Preserving Filipino Values

Of course, this was the article that I contributed when I was still a part of the Editorial Staff during high school. However, the thing is, I am better in ranting things online rather than in formal situations.

Pagmamano is a Filipino tradition

Without any doubt, it is a gesticulation where you show respect to the elderly. It is a daily routine when you see elders coming right through the red carpet.

In English, we call it, “Bless.”

Most Fil-Ams are sent to the Philippines is because…

– They sometimes abuse the 911 rights, which is bullcrap.
– They don’t speak Filipino after all (except for Jake Cuenca xD).
– To learn Filipino values, that is.

Of course, Filipino values are learned, and Fil-Ams tend to love the Philippines more than the United States. It’s natural. Look at Mo Twister, he loves the Philippines despite being born and raised in the US. Kaye Abad seemed to adopt Filipino values, same with Joyce Jimenez. While most Filipinos think that giving birth to children to the US is a trend, that’s because having a US passport would only mean = more opportunities.

Japinoys, on the other hand…

Usually, Filipino-Japanese people love the Philippines more than they love Japan not because of the cost of living, but because they think that happiness is only in the Philippines.

I don’t get it, though. @_@

I don’t have any problem with regards to Japanese culture, but anyways, that’s because Filipinos tend to be more warm and welcoming.

If I only have a little knowledge about Japanese culture, I think that the similarity between both nationalities is that, they’re both hospitable. Ay, hindi ibig sabihin nun laging may sakit, ok?


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