Confessions of a College Student

This was taken in November 2009, that time, I thought of this as my dream school.

Fourth Year High School is the time when everyone hesitates to pursue a degree in college. Since my former second home was really a pain in the ass, I really didn’t know what degree to pursue.

I was surrounded by incompetent popular kids

If most of the popular kids we know transfer schools for their satisfaction (e.g., they have friends in there), that’s because they really do not know what they want in life, except those who are academically-competent. Well, most of the popular kids were just depending on me without helping themselves, which is so annoying.

Sadly, my former second home isn’t as competitive as any other high school which really prepared their students to college. That’s what’s not apparent in my former second home. Most of the students in my batch during that time were taking “college tips and advice” for granted. Alright, there were some who were cutting classes (but in college, it’s alright, for as long as you never had any absence in a subject or so) and some were actually not going to school at all. The most annoying part is, they take the attendance or the beadle for granted as well.

Identity Crisis Period during college

I really don’t know if my course is really for me. I never ever slept at 12 or later that time, but then I realized it’s alright to stay late for as long as it is important. Staying late is normal. In high school, you can’t do that.

I recall that I only got along with my blockmates for a while, because something really bad happened, but I don’t want to talk it here. It’s only that people already discovered what my true colors are, and I had a feeling that they didn’t want to work with me anymore.

Due to my arrogance, I flunked some subjects. Of course, I was disappointed since I did my best, but still, those things aren’t enough for me just to pass. Oh, yes. I always hated the second term of the school year since there are projects that will really make you raise a middle finger.

What annoys me more is when the responsibility is passed to me. Until now, I still feel identity crisis even for a single project. That would only mean that I really do not want to accept offers like, “Hey, could you please create a video for my project?” Well, I would only accept that if I find that person’s ideas interesting. I do not accept shit like, “Here, do this!” as if you’re demanding (just because you saw something creative from me).

Remember, nobody is problem-free. Problems are part of our life, not only Mathematics. No matter what race you belong to, you still feel it.

Future Plans

Of course, I still do not want to feel anything that would mean ruining my passion as a blogger. Maybe sooner or later, you might receive nonsense blog posts from me (e.g., purely rant/s).


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