Why I ended my friendship with my ex-best buddy

WARNING: Please, please, please! Don’t ever dictate me that I’m damaging someone’s reputation. I am only posting the details regarding the reason why I actually… parted ways with this guy. So GTFO of my blog if you feel like ranting nonsense.

To those who are accusing me of having a “relationship” with my ex-best buddy, seriously, HE NEVER EVER COURTED ME IN SOME SORT OF WAY.

This is how my ex-best buddy looked like hehehe.

It’s time for me to be a free-thinker

Having a stiff mind makes me less of a decent blogger. While some of the popular kids could blog decently like a PRO, I’m the only one left with the most boring and the most senseless blogs. I personally think that cutting my relationship with him together with the homewrecker will be for my own good. Of course, it actually DID work.

Without their help of course, I could actually learn things on my own, ignoring bullcrap things like, “Do this! It’s not enough for us!” or shiz like, “Don’t… do that!” Well, this is my blog and of course, they don’t have the right to interfere with what I’m doing. Do you think I’ll just have to bow five times to apologize and so on? Come on, this is a free country and everyone’s debating truth an opinion, right?

Being a free thinker is much better than being a stiff thinker.

Junior High School Dilemma

This is the only time where our friendship started to crumble. Just because of a single photo posted on Friendster, doesn’t mean it’s a scandal. Call it “scandal,” but does it affect us?

That guy and me are “friends,” NOT more than just friends. We’re partners in every subject, and we were even partners during our field trip! Imagine, he was putting me away from this guy and his only reason is, “You know me.”


Remember what happened in the JS Prom? He was feeling too desperate, although we gave him a chance just to bond with us. However, the way he’s protecting me is just wrong. He’s putting me away from other guys, and his apologies aren’t enough. Remember, I was still in the identity crisis period when he started doing this. I really couldn’t say “no” if in his scary eyes, he is forcing me to say, “Yes.”

Please read this blog post for you to understand the whole post.

I know, I name-dropped that person, but I’ll erase the name so that no one would know who he is. If he’s reading this blog right now, it’s either he shuts his mouth, or rather he shouldn’t read this blog at all. I really don’t want rude comments, even those that are coming from him.

The way I ended my friendship with him is just right for us to move on

Unfortunately, he didn’t move on. However, I just did move on. I have no grudges against him, be it valid or not.

He still has the grudges inside, whenever I have a new gadget. Alright, why shouldn’t he just be happy for me, that I have a new phone, or a Mac? Alright, he was also “jealous” with the fact that I had a new camera, which added up to the crab mentality that my other classmates had been doing against me.

He had a PS3, and I’m happy for him. He’s just got a new PC, he’s already famous in the video game community, and yes, I really do not care at all. However, he still, can’t just move on. If he really “moved on” with the incident, why can’t he just be happy for me, right?

However, this incident wasn’t enough. I knew that there’s something really… really… something that I should do.

End my friendship with the homewrecker.

If you think I’m a sadist, that’s because they’re the two factors why I can’t blog decently. Their beliefs of extremism can’t just let me be a free-thinker. Alright, talk about lambasting your former second home for being too strict, but they’re the ones supporting what the admin has been doing. I lambasted the admin, but those two guys? They still support the wrongdoings of the admin.

My structured way of thinking becomes more flexible than expected

My new second home taught me how to think freely and to be open-minded. The process is like this: Step-by-step, and once you achieve something, you’ll probably know how hard and slow it is to have a flexible mind. This type of process cannot almost be achieved by know-it-alls, not even the popular kids could do this as well. Most of all, what I’m talking about here is this: My former second home never taught me to think freely, which my new second home could actually do.

It takes a year of adjustment to have a free, flexible mind

I’m not saying that you should believe in what I say. I am not forcing you to believe that Ross and AA are the worst, pint-sized bitches in local biz, or the Aquino clan is a butthurt oligarch dynasty. It’s a matter of fact that your blog is your OWN blog, and no one else should screw your blog as if they’re asking you to censor your favorite actors. LAWL, it’s like defending Ross and AA that they’re the most beautiful women in showbiz if in fact, they’re the most butthurt, talking about attitude. It’s a good thing no one was really interested to lambast me about my thoughts. If I find Rihanna, Justin Bieber and err… Lady GaGa annoyingly overrated, well, I really didn’t care at all. At least they’re stars, and it’s normal if they’re admired or abhorred.

Having a free mind is also like thinking like a pro. If most bloggers do this, that’s because they have more experience in blogging compared to those who just blog about trendy stuff.

Confessions: I talked about this to my club

I usually let out my sentiments about this guy. I usually tell them that I’m getting angry because of what he’s doing. Like for instance, he’s doing everything just for me, if in fact he’s expecting too much for himself.

My other clubmates also have the same sentiment. One of my clubmates was really, very mad at him that she wanted to kill him (as in KILL) after she graduates. She’ll just sneak over and torment him until he becomes unconscious.

My life was full of censorship. My other classmates knew about this matter but they claimed that they did nothing at all. However, when I saw this particular forum about this teacher, I showed it to him.

He said, “I’ll report this to the admin!”

He had a very long history of tattle-taling. Bullcrap! Does he know anything about saving face? Like what he did when he was actually tattle-taling about the prayer thing just to avoid the quiz… why can’t he let them be? Yes, I understand about the slow prayer since his classmates have a reason, but in my section way back in soph HS, I was thinking if my classmates are doing this just because they want to do so. Oh, well.

Yes, about the forums about this particular teacher… actually my classmates are just correcting her, so that’s why they created the forum about a certain teacher.

When this guy (ex-best buddy) saw this forum, he printed it, and he immediately reported it to the authorities, which shows a sign of tattle-taling, again. He reported it because he has “too much respect” for teachers, if he doesn’t get their wrongdoings. He always thinks that the teacher is always right, unless if he notices their mistakes. Never mind about Osang’s lambastment against teachers, because that’s one of her tactless acts.

Another form of tattle-taling is during the first overnight recollection. I know how much pain my classmates suffered just because of this recollection, but truth is, one of the teachers (or the subject chairperson) said that there should be no more recollections. It’s all or nothing, now or never, or maybe a simple warning.

Because of that tattle-taling thing, I started to tell him that whatever is in our club remains secret. Y’know why? Of course, we don’t want other people to spoil our school paper, but not only that: His instincts are getting higher.

The higher the instincts, the higher the chance he’s becoming crazy.

I was really, really annoyed whenever he is always with me (It would’ve been better if my ex-crush pushes me out towards the gate) because he thinks that this is for my own good. Remember when I volunteered myself for tutorial for the first time… he was like, a fake guardian. What is he, a bodyguard? It is so annoying; this was the reason why I called him a “stalker.” Well, stalker that is, just for his own interest. He is stalking me not because to annoy me, but he’s doing it is because, he was falling in love at me.

The second time around, I went again to the mentoring because I hate Math and Science at the same time around. I was thinking if I would just talk to him, together with our other friend about his “wrath.”

You were, possessive! Possessive, that is.

He just fucking laughed with those creepy eyes, which seems ridiculous. His eyes are never smiling. His eyes remain creepy like hell. When I uttered, “He was possessive,” he argued that “but I can’t do that just because of me alone.” God. How could this guy save face this time?

It’s a good thing that I’m talking about this to my club. I usually tell him that “I’m going to be safe,” with or without him. However, he’s really overprotective and at the same time, having a secret radar on his head. I’m not saying that he’s that intense, it’s just that I’m just fed up with him, that is.

To those who are reading this

If you have nothing good to say at all, please STFU. I don’t need your stupid comments about this one. I just want to share the truth about what happened when our friendship started to deteriorate, just because of a single photo.


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  1. You may be able to destroy me, but the beast will eventually come after you.

    I have moved on, as you have told me to do. You haven’t.


    • Oh, hi Chuchu este Sumbungero.

      Alright. I’m giving you a second chance this time.

      Unfortunately, I am going to say this, but no matter how much lambastment you’re doing against me, sorry, YOU FAILED.

      No matter how much you spread this blog post, it’s not my problem at all. No matter how you tattle-tale or report it to the authorities, at least I didn’t name-drop you at this post, although I did face-dropped you.


      Update: Now look who’s talking. I am reading a message coming from a narcissistic stalker who just found out this one through hmmm…? (;

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