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Why I chose WordPress as my blogging platform

Obligatory confession: Why did you choose WordPress above all blogging platforms?

First of all, I would like to thank WordPress for being a blogger-friendly platform. Aside from that, WordPress offers categories as factors for organizing your blog posts. Also, WordPress is also conducive for learning, but I only see a handful of bloggers use WordPress as their blogging platform. Also, WordPress has this comment box which has a much friendlier approach to anons.

Not to lambast other blogging platforms, but here’s why.

Compare and Contrast with other blogs

Blogger, when it comes to customized themes, is hard-to-please. It’s only good if you want your cbox to be linked or as a widget, or maybe polls, but for learning and comments, it isn’t really as conducive as WordPress.

Typepad – you have to pay for it!

LiveJournal – LiveJournal is not actually a bad blog platform at all, but this is designed for people who’d like to have their personal blog. Besides, it also isn’t really conducive for learning as well.

Xanga – It’s like the blog version of Friendster. It’s only for those hippies who love to copy-paste surveys and it isn’t as user-friendly as WordPress.

WordPress is really, for the casual blogger. It has ALL the tools designed for the blogger in need, despite the lack of support for JavaScript widgets or polls. Another thing is, you create as many pages as you want, and customize them.

People who used Blogger are moving to WordPress

Some of them, actually. Others are from Tumblr. Hmm… I really don’t know why, but WordPress is actually more enjoyable than any other blog platforms out there. Hmmm… maybe it’s just me?

Somehow, the reason why I enjoyed it is because, you don’t have to put your location or something, or maybe it’s because it’s designed for the OC person, especially if categories are needed to be organized.

First, I left Xanga, LiveJournal or maybe Blogger. The reason why I did this is because, WordPress has created a home for me, where I can write things like my personal opinions, or maybe my interests!

People like my followers recommend WordPress

Mikx is one of those people who encouraged me to go back to is because… the blogging environment is conducive. Same with Roxy.

Of course, if you want to create fiction stories, you’d rather be in WordPress, or post the past articles of your school paper. That would mean a lot more than everything.

Shoot Like a PRO 101

Disclaimer: This is to teach you guys how to do it the right way. Sorry if I’m a Mac user, but if you could bear with my tutorial, here you go. Oh, and I’m no professional photographer either. This is designed to those who haven’t discover yet the potentials of digital photography.

How to do everything like the PRO’s do?

While most of us enthusiasts are really curious about the world, we are also curious about why RAW is a flexible format. Everyone said it’s the file format of post-processing, or let’s say, it’s a film negative equivalent.

In RAW imaging, it’s like this: Open your iPhoto, and choose a RAW file. You’ll see that the white balance is set to its native number.

So here are the basics that you should know…

Step One: Shoot in RAW

Look at the portion where temperature and tint likes. A RAW image will show you the native white balance and of course, the tint, rather than the pointer positioned on the middle (neutral mode).

Shooting in RAW gives you the advantage and opportunities to post-process your photos with ease and flexibility. However, the downside is, shooting in RAW consumes memory space and it will take you a long time to post-process everything in RAW. Aside from that, you should have a post-processing software just to have your RAW file viewed. Luckily, the Mac has iPhoto pre-installed in it.

For Windows users, don’t worry, your DSLR might be supplied a software designed to view and to edit RAW images.

Step Two: Upload your photos in photo-organizing apps such as iPhoto.

iPhoto isn’t only designed for organizing and arranging photos, it also has built-in HDR through the help of reducing shadows.

If you happen to use Windows, I really can’t answer your question since I really find it more comfortable to edit photos in Mac. Well, here’s the thing: Macs provide everything for you and it’s much more ideal to use Photoshop in Mac, I just don’t know why.

iPhoto is one of the most reliable software (or maybe Photoshop Elements, but I haven’t tried one yet) to quickly edit and post-process photos, for Macintosh, that is.

Step Three: Always have Lightroom 3 installed on your computer

You won’t actually survive if you d0n’t have Lightroom installed, just in case you want to make your sky bluer than ever.

There are things that Lightroom could do that Photoshop cannot as is do. Perspective control is one of them, and without any doubt, Lightroom does it faster than Photoshop. Of course, you may change the white balance if you want, but make sure you drag the post-processed photo directly from iPhoto. It is still in RAW I think, but it seems more convenient since it helps you edit more and of course, experiment.

Step Four: Always have Photoshop installed on your computer

This is actually a photo combined with two photos, resulting from preference of tint done in Lightroom.

Of course, with the post-processing thing, watermarking is very important. This is to protect your photos just in case someone else uses it.

Although according to the Digital Photography Manual, Photoshop is a very expensive software which is very complicated to use, and some of the features there will never be used by an average enthusiast. However, this one is very helpful when creating effects and of course, watermarking photos.

Also, having Photoshop doesn’t only give you the advantage of watermarking photos, it may also let you create effects or maybe combine two pictures, then set the blend mode to either Multiply or Soft Light.

Take note: Unless you’re going to download it straight from the Internet, Photoshop IS a really hard-to-get software. Downloading it is “easy,” but look, it will ask you for a serial number for verification, and I really discourage cracks. It doesn’t help actually, so rather search for serial numbers if you want.

I am not advocating piracy, but just to be practical, you have to download at your own risk.

Day Ten: Top Five Reasons You Feel The Way You Do Right Now

1.) It is because I’m in a challenge.

2.) I love the Internet (Felice, you can’t sue us in any way haha!).

3.) Because I love Tumblr.

4.) I love deviantArt.

5.) That’s it!

The similarities between Felice Fawn and AA Klenk

To all anons out there, please don’t accuse me for promoting such haterade every Christmas season, this is just now… and look, there are things that people should consider before… y’know what I mean already.

myladybones@Tumblr|Felice Fawn scandal on Stickam…

Oh, yes… don’t hide it! ;D

Here are the similarities

1.) They were both born in 1989.
2.) They both whore for attention, to be honest.
3.) They have a history of family problems.
4.) They have attitude problem, obviously.
5.) They are in a relationship to “feel complete.”
6.) Obviously they weren’t really the center of attention when they were not yet famous!
7.) They both look OLDER than their age.
8.) Fan reception’s almost similar to a cult. People think they’re perfect, but there are a lot of women who are actually more appealing than them.

I just don’t get their appeal

Felice Fawn used to be an anorexic, and vigilant people like notyourheroes and Tumblr user failice proves that right. Perfect? If Felice weren’t skinny or attractive she would’ve not been really… a somebody. There are many talented people out there, why her? Honestly, she’s only doing it to buy coke (the drug ok) and of course, smoke, drink and be an alcoholic.

AA Klenk, however, just came out of nowhere. Sumipot na lang siya bigla nung nagkaroon na siya ng issue. Actually, she only became famous is because of controversies, and I have a feeling that it’s the only way for her to be the talk of the town. She wasn’t really well-known, kahit sabihin pa nating product siya ng reality show, ah. I blogged about this before, and may magazine scan pa nga, eh. If she weren’t pale white and slim at the same time, nobody would notice her.

If Felice is known to be “intelligent” and “caring” and AA as “frank” and “feisty,” you’re wrong. They’re just doing this just to gain attention from their audience.

Damn, people are actually lowering their standards

While there are many people who are good-looking, why do people have to choose these two? Delusional, much? If AA is admired for being “pretty” and “sexy,” and Felice for being so “uber-talented” and an “inspiration,” excuse me? Felice will never be a role model because of smoking and drinking and making scandals all over and over again on Stickam. Really, I really just don’t get Felice’s appeal at all. She isn’t really as professional as anyone else, it’s like, ugh. While for AA, however, I posted this blog post to let people know that she is criticized rather than being praised when she earned the Number One title in FHM. People would say that she looks ordinary (which is actually true) and some would point on her pale white skin. Totoo naman, eh. Being pale white will only make you look like sophisticated rather than looking sexy. I agree with that person when he said that “being sexy should be associated with skin color.” There are sexier morenas out there, even some mestizas out there who are the likes of Solenn Heussaff and Anne Curtis.

Don’t ever criticize me of lambasting things to those who never did any harm to me. Well, it just so happened that there are some celebrities who are actually… trying too hard to be on the top list.

Glad thing that was over

There are some celebrities like Megan Fox who are now outdated because they have no talent. Megan Fox’s only known for acting so slutty even though she should know that being slutty makes you less sexy. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Kate Hudson, who isn’t making any more films. Hmm… tired from making lousy romcoms? Kate Hudson isn’t really a good actress, as in, she’s not good in acting after all. She just looks funny, that’s it.

If AA Klenk was hated by those anons who create their accounts against her, accusing her as “hubadera, palengkera, cheap,” for Felice, it would be like, “She’s a hypocrite smoking and drinking alcohol on Stickam.”

200th post!

Welcome the New Year… in advance.

Most people do not understand why I blog a lot of things, be it with sense or not.

Latest news

Tyrone Perez is found dead on a car… maybe he was poisoned or committed suicide. Oh no! Perez… AJ Perez, then Tyrone aww. Well, Amy Perez, good luck!

Tasks completed:

[x] Passed all my subjects
[x] Wrote a review about a photographer
[x] Created a blog designed for most of my literary works (I am doing this is because I write directly on the Internet, not on document!)
[x] Achieved again a number of notes and faves – Update: State of Oblivion gaining faves!
[x] Started photography again.
[x] Stopped thinking about my crush and started not to think about him again haha.

A brief introduction to my new blog, the literary one

Molybdenum Studios Literary is currently my new blog. I still do not have an icon yet for that blog, but soon, I’ll create one if I’m not feeling too lazy.

First of all, I created the plot of my stories, Osaka Monogatari and of course, I Heart Mr. Enforcer.

Finally, Osaka Monogatari is written, even only a summary of it is because, I really love Japan. And yes, this is a story about two brothers who never had a happy beginning, while I Heart Mr. Enforcer is a story about a policeman and a seductive criminal who wins his heart at the end.

A series of events let me start a new beginning

First of all, I wrote a blog entry about quitting photography. However, what motivated me is only creativity and imagination. Photography is actually for me, just a hobby, but the only reason why I made it serious is because, well, just for a back-up job in case I won’t take up law at all. I simply observed that my specialization should be food photography and of course, fine art photography. Well, what defines fine art? Bokeh.

Next blog posts

Anti-Chinese Sentiment #3 – Tackling all the issues from piracy to dangerous preservatives
Admiring the superpowers is completely pointless
The dark side of the United States of America

It seemed that this post is shorter than the first centennial post

Of course, I really do not have something in mind and I only blog sometimes, good thing there’s a challenge I accepted so that I would post everything everyday. Haha.

Why Anything at Random was discontinued

Hmm… long story, but if you guys want some random things, just tell me.

Day Nine: Top Five People You’d Like To Kill

NOT kill physically HA. I might be of course, jailed forever and ever.

1.) Homewrecker – Of course, the worst enemy of every marginalized person should be avoided at all times. You might not want a simple conversation a very sad ending. Just so you know, she’s not worth someone to talk to. She sometimes verbally clogs you because she feels so high about herself.

2.) Toothless Freak – Just… eww.

3.) Big-Eyed Guy (aka ex-best buddy) – Yes, that guy with big eyes and huge lips is really someone who is an. Asshole. No need to explain more.

4.) Fhrese – The hunchback who has flat nose sideviews and of course has an annoyingly high-pitched voice that sounds too annoying!

5.) All the know-it-alls and popular kids who wronged me – No need to explain shit.

Bokeh Shots

A New Start to go back to Square One

New watermark, new err… style of photography and so on.

So, yeah, me momma’s BFF during her high school years recognized my photography enthusiasm. But her Sigma lens has OS! Ugh! Should’ve been rather, a y’know haha!

Here are some of the latest shots that I have for you guys to enjoy!

~molybdenumstudios|I didn’t expect that the outcome would be a celestial entity being sucked by a black hole.

~molybdenumstudios|Is this a kind of eclipse, or is this the sun coming out at the night sky. Weird, but impressive.

~molybdenumstudios|I really couldn’t think of a title for this, so yeah… just named it with oblivion.

Photographing Bokeh

Photographing bokeh needs a lot of imagination and creativity. If you see something in a certain photo, think if it reminds you of something.

I really didn’t expect that one of my bokeh shots (first photo from top) would resemble a black hole capturing a celestial body, probably a star. Of course, that black hole is surrounded by red circular objects that are probably red giant stars or maybe “fiery” effects just to make the black hole look like a devouring creature.

The second photo is of course, a sun coming out at night, which seems weird and very impossible to happen, unless there’s an eclipse happening. So, yeah… it’s really a celestial oxymoron if you see a sun coming at night.

In the last photo, I really couldn’t actually think of a title, so I just entitled it as “State of Oblivion.” The state of oblivion is something when you really couldn’t think of something, or you just forget everything.

Other Bokeh Shots that you’ll really enjoy

These are shots you prob’ly did miss… haha

Bright Goddess|When a commoner falls in love with a goddess full of light.

Abstract Figure|You prob’ly might’ve seen this before, but sorry if it’s too small hahaha!

Captured Light|My very first bokeh shot.

There are more bokeh shots that I uploaded, but most of them didn’t really have any meaning at all. However, playing with light (or painting it) will really help you figure out what a photo means.

Bokeh shots are really nice, actually. If you want to contribute something, make sure that you’re a registered member of and of course, join this group:

#BokehLicious on|Best group ever

Of course, you may also join wilderness-click (I mentioned this before just search it here) in and place it in the “Conceptual Shots” folder.

To see more…

Click HERE and view it. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

AA Klenk’s #1 On the List: Thoughts…

WARNING: No bashing or flaming or post rude comments. For the last time, I will post anything I want here because this is my blog… but of course, not a personal blog haha.

To all those who want to say, “Ang bitter mo parin d’yan!”, “You’re such a hypocrite” or “Past is past,” just keep the shit to yourself. Thank you. (:

Update: Sorry if this is really too late to be posted, but here’s a random thought, ok?

Let’s start with…

When AA Klenk was crowned as the #1 sexiest in FHM, I’d say that everyone’s judging a person based on the body! If people think that “straight ang katawan niya, walang korte,” they’re wrong! AA is known to have curves, but the rest of the features seem questionable, haha.

This is the post that I’m looking for haha.

The Filipina version of Nozomi Sasaki is of course, criticized than praised!

I really don’t get it. I really hate to brag this, but I saw AA Klenk in person. The same face pa rin but it doesn’t mean that she’s extraordinarily beautiful. Do you consider someone who is pale white and retokada beautiful (truth is, if you so happen to have flawlessly white skin, that will reveal your outer beauty)? Nah, the likes of Rufa Mae Quinto may just be cute, but at least, she looks natural although her skin’s white by the help of Gluta.|Chiaki Kuriyama is much better-looking.

Most Japanese celebrities are being questioned if they were once nip-tucked, but according to my classmate in a major subject, the Japanese don’t like surgery! All they do is medication, so yeah.

This may seem irrelevant,

Here are some comments:


Cristine for FHM? NO!
Cristine as epitome of modern Bakekang? YES!
Pinoys…listen…having a lighter skin does not mean ur beautiful inside and out. Not unless FHM standard for beauty is being trashy and slutty. FHM should select a Filipina who truely represents her skin color and culture…a woman who posses grace,poise,intelligence,strong cultural ground. A body,beauty,brains and character bundled into one. wtf! Christine’s beauty and body is so generic,often u can see them in the streets of Quiapo,Olongapo or Macau.That’s my opinion.

Agree with this post! Read this post, and this explains everything!

Actually, hindi nga siya mukhang sosyalin. Asa ka pa! Just like those social-climbing cheap skanks, she’s one of them lawl. Pansin ko nga, mas bagay pa nga siyang maging katulong, kumpara mo kay Kristine Hermosa na dapat lang maging sosyal ang role eh.

My take: Quoting roxyisferox again,

Cristine is constantly voted to be one of the sexiest, if not THE SEXIEST; however, the way how she was viewed as sexy, was it being combined with respect, particularly men reading FHM? Sure, her acting is more than just improved, but still questionable in over-all talent department. She cannot sing. She cannot dance. She cannot almost everything. Just like some typical Korean girl idol groups, all Cristine does is to appear sexy. That’s it.

If you’re voted in FHM, you should be respected for attitude. If people vote AA to be the sexiest, when what is she sexy for? Being a slut who does skanky stuff and shit? Man, if she has changed, to be honest with you, I really doubt it, but hey, I’m not the one’s being a keeper of grudges! If you deserve respect, why publicize your relationship with someone else? Boosting self-esteem? Remember, being single rocks more because “it teaches you patience,” quoting AJ Perez.

I personally think that AA will never be famous unless she has a lifetime partner. I smell Plan B.


cristine? nah thanks.. i dont like her for having relationship with dennis t. carlene and dennis have a baby for God’s sake! sexy is with an attitude. and she doesnt have it.. man thief

Matagal na kaya ‘yan, dre. Past is past, but I still have to doubt it. Why, do you think publicizing your relationship with someone else is a good move? Feeling ko it’s just to make her feel complete. I really feel so sorry for Rayver Cruz, but I really don’t care about him at all haha.


si cristine reyes fhm sexiest woman in the world?!
oh cmon! baka mga naka drugs ang mga nag vote sa kanya?! oh well..filipino way yata talaga basta maputi kahit na mukhang pandesal ang shape ng katawan at mukhang rambutan ang mukha pag walang makeup maganda yon sa kanila, wahahaha! sexiest in the world?! SA TALIPAPA PALA HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Sana naging katawan na lang siya, ‘no?


Of course not, I don’t think she has that nice body or face, mukhang trying hard lang, o baka naman marami lang siyang pinakiusapan na bumoto sa kanya o sinipingan. ni wala nga syang panghollywood muscle eh, . Pwede ba , di rin sya maganda, dami naman dyan. eh sa kulay pa lang ng balat walang appeal dapat medyo morena.

Agree with the first emphasized line/s. Well, Cristine, compared to those really pretty faces such as Song Hye Kyo, Yukie Nakama, Zhang Ziyi, or any other Asian star outside the Philippines, doesn’t stand out at all.

Katrina Halili and Angel Locsin are mere examples of morena beauties. If Angel Locsin became white, that’s because of the power of Gluta once more, but Katrina Halili, at least, chose not to be white. She proved everyone that being morena looks sexier than being pale white. Even Lucy Torres-Gomez wanted to become tan, even other stars. Good thing those half-Filipinos who are really tanned chose to retain their color is because, it looks sexier.

That’s what Hollywood is promoting. No wonder hindi naman totally patok si Anne Hathaway in the majority of American audience, for of course, being scary pale white.


Cristine? I’ve always found her looks to be very ordinary. Maputi lang siya, yung tipo pang parang may sakit.

My take: I really have to agree this one. She really looks older than her age, and eww, hindi talaga sila bagay ni Rayver Cruz. Ayos lang sana kung sila pa ni Zanjoe Marudo, eh (what makes it down is the Twitter thing!). I really didn’t believe at first that she was born in 1989, parang ka-age lang niya si Shaina Magdayao or Erich Gonzales. So, yeah.

Well, like what momma said, she’s really very pale white! But some said she looks like a Korean, which I doubt since most Koreans are really pale white. Eh, mas lalo na akong hindi maniniwala kapag… may nagsasabing mukha siyang Hapon. But somehow, para na ding Korean is because most Korean actors are nip-tucked which isn’t questionable after all!


SI CHRISTINE REYES?! retokada queen. wa yatang part sa body na hindi “thank you, doc” she doesnt deserve the title. it should be queen whore!

AND according to one of my schoolmates back then, she answered my question regarding who’s attractive or bitchy between AA, Kate Hudson and Taylor Momsen. She said that AA’s average-looking, which I have to agree with since… she’s not the epitome of Marilyn Monroe OR even someone else.

Comparison with Ashlee Simpson

No doubt, Ashlee is much more honest when it comes to nip tuck. At least siya, she’s very open with it and she even said that she wanted to be as sexy as her sister Jessica. Like, what? Ashlee’s sexier and prettier because Jessica got envious so nagparetoke na din siya. Unfortunately, Jessica looked OLDER and even more overrated-looking. Jessica should’ve just been supportive na lang rather than to imitate Ashlee. Whoa.

Ashlee’s like Nicole Richie, who is also down-to-earth. If Nicole Richie is just known for being a socialite, she’s got values with her. Paris Hilton is actually lucky to have a BFF like her pa nga, eh, but because Paris way back then is a slut, they had a conflict, pero nagkabalikan din naman sila at the end.

If AA doesn’t really admit her plastic surgeries (take note: The nose, the everything, even the melons!), that’s because she wanted to become an artista, but look what happened. She’s got no talent at first. Boom.

To clarify things…

I am not making issues, just please. I am not jealous of her since it doesn’t really have to make me less of a person, right? First-hand evidence pa nga, I could actually prove it right.

Overall, if AA Klenk really deserves to be FHM’s number one, that would only mean that people criticized her because of the features she had… sino ba namang magkakagusto sa cheapipay kung may mas maganda at mas matalino pa, at hindi mukhang cheapipay, oh?

Day Eight: Top Five Biggest Fictional Crushes

1.) Yusuke Urameshi – Yu Yu Hakusho’s protagonist is really a hero! Aside from his rei-gun power, he also jokes around with Kuwabara and Hiei… and the red-head dude. All I know is that, he’s Eugene of Ghost Fighter damn it!

2.) Garrod Rann – aka Garudo, he resembles Eugene! HAHAHA! Also, he’s small and also color-headed.

3.) Ginji Amano – Of course, he’s the fictional version of AJ Perez (unlike Ban Mido, who’s suplado!) because he cares a lot and of course, he’s really a nice guy.

4.) Harry Potter – all because of Daniel Radcliffe.

5.) Alex Rider – all because of Alex Pettyfer!

Day Seven: Top Five Favorite Historical Figures

1.) Queen Elizabeth I – One of England’s most charismatic royals, she never married nor had any children. Aside from that, she vowed not to let history “repeat itself” by simply letting her own cousin Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots be beheaded, as this historical figure resembles Mary Tudor, aka the Bloody Mary.

2.) Joan of Arc – Joan of Arc is the patron saint and of course, the national hero of France. France wasn’t really yet France (it was Gaul) and yet, Jeanne d’Arc saved France from the British invaders (most particularly English people). A young hero, she was a martyr, as she was accused of heresy.

3.) Mozart – Probably the most famous Austrian in history, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Salzburg native who started his musical career at only the age of four. With that, he wrote musical compositions for the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, but his rival, Antonio Salieri, an Italian, was chosen instead after Mozart wanted to create the opera version of the Marriage of Figaro (listen to the famous Overture), which was banned for political purposes.

Well, at least, despite that, his biography’s depicted in the 1984 film Amadeus.

4.) Jesus Christ – Of course, the most famous historical figure ever in history, is best known for His parables and His teachings.

5.) Jose Rizal – The reason why I liked him as a hero is because, he wanted to show the world that the pen is mightier than the sword. Ironically, if he really deserves the “national hero” title, why was his last love a foreigner? Never mind, that doesn’t make him less a hero since his first-born child who died after three hours was Philippine-born.