Anti-Chinese Sentiment Number 1

Executing Filipino drug mules in the PRC or the hostage crisis doesn’t affect relationships with the Philippines and China. However, what really has to affect the diplomatic relationships is this: The Spratly issue, that is.

Note: To my Filipino-Chinese friends out there, please don’t take this personally. Like what I said, I have nothing against the Filipino-Chinese. Even those who are Chinoys are actually proving this right, that there are cultures of the Chinese that Filipinos do not understand…

Of course, I also have nothing against Gong Li, Jackie Chan and/or Jet Li. Oh, wait, even Wenwen Han.

Filipino slurs that insult Chinese people

Chekwa, or maybe Intsik has been derogatory for many years… but “Tsino” is more acceptable.

Talking about China-related issues to Chinoys are really, really err… something to avoid. But some of those who are of Chinese descent do not care at all when someone says negative about China. Well, as a person of Chinese ancestry as well, I also don’t care.

Most of the Chinese we know are actually nice, just like Gong Li or maybe Jet Li (Jackie Chan was actually not a good father to his son Jaycee). Gong Li never had a bad issue, except for the “stupid” thing. Of course, she is also down-to-earth and said that she’s still Chinese, regardless of citizenship. This is also proved by Jet Li, when he switched from American to Singaporean citizenship to teach his kids English and Mandarin.

Of course, just like those two people, most Chinoys are actually well-mannered as well. They respect IPR, unlike what the PRC’s industry is doing. They are doing this is because, they think like an elite. They don’t want to be identified in a negative manner.

Uttering the term “Intsik” may sound derogatory, but not as insulting as “Chekwa.” In behalf of respect, “Tsino” is the best term.

Of course, “chinito” would sound better, and more “sosyal.”

My Second Trip in China: The Unheard Sentiment

My old Multiply|Chinese architecture resembles the height of skyscrapers.

old Multiply|Bird’s Nest Stadium: Made of pure metal

I was against going to the PRC for the second time. I wonder why, but that’s because I really can’t stand counterfeit products at home. I’m really against the fact that I’m visiting a country where the melamine scare and of course, the formaldehyde issue, rather than a country where the most people are found everywhere.

Aww. Why China, why?

There’s nothing spectacular about Beijing. It’s all about the Forbidden Kingdom, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and of course, the Olympic stadiums intact. That’s it. If you want more authentic Chinese trip, go to Shanghai or parts of China that are more breathtaking. Besides, compared to Shanghai, Beijing’s only a capital.

My First Trip in China was way better

Of course, that’s because it was snowing. Wearing a lot of jackets and of course, gloves was the norm.

Visiting the Great Wall is like, climbing the very steep steps which will make your feet hurt. Yeah, I only realized it when I went there. Sheesh, I didn’t like the weather is because, it was HOT but the wind was cold. Compared to China, I think Japan’s weather was way better and it will really make you whiter. Same with Vietnam.

Another thing, kasama pa namin ‘yung mga Chinoy. S’yempre, it’s much better than the second trip since all of them are in jackets. Yep, I guess I liked that kind of thing: Chinoys as our companions, rather than those false critics who will just say, “Ay, parang photocopy lang ‘yung sa loob, ah.”

Dati pa talaga, the mainland Chinese that I met were actually ill-mannered. One Chinese seller offered me this candy thing but y’know, when they’re being interfered, they become rude.

Most Chinese do manipulate and control other people

True that. In most cases, Yao Ming is a product of China’s manipulative nature, especially in of course, government-related stuff. He was born to parents who are are around 6ft. tall, and they’re also athletes. Of course, choosing a mate in Chinese culture is usually done as is, but in the United States, you need to volunteer. This so happened that Yao Ming’s parents were matched according to their hobbies and interests, and of course, the height.

As for me, I have nothing against that, but applying this to Filipino culture and society is not acceptable. Filipinos do not accept manipulation of other people except if they’re know-it-alls.

I used to embrace Chinese culture, but it was long lost forever…

Just because of the issues sparking within China’s activities, it is no doubt that counterfeiting and dissing IPR became apparent in China. Remember, I was really vigilant against fake iPhones, MP4’s; that’s because I’m elitist. Regarding gadgets and stuff, if you give me one single brand which is not a big name (e.g., Canon, Sony), gets a choke. Same when you give me fake things. I might as well accuse you for being a scammer or something, so better beware of what you’re buying.

Counterfeiting: A sentiment

Some Filipinos think that it’s alright to buy fake things. FAKE!?

Remember, comparing the original and the fake products, you’ll realize the gap between the rich and the poor countries in terms of trade. Somehow, this only happened when I visited Japan. ‘Yun nga, eh. When you’re elitist in consumer products, visiting an export-oriented country will help you learn that most Filipinos cannot really buy things that are branded, whether American, Japanese or European.

fake ipods
Courtesy of Flickr user yota73190|Fake iPods for sale

I know that some iPods are assembled in China, but to be honest, China could only do assemblage of products or mass production, but manufacturing the product itself is somehow in question. I’m not underestimating its ability to create something just like Japan or South Korea, but only Lenovo, a computer brand, is the most recognized. In Taiwan, you get MSI or Acer. That’s it. If you really want something more authentic, go pick Fujitsu or Toshiba.

I may seem to patronize Japanese products more than Chinese, but that’s because it’s more authentic, it’s more durable and most of all, though not as high-end as European products, Japanese products are designed for the typical consumer.

Oh, so where was I?

Yes, the counterfeiting things. Like the photo that I showed to you, it’s really evident that using these fake products will just result you to headache. Damn, I research a lot of things, yet insisting that these gadgets are cool, well… not in my standards.

The draggy people everywhere

Remember how I ranted about the lens thingy. Nasira lang talaga araw ko sa SG just because may nagpadala sa draggy-ness ng nagtitinda, eh, which makes me angrier and of course, wearing a very suplada face in the entire trip. Alright, patronizing the non-Chinoy Chinese for their draggy nature? Jesus, what they’re doing is already rude. Respecting the wishes and desires of the customer should be a norm, and at the same time, being draggy will make you have LESS customers, kaya the shop’s almost empty, eh.

Ako pa ang mali. Gawddamn. Shiz, does everyone know what “rudeness” is? It’s not being “just right,” nagpapadala ka na sa isang namimilit na ewan. Alright, warm and friendly to customers, but if you refuse to listen to my sentiment, just GTFO.

Do you think being draggy’s a fucking technique for business? Jusme, nagmamayabang pa, tapos paniniwalaan pa ang “achievements,” it’s bullshit, really. I do not believe that the TV is the output. IT’S THE FUCKING COMPUTER GAWDDAMMIT. AND YES, picking the one that you really like by heart is better, do not listen to those draggy people and those who are blind followers. Damn. It’s bullshit, but I’m not scaring the hell out of you.

Idolizing the wrongs of the Chinese is just…

Thinking that what they thing is right is just bullcrap. Yes, they insist that they’re always right, and of course, y’know the Tibet thing, right? Sorry if I sound too racist, but just so you know, daig pa nga sila ng Vietnamese, eh. Although Vietnam is also communist, at least the people are friendlier.

I am not promoting racism

Please, you have to understand. I am not the typical blogger who acts professional online. I’m only a casual blogger, period.


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