Nationalism as an alternative to the solution of the economic problems of the Philippines

As promised, here’s my essay about Nationalism as a key alternative to the problems of the Philippines.|Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE is one example of a monument/landmark of industrialization.

Nationalism as a key perspective to economic growth

There are several things that I want to emphasize, and these are the things that the Filipino should change.
If the Filipinos really want change, why can’t they confront the foreigners who are dominating the economy? Why do they confront the president? Is it because they rely everything on the president, or is it because they think that everything that the president commands or wishes should be followed?

How do I define nationalism?

Nationalism is the reduction of foreign influence from the homeland. Of course, how would a country or a nation prosper if nationalism doesn’t exist? Think about it, it is the alternative to the solution to the economic problems of the Philippines. People who believe that doing business as a key to economic growth should be looked upon by the Filipinos. There would be no prosperity if they do not look up to them, or follow their lead.

As a Filipino citizen, setting up local businesses is the key to economic prosperity. It is also another way for Filipinos to at least, work hard just to earn a living.

Industrialization as a key to abundant job opportunities

I am for the industrialization of the Philippines. I am into it is because I believe that this is the only way for the Philippine government to offer a lot of jobs for the Filipino people, meaning to say that it’s good-bye to applying for a job abroad. Aside from that, there are many benefits. If a country is a rich and developed country at the same time, citizens who live in that country are given benefits to travel abroad without a visa.

Industrialization could ONLY be achieved if nationalism is expressed the right way. Accepting criticisms either the easy way or the hard way from foreigners and locals alike will make the society improve itself and of course, correct their mistakes.

Industrialization means, equality

Why do construction workers earn less than those in the corporate world? I really find this biased, and worse, unjust. Construction workers work so hard 24/7 and yet, the bigger salary goes to the corporate people. I believe that labor jobs should receive the same amount of salary equal to those who work in the corporate world. Construction workers are earning for a living, the hard and dangerous way. If this is the case, then they deserve more than those who are in the corporate world since their life would be at risk if something happens, unlike the corporate people, who are just working, sitting down all day doing paperworks and attending meetings, and that’s it. However, they earn a bigger salary than those people whose job is blue-collar.

Why do people working in a white-collar job earn much more than those who work in a blue-collar job? Why can’t the government propose something just to make the salary between the white-collar and the blue-collar job equal?

That’s the problem. Even the government cannot solve this problem that much. They really cannot totally reduce corruption because they believe that being in the government means, bigger, and better salary.

Once again, it is very unjust.

The problem with the Philippine government and society in the present-day

I would notice that the Filipinos aren’t concerned about the economy, science and technology, which are key factors to industrialization. They are just focusing on politics, especially on putting the politicians down, which seems irrational and stupid.

Look how the media portrayed CGMA. I also noticed that the news program (TV Patrol) has been focusing on CGMA’s sickness, and of course, the people’s plans to put her to jail.

Why can’t they just focus on the economy, science and technology? If we are the text capital of the world and at the same time, interested in technology, why can’t we nourish it, at least? I really feel sorry to those people who wanted the Philippines to experience industrialization, but the stubborn society hasn’t understood yet the concept of economic nationalism.

What should the Filipinos do?

Rather than to lambast the president alone, Philippine society should do something to reduce foreign influence in the economy. Once this task is achieved, it is possible that it is time for the Filipinos to find a way in order for the country’s economy to prosper.
The Filipinos should always take note that there is still a chance to wake the country up and the society.

They should also take note that the Philippines isn’t the only country that is suffering from immature society whose goal for the country is… nothing, just yet.

It is also to take note that the Philippines is not a low-income country at all, but belonging to the low middle-income class is still lacking. Countries such as Vietnam, although it is still not yet a rich country, is one way ahead from the Philippines, despite its currency’s very low value.

Lastly, Filipinos should stop being dependent to foreigners. They should be working on their own, and should not be ashamed to show signs of industrialization. It is NOT bad if a country industrializes, same with nationalism. This is the only way for Filipinos to prosper the economy of the Philippines.


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