Rosicrucian teachings… coming from my Granny… late Granny that is

What is Rosicrucianism?|The Rose and Cross symbolizes the Rosicrucian belief.

The rose and cross belief that defies the Catholic faith itself. Hmmm… I wonder if this is really true…

Like what my grandmother said…

Alright. I was asking my grandma when she was still alive (paternal grandmother, that is), if she attended church (or if she was interested). She said, “Those priests will lead you to nothing!”

I wonder why she is teaching me all these stuff against my faith? (Well, as a skeptic, of course, I’d post this one.)

1.) The true Church is not a building, but it is in the heart of every good man.

Alright. This is always the debate of most atheists, non-believers and of course, agnostics. According to my late grandmother, going to mass will make you sin more, which sounds ridiculous. Listening to the Word of God, at least, will put one’s faith back, but being “forced” to believe in God and do all the rituals is completely wrong. If the Old Testament is contradicted by the New Testament, don’t get me wrong: Jesus was a Jew, but He managed to correct the Jewish faith somehow, just like how Siddharta Gautama corrected the wrongs of Hinduism (Hinduism is polytheist, while Buddhism is an atheist religion/religious philosophy).

Alright, the true Church is in the heart of every good man. However, the notion of “church” means building. Yes, a church may be a building, but remember, the church which is a building is a temple. That “building” is the House of God, it is the place of worship. Another thing is that, the big C on the “Church,” however, means, “people of God.”

That means, Catholic Church defines, “The Catholic people who believe in God.” OHA.

2.) The true religion is doing good to your fellowmen.

This is how Jesus defined religion. Even Mohammed. Even Buddha. The notion of religion in this context is actually the idea of a “religious philosophy,” where a religion becomes atheist (this only applies to Buddhism).

What will you do with those “rituals” before meals when Jesus taught us that “whatever comes out from your mouth defines your cleanliness”? If the rituals like circumcision for the Jews means “the true descendant/follower of Abraham,” for the Filipinos, however, means “cleanliness.” Do you think the foreskin is actually cussing?

I’m not saying that circumcision is too old-fashioned, but the foreskin holds a lot of dirt, that’s why the Filipinos believed that foreskin is “dirty.”

Now how is this related to religion? This is based on the Jewish faith, of course.

3.) Why confess your sins to the priest? Why not confess it directly to God?

Differentiate mortal and venial sin. They may seem different, but I do not believe in confession after all. Being a skeptic myself, I did a LOT of mistakes in my life, but does that really make me “dirty”? Think about it. Being dirty doesn’t mean you do not take a bath at all. Being dirty doesn’t have to mean that you cuss. What makes a person dirty is the attitude. If you’re “dirty” on the inside, it seems that you do not deserve respect at all. As you can see, the reversibility criterion tells us that “Do unto others what you want others to do to you; Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you.” Of course, Jesus Christ and Confucius taught this.

Regarding confession, if you did NOTHING wrong in one year, and you’re “required” to confess your “sins” every year, it so happens that you are lying to the priest. You impress the priest. This happened before. I really don’t want to go to confession again because it sucked ass. Sorry if I rage out because of this, but I really do not like the idea of sinners going directly to hell without reason. I know, I also don’t want to end up burned to eternal death, but sometimes, I really have to let it out.

The truth about the priests is like this: Some priests are approachable, but sometimes there are some of them who are know-it-alls. Remember, you’re a priest, and you shouldn’t side with the bad guys or those who are really… starting the trouble. I know, it may hurt some of you guys, but there are priests who molest people, particularly children. This is the religious issue which the Catholic Church cannot even resolve. If Blessed John Paul II were still alive and kicking, of course, he would absolutely reduce this dilemma.

4.) The repeating Hail Mary’s in the rosary

My late grandmother once said that the repeating Hail Mary’s in the rosary is actually… like, catching the attention of Mother Mary again and again, and she even said that Mother Mary might tell us that, “That’s enough.”

I used to pray the rosary before, since we were taught to be Catholics. However, I just took these things for granted when I grew up thinking that what the school is teaching are all wrong.

Well, I have to agree with all the things that my paternal grandmother taught me.

Usborne’s Introduction to Art: A Know-it-all’s Perspective View|Actually, I have this book. So, yeah…

There is evil when I see these things, like “Lord, please protect me from these paintings and so forth.”

This is a statement wherein my late grandmother taught me not to admire these things. Ugh. Good thing God has forgiven her by of course, prayers and intercessions.

The only thing that I want to contradict is that, there’s nothing wrong when you draw or illustrate pictures of the Holy Family. Now, how should I say this?

The Protestants believed that pictures or icons are strictly prohibited, while the Catholics think that these icons/pictures are guide for prayer. I believe that the icons/pictures/statues are guide to prayer, like what’s wrong with putting a lot of holy statues at your home? What’s really wrong if you’re actually putting up an altar?

Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing evil if you look at the pictures of the Holy Family. Of course, people are really curious about how the Holy Family looks like. Is there something wrong or “evil” if you post pictures or icons of the Holy Family and the saints at the Church?

We don’t worship saints, nor Mother Mary. We venerate them and of course, we do our intercessions.


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