Canon EOS 60D

Like what PhotoYou magazines has described, it is the camera that an enthusiast should look for. It is the first Canon EOS D-SLR with a 3:2 3.0″ vari-angle LCD monitor and of course, creative filters.

This is the only xxD model slightly downgraded to the level of an xxxD model, but still retained xxD features (Custom Mode, Pentaprism viewfinder).|Canon EOS 60D: A must-watch camera|Yes, this proves my assumptions right.

The Canon EOS 60D is quite much a combination of the following: Its image quality is the same with the higher-end models and to be honest, its picture quality is clearer.

…and YES, it is compatible with err… EF, EF-S lenses and third-party lenses that support its mount.

*I’ll simply post the pictures that I’ve taken using that cam, when it comes.*


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