Faux Pas: The Broad Version

Here are the faux pas that the homewrecker did and this is the only blog post where I’ll clarify everything I said… well, uttered by the self during the ICP.

Faux Pas by S.D. Ravenson

1.) If someone cries, you get annoyed but it’s a f***in’ faux pas that you get mad immediately when someone’s crying.

This is what happened during my childhood. If you’re really a parent, but getting angry when a child’s crying, please. It’s wrong. Only a feeling conservative know-it-all does that, especially if he/she thinks that crying is the most annoying ever. Well, get used to it!

2.) Intimidating other helpless people is s***.

Like what I said before, this is what the know-it-alls do to marginalized people. They think that these type of people are a “burden” towards them. I may sound harsh, but this is what the homewrecker did to me, which is of course, unforgivable.

I am very forgiving, but please, don’t be a know-it-all. You [should] know that.

3.) Being the person who “feels that he’s/she’s right” is a lower-class person.

This is the usual trait of the know-it-all! When someone points that they’re wrong, they feel insecure. They don’t feel confident because being a know-it-all is their way of life. Their day will never be complete without verbal clogging.

This is what I wanted to rant about: Know-it-alls are financially insecure so that’s why they would do verbal-clogging for their own pleasure.

4.) If you don’t want to shame yourself thru another person, then go away!!!

I feel blank about this.

5.) Being one-sided (not versatile for any stuff) should be adjusting because versatile people know better!!!

Dear past self, do you mean “flexible.” Well, the homewrecker is not flexible after all, and it’s obvious that asking her if she’s either versatile or flexible would only mean that she’s not controlling her mood! She feels like it if she would verbally clog you like, “So rude. Fuck that.”

The homewrecker won’t be flexible in any way, be it thinking or of course, sharing ideas.

6.) If you always tell the truth tactlessly, you’re frank.

The other know-it-alls, I mean. Actually, they’re more than frank, and that’s because they really cannot tell a single lie. Do you think, being a blonde n*gga is “beautiful”? Like, you’re like in a carnival, anyway.

If you so happen to come from the province yet studies in the big-U, take note: Those who come from the cities proved me wrong, that the school where you come from is affected!

To be broad: If you so happen to study in the state-U, you’re not gonna be a know-it-all in the wrong way. Somehow, some of the people from that univ. proved me wrong, at least. I owe them a lot… well they’re just showing good example, though.

7.) If you don’t have sarcasm, you don’t know how to ride on.

Lawl, riding in with the people is like, pleasing them. If you don’t please them like the way they like/want it, sorry, I think you have very low standards, and the maximum would only be a zero. Like how I ranted about Ross and AA (two contradicting posts, that is, read it HERE und/and HERE), it is really obvious that people are lowering their standards as if they don’t want to raise the maximum number from zero. Tagalugin ko, ah. Hanggang zero lang talaga ang pinaka-maximum.

8.) If you’re a *****phile, you’re weird and pathetic.

Being a pedophile errr… GTFO. I’m immune to those assholes. :3

9.) If you always think you’re right through “blocking” as in “bara” verbally, you belong to a belief wherein everything are rules that are right. *Sorry so that no one is offended*.

Oh, the verbal clogging thing. The homewrecker and other know-it-alls usually do this and they do it because they’re insecure. It’s really THAT obvious. They won’t be dubious, they’re really direct. I really can’t stand verbal clogging as a “norm,” since it’s a taboo when starting a conversation, and it’s obvious that the homewrecker is the number one violator of the norm.

10.) If you will fool me just like the other people there, I act your batch and you act my batch.

The homewrecker acts like my batch, and I act like her batch, that is. If I think that there are good people in her batch, well I have to retract it. The popular kids of her batch are much worse than the popular kids of my batch. Sila pa ‘yung maraming kasalanan, ha. However, the thing is that, the homewrecker told me that she admires my batch because there are good “artists.” Hello? I think she likes my batch is because of the popular kids. Halata naman, eh. Read this post to have a better understanding about my rant against the know-it-all people.

11.) If you please your friends that are not your genes and you are bossy towards relatives and your family you are feeling boss and trying-hard boss and you always think that you’re the highest rank in the caste system.

Pleasing friends but being bossy and arrogant towards your own blood relatives is a big taboo in my standards. You think that you’re the Brahmin of the family. But seriously, boss? God. I don’t like how you’re doing it, I’m sorry.

12.) Power-trippings is a punishment ONLY unless necessary.

Another rant against the homewrecker again! Power-trippings! Need to explain more!?

13.) If you are a “hoe” drinking and of course, not following the common dress code and of course, being unfair, you’re not a leader to all, you lead by yourself and your gang.

Shiz. Blank thought again.

14.) If you always think that you say is always right and you always think you’re smarter, then I’m smarter than you.

Homewrecker rant again. Yes, although she doesn’t really need to say that she’s “smart,” it’s obvious. She looks down to other people, especially to the marginalized people. What now if she’s in a section surrounded by popular kids, eh?

15.) If your attitude burns my patience, I’ll not tolerate someone who has the same attitude as yours because you might take advantage of me uhm…because it pissses me!!!

Alright. Most of these rants to the homewrecker sucked ass.

I really can’t say it directly when I was still in the period of identity crisis (ICP). Of course, the attitude of the homewrecker almost fucked my brain cells, which made me want to piss her in the most severe manner.

16.) If you tell the truth without fortitude, you suck.

Why could you do that to others, if you can’t do that to your friends? Cronyism? Obviously yes! It’s just like the popular kids who were know-it-alls way back then, if they’re the ones breaking the rules. Boo-hoo. Another butthurt thing again.

17.) If you said, “Huwag ka na,” back off and die unless you need it.

Damn. Give others a chance, a’ryt. Saying this the wrong way is for your self-interest. Boo-hoo!

18.) If you are not a good role model with a lot of dark sides, then you should admit your mistakes and hide your secrets instead.

Ooh, this is pretty simple. No need for answers.

19.) If you are kind to others but me, you’re shrewish and an outcast.

For the know-it-all again (not only you, HW!). HAHA.

20.) If I find your “idealistic” ideas a thumbs down, you’re idea will never ever work, period.

I recall the conflicting schedules and of course, the ideas which I will never approve. Of course, you know me like that.

21.) If you say the words that I’m doing or saying and you’re not even careful about it– shut up and relax.

Errr… 😦

22.) If you changed and made me intimidated, I’m not pleased.

I know, there are some of you guys who were disappointed of my attitude way back then, but who cares, right? I neglected those people whom I used to be peers with, but you know what? Thanks, homewrecker. Thanks. A. LOT! God, I know that you’re not going to accept my anymore, but yeah.

23.) Okay, kick your own ass if you discriminate other people.

Hello. I’m tired.

Alright, lemme explain myself

23 theses just like how Martin Luther did it. I ranted the whole thing is because, I don’t want to become one of the worst people discriminated by everyone out there. Drama.

The know-it-alls. I just feel like putting ’em down. xD


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