My very own version of “The Miseducation of the Filipino”|Renato Constantino is the author of “The Miseducation of the Filipino.”

Summary: Renato Constantino was a leftist historian who wrote the essay, “The Miseducation of the Filipino.” This time, I’m going to have my own version since this is relevant to the educational system of the Philippines…

UPDATE: This blog entry is trending right now… and yes, I really have to be proud at/to the author of the said blog. This is where I got my inspiration of writing this blog entry. :3

When homeworks end up disastrous

I just read something about a certain “assignment” about liking a photo on a Facebook fan page… and even grade-schoolers are required to like it. This is really, something not worth doing. Just read my sentiment about school and how does this really benefit… us? AGH… random thoughts again.

Define HA-ssignment

An assignment is supposed to be something to be done at home, or either before the class starts. However, it is more ideal if done at home.

Assignments should be for the minds of the students, and based from the lessons of the teacher. Assignments are supposed to be for the good of the school and of course, for the students, NOT for the interest of the teacher.

Lemme err… share you a sentiment.

The Most Annoying yet “Required” Assignment

Remember the days when UST required students to write an essay chuvaloo regarding the RH Bill? Correct me if I’m wrong, because I already forgot about the details.

Oh, yes. I remember. It is when we are required to submit a copy of the SONA of former PGMA which is extremely bullcrap to most of us students. My pop even got mad because of that. I really cannot answer him when he asked me, “Are ALL of you required to submit this?”

[This actually happened when we are ALL required to this stuff, and guess what? This isn’t related to the subject matter itself. I really don’t know why, but although I owe that teacher a lot, I still don’t get why that person has to put us into burden? It would’ve been acceptable if we’re only doing paperworks, but this? HOMG, I much prefer the subject-related video on a CD, eh. Here’s the worse thing: We should not record it from TV by using a camcorder, how’s that?]

I should’ve said, “Yes.”

AND YES, we are all required to submit it on a CD.

All the students during that time were very upset, outraged and of course, disappointed about this. However, my ex-best buddy said, “No matter how hard it is, I’ll do it,” with of course, his fake smile.

I really didn’t know what to do, but I cried because I really can’t answer if all of us should submit this CD.

This is another reason why we really cannot exactly voice out our concerns to the admin. Even though teachers would always tell us that “Each teacher has their own system and set of rules,” what now if everything has malfunction, right? What now if the best teacher is arrogant (this is one of the things that I usually rant about)? What now if some parents really have to disagree with the interest of the teacher?

Yes, I’ve been criticizing my former second home for being a “North Korean setting.” If that would be like the system of China, then it’s much more acceptable since China opened itself to the world, and its policies aren’t as rigid and exhausting compared to North Korea.

What I mean is that, what now if the teacher did something wrong? What now if the students cannot anymore stand the arrogance and selfishness of a second parent who is supposed to train us students for our future? Yes, teachers are trainers and also guides, NOT bodyguards. They may have the right to discipline us, but not to the extent that power-tripping becomes apparent. I really do not like these things to happen, but there are times that we should actually, face it.

Jesus, what really happened to the world today?

Let me show another sentiment during another class. I know this teacher seems to be the most terror ever, and even those things not related to her class is like, “OMFG, is this like Disasterland?” Here goes…

Someone who doesn’t do his/her homework doesn’t change underwear!

Do you think this is very insulting?

Like what I said, doing assignments could be either be done at home or before class. It’s alright if you didn’t do your first assignment, for as long as you’ll do it next time around. However, there are times that we abuse the leniency of our teachers, which is wrong, actually. We tend to be friends with them, but let’s face it: We may be friends with a teacher, but we shouldn’t be too “kiss-up” (sipsip) to them. I know, some of you get hurt with what I’m saying, but I’m just telling the truth. We may tend to be close with someone who may be our boss, or leader, but look, there are times that we shouldn’t really have to go beyond the limit. We may do so, but only to a certain limit.

There are abusive teachers, but it so happens is because they have very high expectations. There is one time some of my classmates are forced to kneel properly when they didn’t have a rosary back then. How degrading. Using the name of God for any invalid excuses or for some abusive tactics? If you happen to be a conservative, it’s quite understandable. However, if it happens that you have a very dark past, don’t get everyone started on that. The past should make you a better person, right? If I used to be an introvert who simply can’t stand things that shouldn’t religiously happen in the first place, then it only became fine with me when I knew that there are several people who are really going against your will (e.g., you’re OC, but others don’t care at all). Alright, like how I ranted about the homewrecker, it was all fine with me since I ranted things about her here, and also, it is more than enough. It really made me a better person not to rant things about real people, but regarding celebrities, it just go on and on… etc.

Someone who had a dark past should do for the better. If I ranted about Angelina Jolie here, at least I didn’t mention her past is because, it’s no use at all. If you so happen to be her avid hater (because of that Maniston), leave her be. She doesn’t really like the paparazzi and it happens that she is hiring big bodyguards because she’s losing privacy. The media’s doing everything just to put her down, due to the fact that they’re tired of putting her up. Gah, stupid media. (Once again, this may seem irrelevant, but please, bear with it.)

Having a dark past shouldn’t make you a bitter person who obviously has an apparent attitude problem, or abusive behavior. Ma-arte ka kung sa ma-arte, but sometimes, basing your sentiments on emotions (AGAIN), isn’t right. What happens is, no one will listen to you anymore. Your abusive style is unstandable at any cause. No offense meant, but at I least I do not name-drop people unless necessary.

It is noticeable: The quality of education in my former second home is no moaw

I really don’t want to rant about my former second home again, but the teachers who are actually good in teaching are fleeing away to other countries. Also, there are good teachers who are actually… doing mistakes when they teach. I have this teacher who is supposedly to be good, yet I really don’t want to pinpoint her mistakes in teaching because I do not want to argue in real life. Oh, and yes, she should start reading comprehensively because she teaches things that are related to logic.

I never knew why, but I really noticed that the good teachers are nowadays, transferring to another school for better opportunities and also, bigger salary. I really feel sorry for the teachers nowadays since they’re given a small amount of salary which is again, UNFAIR and UNJUST. Isama niyo na ‘yan, education. If the Philippines isn’t contributing to science and technology, economy… worse, it’s education. Sige, aaminin ko na. Lagi na lang pulitika ang focus, eh. It’s bullcrap, I know. However, abandoning other sectors such as science and technology, economy (which is far more important than politics, of course) and of course, education, should be taken action of. Sa’n tayo pupulutin kung ganito lang ang mangyayari? Of course, like what I said before, I wrote a special article about nationalism as a key alternative to the economic problems of the Philippines, which I’ll post it once school ends. This is for the Filipinos to understand how important the other sectors (besides politics) to our community, to our nation, et cetera.

We need to do something than just liking a page in Facebook for our interests. Creating an advocacy page in Facebook is the best way of solving our problems, in a simple manner, and let your other family members know about it.

This is a response to the “Facebook likes incident” as an assignment

I hope the teacher who assigned her students to do that learns from THIS blog. If she cannot accept those coercive criticisms, she should see some examples right in this blog entry.


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