The Top 100 Most Recommended Blogs accdg. to this blog

I am now giving you the chance to vote!

The following people are the most recommended, according to this blog:

Roxy De Guzman –

She inspired me to write everything from my mind, be it fact or opinion. The reason why I recommend this blog is because, there is nothing to fear about when you speak your mind, right? Also, if you’re interested in all things Korean, this is sure worth reading.

Ayla Ellis –

What convinced me to read her blog more is not only about photography, but also the way she addressed the situation where something was wrong in the academe. She deserves support from everyone who knows best.

Tricia Gosingtian –|

Of course, the number one fashion photographer in the Philippines is always smiling. Aside from being a fashion photographer and at the same time a blogger, she loves to travel around places. Check out the fashion event in NY and in Malaysia.

Camille Conde –

The similarities between me and Ate Cami (yes, that’s how you pronounce it) is that, we are both opinionated and we both love to take photographs. We have something in common which people do not know about. Unfortunately, she’s an ID 108 while I’m 110.

Saab Magalona –

The little sister of Maxene Magalona is of course, a freelance blogger and we have something in common: We never enjoyed high school. Fortunately, we both found something in common, and that is of course, blogging. We also share the same sentiments, from photography to traveling in of course, Singapore (which is between Singa-three and Singa-five lawl).

Ashley Gosiengfiao –|

Cosplay icon Alodia Gosiengfiao’s feisty yet compassionate sister is not only a cosplayer but is also a musician and of course, a creative artist who does everything for a living– and of course, she’s also a freelance blogger, that is.

Alessandra de Rossi –

The award-winning indie actress is not only a tarento, but is also creative as well. From singing to conceptualizing her music video, she also takes photographs. She’s someone to look up to, actually.

Anne Mateo –

If you love movies and sports, then here’s the blog for you. Also, she talks about politics and things in random, so yeah. One of my inspirations why I got into blogging again. :3

Pilar Pedrosa Pilar –||

The tattoo aficionado, blogger and vintage lover is a writer and at the same time, a literary someone to watch. Most of her blog posts are almost poems, and you’ll know that once you read her two blogs.

JM Cipriano –

The reason why he deserves to be here in the list is because, he writes a lot of good things in life, and also he’s one of the most decent and friendliest people I ever met. Of course, if you’re a Lasallian, you’ll learn to love it from him.

Ica Mendez –

If you’re into fashion, blogging whatsoever, then get entertained in this blog is because, just scroll it.

Yna Mendez –

Another must-watch blog, never mind the reblogs. Besides, she’s already an accomplished blogger and at the same time, a web layout designer.

Arnie Villanueva –

Once a paragon of discipline and at the same time, one of the editorial staff in the school paper, she is now hailed as one of the fashion leaders not only in PLM but also in the blogosphere. Get more fashion tips and ideas from her if you’re into fashion. Besides, she’s an accomplished blogger already, even before having her own Blogspot. :3

Miho Suzuki –||

She was once an accomplished blogger, but now she’s an accomplished photography enthusiast, having more faves and watchers in deviantArt than anyone else we know, despite that she only has a few photographs posted. She was once featured here in my blog (or twice), but she deserves something that she’s worth of.

Mikx De Dios –

Having shifted from the College of Education to CLA, she is a one-of-a-kind blogger who inspired me to create another WordPress blog, and she deserves a space here. Talk about things Christian, and you’ll soon have your faith back.

Yumi Arima –

Another fashion blog to watch.

Luis Estrada –

This is the blog that I really recommend so much. Having been a traveler to different Asian places, it’s no doubt that I should recommend him.

Why I recommend these people

What interests me is this: Photography, blogging and of course, traveling. Most of these people I mentioned are actually accomplished bloggers, and as such they deserve to be featured here as freelance bloggers, at least. Blogging has been not only a hobby, it has also been a career as well.


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