed a few things about him. The way he talks and acts is quite annoying, and although he talks smart, it sounded like he’s more of a know-it-all than a really intelligent person. Lambast my school for having arrogant and mean students, but those people proved me wrong. I was as arrogant as you are, but I didn’t even continue that kind of attitude, BTW. Sorry, it’s a matter of life and death.

The teacher is actually a hypocrite

Alright, this is one rigid confession I should really avoid. First of all, my English teacher during college taught us not to be arrogant when speaking in English. While on the other hand, one Filipino teacher during HS valued English more than Filipino. Do you call this hypocrisy? Well, in my POV, it’s most likely to be a hypocrisy. She makes the lessons real hard when her teaching style is really pleasing (maganda siyang magturo), but the only thing is that, she’s not really good in teaching. Sorry about this, but I am just being too honest.

This is one word I would comment about this: Assuming. To be honest with you guys, Filipino is harder than English, and you know that. There are some parents who think that Filipino is a language that shouldn’t be proud of, and even at the house my momma even told us to “speak in English” than Filipino, which is really absurd. Do you know the “one-peso per Filipino word” rule? This is the most stupid shit I ever heard or experienced. If she really is a Filipino teacher, why don’t we even experience Filipino culture?

It’s really hypocrisy. Alright, it’s not bad to speak in English, but making Filipino lessons harder than the usual is just… pointless. Even if you’re the subject head, it’s really pointless and worthless, after all.

So, I guess my English teacher during college is really the more genuine nationalist.

Jesus, I really couldn’t help but teach these people a lesson

I know I seem too bitchy, but please don’t ever make me controversial. Being a controversial blogger isn’t one of my ambitions, after all. All I wanted is to be a contributor and a pioneer of social change, that is.

Types of arrogance in Philippine society

False pride – Most know-it-alls usually have this kind of mentality. If you really love your country, you have no right to utter that “Filipinos are more stupid than the Americans.” Now why am I saying this? What makes the Filipinos more “stupid” is the will of the American colonizers to destroy the language and culture of the Filipino people, which seemed MORE than stupid.

Looking at the faults of the Filipinos doesn’t really mean, lambasting that they should “change” and do what the developed countries should do. Sadly, I have to retract the photo I displayed on my blog entry regarding economic nationalism about UAE’s prosperity, which is unfortunately caused by slavery and of course inhumane acts.

Antipinoy is exerting this type of arrogance. False pride, like lambasting Philippine society for being “butthurt.” Excuse me, most of the articles there are criticized by some Facebook users because what they’re doing is nothing but hate. Hate speech, that is.

“I’m everything” syndrome – This is applied to those like PNoy, who recently fired CJ Corona and had Mr. Abalos imprisoned. Well, this is what I call it is because, being “everything” shouldn’t be based on popularity. Stupid. Stupid. Like how I lambasted the know-it-alls for “letting the country stay third-world,” that’s because they want it to suffer and of course, let it be until it shambles.

To conclude everything

Being arrogance is equal to being butthurt, if y’know what I mean. It will certainly kill your conscience, and it will ruin your life.


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