Is this Fine Art Photography or Photomanipulation?|Do you think that this is “fine art” photography or photomanipulation?

Fine Art Photography doesn’t only come from either the camera or Photoshop; it is based from imagination

Usually, photomanipulation is done when censoring a certain person or even a certain thing. However, when mixed effects are combined to form a “completely censored” thing, it becomes “art.”

Usually, fine art photography is done when using special effects such as painting with light (slow shutter speed, CHECK; low ISO, CHECK; yourself, CHECK) and of course, using a certain subject as a medium. Like what blind photographer Craig Royal has said, he used the reflection of the waters as his own medium.

However, in my case, my medium is of course, Photoshop. I may be new to this genre, but this doesn’t hinder me from achieving a certain goal.|Painting with Light is an example of Fine Art Photography

This photo was taken in Boracay, fire dance. Because of discontentment, I decided to set the camera to a very slow shutter speed and of course, this is what I did…

Imagine that the fire as shown in this photo are dragons. How/what do you feel about this one?

Hausaufgabe: Answer this question, “What/how do you feel on this photo?”


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I am a very opinionated person. Get used to it. If you can't stand it, then so be it.

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