The know-it-alls: Facts that you should know about them|The typical know-it-all

You see them everywhere. You see them at school. Sometimes, you see them at home and of course, they usually come in various shapes and sizes.

Basic facts about know-it-alls

They feel that they’re the smartest people in the whole wide world.
They always thin they’re right, and whoever is against their own interest is being verbally clogged.
Of course, they support their “frenemy,” the popular kids.

The insecure popular kids supporter

It’s a matter of fact that most know-it-alls come from the most prestigious schools. However, once this specific school finds out that you’re a know-it-all, you’re rejected, even in the entrance test.

Here’s a sentiment about… a know-it-all whom I knew because of a popular kid.

This know-it-all is actually coercive. Whether you like it or not, she’s going to correct you, with force. Not only that, but she’ll just look at your flaws and most of all, feel bad about yourself again, just like what the homewrecker did before.

Jesus. I thought she would be the approachable type of person, but truth is, everyone’s thinking that she’s “feeling close.” Well, I have no problem with that, but this know-it-all was actually full of herself that she even defends and sides with the popular kids and at the same time, weird-looking people who are hailed for their “good looks.”

Come to think of it, she even “corrected” me with the pronunciation of Czech Republic. I said, “It’s check,” but she insists, it’s “Zek.” Fudge, people might laugh at her for being wrong. That’s a very much example of a know-it-all whose aim is to please herself by letting the marginalized people suffer and still, support the popular kids.

Most people would have to agree with me that the know-it-alls have nothing good to say at all, and they think that they’re the bosses, and yes they boss around for their own satisfaction. They’d usually pinpoint your wrongs, but they don’t do that to the popular kids. Afraid?

This is another grave thing: While most of the popular kids are enjoying their high school life by breaking the rules, know-it-alls, however, are doing nothing at all. They simply live their life according to the rules of the school. Of course, the only reason why know-it-alls would simply admire the popular kids is because, they were just like them before. I just wanted to rant about this one, but I simply can’t do that directly. If the popular kids are as butthurt as the know-it-alls, it’s no doubt that they usually criticize each other or simply share things that they’re interested at.

The worse case of a know-it-all is when that person is a know-it-all and at the same time, patronizes the interests of the popular kids. Usually, most popular kids are into trendy stuff, but when it comes to elitist stuff, they usually ridicule it. Fudge, do they know what “art” is? I really hated the fact that they’re usually ridiculing other people when they draw nude or erotica. This happened during the student-teaching week. HELL, I just wanted to slap the popular kids because of their rude behavior. What now if they saw an alt-porn model right in front of them? Laugh? What now if Kat Von D is naked? LAUGH, as in ridicule that Kat Von D is a whore for posing nude!?


This must be a lesson for the know-it-alls, since they really do not know how the popular kids contribute to the continuous slow progress of our country. I’m not saying that the popular kids are factors that makes the country’s progress slow down, but what I’m trying to tell is, know-it-alls should at least, learn to fit in with the marginalized people. If they think that those who are frequently the butt of jokes are just a burden to them, they should know that the popular kids who contradict themselves are more butthurt, and are very hard to please.

Of course! I almost forgot. This person who loves to correct pronunciation is actually… arrogant when lambasting the marginalized people. Ironically, despite criticizing the popular kids, truth is, she supports them.

Why I despise know-it-alls

Three words: They are butthurt.

The do not have a life at all, so that’s why they do nothing but to please themselves by being too much of themselves already. Know-it-alls usually have the capability to coercively brainwash you without reason at all. Hmmm… lemme show you a post about my… post against the homewrecker.

Oops… sorry if I rant too much, not because I intimidate people, but to be honest with you, I could only rant and rant when I’m online. Don’t ever accuse me for being a dumb bitch in real life, because you might not know, that I’m not going to help you anymore once you’re butthurt.

Once again, I am not intimidating you guys.

Alright. Back to topic.

Know-it-alls are just a simple pain in the ass. While some of you might get hurt because you think you’re a know-it-all, you are NOT a know-it-all! Being a know-it-all takes a lot of insecurity to live inside your mind, and your heart. Take note: Being a know-it-all might lessen a number of friends, and to know that being that type of person will surely make you more butthurt and of course, someone to avoid.

The homewrecker’s know-it-all style

How should I say this… aha!

As much as I hate ranting about the homewrecker here, at least I do not name-drop!

As you can see, I was lambasting things about the homewrecker and her diabolical know-it-all escapades. I may sound harsh, but bear with it. She’s not a good person to talk to, even in just a simple, plain and/or ordinary conversation. She would rather make it “spectacular” by verbally clogging you without notice.

I’d like you to know how butthurt she was. Even up to the present-day, she might haven’t changed… just yet. Since I already ended my relationship/connection with her, well, it’s alright. Haha.

If you feel that I’m already too harsh… just pause for a while and stop reading this post… this is a very rigid thing to do. But who cares, btw?

Whenever I make the conversation simple and at least, light, she ruins it! As if she knows ANYTHING about the topic itself. I was just making a good conversation with her when suddenly, she makes everything butthurt.

Here’s the thing: I asked her if she’s versatile (sheesh… I should’ve said, “flexible”). She said, “The hell I care.”


One-sided, with a stiff mind, that is. Being unable to connect herself to the “really, real world,” she is doing nothing but to be butthurt, like no other.

Nakakasira siya ng araw minsan. Akala mo kung sinong magaling, kung sa totoo lang eh, feeler pala. Look, here’s the thing. If I always receive a notification about the awards thing, sabi pa naman niya, “Wala talaga akong natatanggap,” and still she is still butthurt with that. Y’know what I mean.

I’m serious. Ang sarap pagtawanan, eh. Sometimes, she becomes pathetic about things, like accusing me for being “selfish” because my ideas are about boys and men, while hers is MORE than selfish. Like, do all people love Wii? Whenever she’s butthurt, I just wanted to laugh, because she’s going pathetic. If she would rather be tolerant, well, that’s alright to me. BUT BEING BUTTHURT IS UNFORGIVABLE. She’s not a good person to have a good conversation with. Mas maganda kung minsan mo lang siya nakikita.

Of course, don’t forget, she just got full of herself while isolating me again from the guy whom I admired, again, she was getting more pathetic and butthurt again. Like, sila na ba ni (crush)? She apologized and yet, ganun pa rin. Like why can’t she start fixing my problem with that guy, if in fact, she’s just making it worse. Here’s the thing… she wrote a confession about my short friendship with that guy… and she actually said that she’ll “smile, although the feeling is hurt.”

Goodness gracious. If she’s really serious about it, then why shouldn’t she lambast me as in right now? Sorry about it, but I couldn’t help it. Like what I said, I do not have to damage someone’s reputation. I don’t want to push someone to the limit. As in, I don’t want to. Sorry, if you guys think I’m ranting too much, forgive me. Life becomes bipolar when your emotions go up and then down.

There you have it

To the know-it-alls and to those who are mentioned here (without being name-dropped, of course), I hope you learn a lesson here the hard way. You do/did the butthurt pathetic thing to me, I do it to you as well.


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  1. This is an awesome post. I think you are hilarious and I like you observations. What does butthurt mean tho?

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