Music Review: Yoko Kanno’s Go to Rakuen/Requiem on Wolf’s Rain

It really made me cry.

That’s how promising Yoko Kanno is. She would simply create sad and happy songs, and of course, aside from being a composer, a pianist, she’s also a conductor herself. Believe it or not, she had many collaborations with foreign-language artists like Origa and Ilaria Graziano.

It reminds me of the worst tragedy ever in my whole entire life

I played that song when my godmother died of cancer. That’s right. I regret not talking to her before she passed away. I was indifferent and also, I was still in the ICP that time. I didn’t know that cancer is really a bad disease. Akala ko, curable talaga. However, I was wrong. I wanted to slap myself for being a bitch. Am I a bad person? Do you think I deserve all the punishment because of indifference?

God forbid.

It’s not only “Go to Rakuen” that made me cry

It’s much milder than “Rakuen/Requiem” itself, and it’s called, “Separated.” Another Yoko Kanno composition ‘yan.

I really like how Yoko Kanno brings the emotion to the listener.

Kanno-san deserves recognition, even without making a Hollywood soundtrack

Of course, she’s world-class, but because she’s more on composing for anime, why can’t she try collaborating with big names like Andrea Bocelli or Rammstein? She should give it a try. Big names, but at least, predominantly famous without even “living in America,” according to Rammstein.


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