At least you did your best, and you’re not desperate

Crab Mentality against my photography skills: A Brief Overview

Like how I ranted crab mentality like no other, it is very evident when I take pictures. Alright, some people said that I have good shots and of course, they’re in depth. The thing is, there are some who would ignore my works just because they’re too vain, or even because they’re just jealous. That’s what I hate about some people when they think my photography skills aren’t enough to please them.

I myself am a hardcore peopleware. Believe it or not, I have at least, 200 photographs taken if there’s a special event, or if I’m using a D-SLR at the first place. Want more proof? E-Mail me so that you’ll know how hardcore I am even as a novice.

I listened to photographers and enthusiasts who are more critical in photography than the know-it-alls that we know today. As much as I hate mentioning and ranting about know-it-alls, at least I am too honest about it.

I still don’t get why most people do not “fave” my artworks in deviantArt. Is it because they’re too hard to please? Or is it that they have very high standards?

I’ll be honest. Actually, I am not really as good as other photographers/enthusiasts out there, but at least I did my best. All I do is to shoot and shoot, and compose with or without precision.

For the nth time: The laptop screen is the real output, NOT just the TV

Y’know why I’m saying this: That’s because the laptop screen tells it all. The laptop screen is NOT biased, at least. Talk about brightness on the lens!? Hello!? Does it matter if a lens with plastic mount brings you a dark picture compared to that on a metal-mounted lens with a “brighter” output? Come on, you’re not going to post-process on the TV alone. If you’re going to output shit on TV, remember, there’s no Photoshop on TV.

Sorry about that. If I have been ranting about regrets in photography, well, it’s not my problem after all if you’re going to think negative on what I am saying. I am already at the legal age, and for crying out loud I should be independent. Well, I won’t be disloyal towards family if I were to be asked.

If you know whom I’m ranting at, try not to be obvious. Oh, well.

Reminiscing two haters against the Gosiengfiao sisters: No tripod? Use monopod!

Here’s Ashley Gosiengfiao’s post about… two haters who “lost” their dreams because of their shaky hands.

When I got home, I got a few new emails from two haters that are apparently brothers. Something about hating photographers because one of them lost his dreams of being one ’cause his hands started getting all sweaty and shaky. Yeah right, as if mine are all perfect. You should really see how bad my situation is. It’s like a tsunami’s suddenly gonna gush out of my palms. But I’ve learned my way around that. 😉

And then there’s also something about hating me and my sister because we’re rich that’s why we get everything we want, and that they don’t because they’re poor. But hunny, look at it this way. We’re workaholics that’s why we have money. And you’re a lazy bitter bum that’s why you don’t go anywhere. Stop complaining and get your fat ass working, and you’ll most probably have a chance at a good life. 😉

This is how I felt when someone backfought against me and of course, the camera. Damn, now what’s wrong when I have a new D-SLR? Yes, I may have ranted about it for some months, but y’know, at least I’m happy. BUT FOR THOSE PEOPLE, why can’t they actually be happy for me? (Same with you, big-eyed guy!) If you guys were jealous, why not keep it to yourself?

Crab mentality.

Now stop being jealous about me when in fact, I only appreciated it because of its professional quality. There are some digicams that are leveling-up with the quality of D-SLR’s, but that doesn’t really mean that it is like a mini-SLR.

I don’t know how the homewrecker felt when I had one. Good thing I don’t hear things from her anymore.

Relating with Ashley’s post

I also have shaky and sweaty hands, but how come my shots are pretty decent? It’s like this: It’s more practical to have a lens with IS, OS, VR (aka stabilizer) just to get rid of the shakiness. I also have a tripod, but I only use it with night shots.

The second paragraph that she wrote was… yeah I explained everything prior to this, but those people who contribute to crab mentality should learn a word or two from that post. It doesn’t really mean I’m “rich” means that I get everything I want. No way, it’s only that I’m lucky in life.

What pressures me more is the “false high expectations”

Sorry guys if I’m intimidating you, but these words are for know-it-alls.

Do you think everything I did is not enough to satisfy you? Think again, I don’t want to make simple things complicated. If you want to make it complicated, it’s because you think I’m a failure. You are successful, but please, people appreciate me for what I’m doing. I teach them, and of course, those “lessons” are for free. I may not have a personal Skype account but I’m still hesitating to create one. Well, if you want me to teach you how to take pictures, or to do the adjustments, no problem.

Can’t you appreciate things that I’m doing? If this is so, you’re only taking me for granted.

I am sorry.

To those photographers or enthusiasts who are pressured by “high expectations,” at least you did your best. Always do your best. That’s all I could say. If your photography isn’t “good” enough, well, practice is always the key. Believe it or not, don’t listen to know-it-alls once more.

The Dangers of Crab Mentality

Why not listen to the know-it-alls?

If you missed it, read this article regarding know-it-all people.

Know-it-alls who think that they have “good” photos would only mean they could do angles the better. That’s it. Obvious naman, eh. They have a very bad taste in gadgets. First of all, they have the beautiful gadgets to themselves. The rest of the mediocre ones, that they give. See how selfish they are?

I really don’t want to rant shit against them, but of course, it is really necessary because I don’t want you to have so many frustrations from know-it-alls who hinder you from learning new things, like playing games and stuff. They shouldn’t be trusted. Well, if they’re successful, they face a lot of problems. A LOT.

Actually, I hate to admit, but I think my paternal great-grandmother should be blamed for having all the bad attitude. The know-it-all things, frustrations, insecurities and of course, the manipulative attitude. Sorry, even though she’s no longer existing, I’m not proud of her. Now I understand why my granny is actually really, really that of a Besserwisser.

Really, if my sibling’s/future son’s soon-to-be girlfriend/wife/fiancee has that attitude my great-granny has, of course, don’t expect me to be really demurely nice. If she does a simple mishap (e.g., raging like hell, etc.), I might punch her to the nose, making that person bleed to death. Sorry, if I sound brutal, but this stupid trait has to go. It should be converted to color-blindness rather.

Know-it-alls make you feel bad about yourself

I said this for the nth time already, that you won’t amount to anything good if you listen to the advice of the know-it-alls, if they’re just making you feel bad about yourself. Honestly, they’re only doing this is because, they don’t want responsibility. They think that the marginalized people are only a burden to them. If I disagreed with Bob Ong about marginalized people as the “teacher’s enemy,” that’s because some teachers are really, giving others a second chance.

They should answer the question, “Why do popular kids act that way?” Well, it’s no doubt that these people used to be like them, just butthurt. They have nothing to do in life but to contribute to crab mentality, that is.

Most of all, when asking a know-it-all how to develop the country, they would answer, “Let it stay that way (I mean, let the country be a place for corruption, a place for high crime rates, etc.).”

LULZ for crying out loud, they should learn a thing from the Japanese or the Thais in terms of politics. If these countries aren’t as good as the Filipinos who speak in English, at least they know their country very well. At least, although they were NEVER colonized by European countries, at least they are progressive. Filipinos should look up to the national heroes who worked hard just for the country to be free. Y’know where the crab mentality and the know-it-all attitude comes, right? The answer: Imperialism. Like how roxyisferox discussed Imperialism, it is a very dangerous form of colonizing people. That’s right. If the untold “water cure” story discussed by nationalist historians was never told by our history books, of course this was the “crime” done by the American colonizers, and remember, these American colonizers were not even the real natives of the United States. To gain independence is to give it to the real natives. Now, what?

To conclude everything, I hope you learned something from this.


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