College Fair, SY 2011-2012

Unfortunately, I don’t have a camwhore portrait.

Yesterday, I went to my former second home. It was their foundation day (I only knew this fact when I went to college, gah mindf*ck!) and of course, I just went there to see the glimpse of the many improvements of my former second home. Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that the fair would be still the same, constant, and still, nothing spectacular.

Like what I said, this is where I grew up learning to be a Catholic and at the same time, learning the Filipino language. I love Filipino as a subject and even my teacher in that subject during Grade Six really encouraged me to learn the language more and more, and then… second year came. It was the time I started to love English once more. Don’t ever ask me why, because I already mentioned this in some of my previous posts.

The new building. Finally, I am back home.

The octopus: The best ride ever if you want a much more extreme degree.

My shadow! *trollface*

I never named my high school because…

Of course, like what I said before, when I lambast a certain thing, I do not name-drop. Name-dropping is a taboo, and also, it is a sign of disrespect towards one’s privacy.

If you know what this high school is, don’t ever mention the name once you comment here!

I was bored

What I only did was, I blew bubbles and of course, plastic balloons. Nope, I just ate a handful of fries and of course, iced juice. Nothing, I just felt bored because it is expected that it would still be the same, boring event, unless if your friends are coming over.

I love the school, but what makes me abhor it is how it’s governed

There’s your answer people! Just so you know, I didn’t like how they expelled a senior high school student (or let’s say, two!) out of their interest (I have a feeling that they didn’t consider the dangers of being expelled in senior year high school) and welcoming the mean people. God, I hate doing this, but like what I said before, the former second home insulted me, by making my life purely hell when I was in fourth year high school. I never ever had a sip of happiness and of course, freedom. I also think that the admin’s acting “conservative” so that they’ll grasp their own satisfaction.

I know, there are some factors that ruined my day during high school. Arrogant teachers, popular kids in one section and of course, “that” person responsible for sectioning students… I would like to talk to that person in private.

Teens’ Day Dilemma

I recall all those boring activities. Oh, yes, ask my college professors, they make activities interesting and at the same time, cheerful. That’s what’s not present/apparent in my former second home’s usual activities like, QAD’s, sort of shit entertainment… I really don’t get why the admin didn’t even give the students the right to be happy, even just a simple thing? My friend here told me that the admin said, Shut up!” when they just wanted a graduation ball. But of course, I really find it unfair that the Foundation Day of 2009 was like, “boring” and “no rides.” Also, the prom thing! Hello, why do other schools continue the prom despite being struck by Ondoy (aka the evil asshole that flooded the whole Metro Manila, I feel sorry for AA Klenk that time)?

I really do understand about the students’ other experiences, but with these false conservatism they show to us students back then, I think it’s really unfair for us to see them following their own interests “only for us (students).” Crap.

Regarding Teens’ Day, however, has the most boring one: Sophomore thing that really made me angry.

Bore to death!

“Ginagawa na nga namin ang lahat, ganyan pa kayo!” Putragis naman, oo. Halata namang para sa sarili niyong kapakanan ang mga ginagawa ni(n)yo (para) sa amin! How unfair is that for us to see how selfish you guys are.

Boring talaga, it’s because, may acquaintance day pa, tapos boring pa rin naman. Super frugal ang life ko sa former second home ko. Buti na lang wala na ako dito, baka mamaya, hindi parin maganda buhay ko, so yeah.

My senior year sentiment: Always at the shrink

It’s really disappointing if the one responsible for sectioning students does a “fail” move. Gusto ko sanang sakalin, eh. Hindi ko talaga makuha-kuha kung bakit gusto nila ako na laging hindi masaya. Call me selfish, but what I’m emphasizing here is that, they want the marginalized people (bullying victims, loners) not to be happy. I do not agree that Bob Ong that the “weirdos” are the teacher’s enemy. Teacher’s enemy if that teacher prefers “sipsip” person rather than someone who isn’t “sipsip.”

Fail talaga, as in fail, is because I thought I would get along with the popular kids, pero ‘yun pala, totoo ‘yung sentiment ng ibang tao na, “Ay, ‘yan si ano, ma-arte ‘yan!” Halos lahat ng ginagawa ng mga popular kids ay, ‘yung mga moves na parang excuses. Sila pa ang pasaway. I don’t get why the admin supports them despite their “super-strict” rules. Eh, hello? Rules kayo d’yan ng rules, kung hindi niyo lang ma-improve ang quality ng education ng school namin. Shame on you. I really didn’t expect that you would be following the likes of Kim Jong-il or some other selfish, narcissistic dictator out there.

Yes, I know how mean I sound, but that’s the reason why I always go to the shrink and ask for advice. I usually talk to them because I really can’t stand those popular kids who are being “defended” by innocent people who cannot contradict their (pop kids) interests. Oh, sige. Sila (pop kids) na ‘yung tama, ako ang mali. Pero sila naman ang selfish, eh. They’re the real free-riders. Ang babaw nila, lalo na ‘pag college entrance exam. Call me elitist, but they cannot prove to me that they’re worth something. Prove to me that you’re the assholes, but make sure you don’t put the school down (or involve me there).

I really feel sorry whenever I hear those popular kids doing bad things. I know, it’s really sad, and they usually contribute to crab mentality.

Know-it-all people contribute to crab mentality

It’s true. You really do not know how much they put you down in exchange for their false “admiration” towards the popular kids.

This is what happens if the then know-it-alls become the popular kids. I wanted to address this “social issue” before, but my emotions way back then hinder me from doing so. Usually, they would pin-point that what you’re doing is “wrong,” if in fact, what they usually did in high school is breaking the rules, which is MORE WRONG than you think it is.

Kaya nga, eh. If they have nothing good to say at all, then they rather shut their mouths and mind their own business(es).

Call me selfish, but it’s none of your business at all

I’m just speaking my mind out. Now, what’s wrong with it?

If you (admin) are hurt with this blog entry, at least I have lambasted all your wrongs. Actually, the school survey was just taken for granted. Why, do you think you’re the best school if what you’re doing is only rules and rules, but not focusing on the quality itself? Super-strict rules do not actually “improve” the quality of education, they’re just hindrances.

To my fellas from my former second home, I’m sorry if you read this whole blog entry, but I just want you to be open-minded. You might not have knew the reason why I decided to end my friendship with my ex-best buddy whom everyone accuses me to have a “relationship” with, but that’s because I wanted to have a free-thinking mind at the end. Having a stiff mind won’t make you blog decently and of course, it might damage your reputation as well.

Next blog entries (just a try!):

– Why I ended my friendship with my ex-best buddy
– After I ended my friendship with the homewrecker…
– God forbid: I am not religious after all
– The Old vs. New Testament, according to Fail-ice Yawn


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