East Asian Stars without plastic surgery…

crunchyroll.com|Yukie Nakama

d-addicts.com|Yukie at 14 years old.

gossiprocks.com|Song Hye Kyo

Both Song Hye Kyo and Yukie Nakama are natural-looking, compared to their co-stars. While both resembles Shu Qi, Song Kye Kyo looks more a lot like Zhang Ziyi, while Yukie is somehow a more matured version of Barbie Hsu.

realsea.net|Shu Qi

Yes, even Shu Qi may not have been under the knife, but at least she ages gracefully.

Why most East Asians have plastic surgery?

They don’t need to envy those… Western people. Like, look at Gong Li, look at Du Juan.

jadeluckclub.com|Du Juan

Oh, and I exposed Gong Li here in my blog… search for it in the search box, if y’don’t mind xD.

I mean, East Asian beauty is the most valued. Despite their slender body type (absence of curves, unfortunately), at least they have face value. :3


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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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