I Lost My Interest in Photography

I hate to admit this, but I’m losing my interest in photography.

It seems that nobody was really interested in most of my photographs in deviantArt. Or is it just me?

deviantArt.com|My latest deviation, this time the effect is/was ready-made with Actions

I did my best, and that’s all I could say

Photography wasn’t really my passion, not until it just got into me. I envied a lot of people possessing different types of gadgets, and a simple digital, single-lens reflex camera just came into mind. I was about to abandon my old point-and-shoot when I just saw everyone holding a DSLR.

To be honest, after all my hardwork, I just lost interest in it.

I hate to rant about this but…

Do you believe that Felice Fawn’s really a damn good photographer?

LAWL, as if she’s not really focusing on what she really loves. All she does is self-promotion in a classless way. I don’t get it. I really don’t get why people are usually worshipping her anorexia nervosa (I said this before that I do not hate Felice Fawn, BUT even encyclopediadramatica.ch isn’t lying either, so does efagz) thing. I know, this really has to stop, but I’m not advocating the reduction of cult following. Her fans are making some cult which is stupid. Very, very insanely and ridiculously stupid.

Nah, back to the photography thing.

There are many better photographers out there.

The cult of DSLR ownership

I saw this phrase, “It doesn’t mean that you have a DSLR you’re automatically a photographer.”

It feels like I wanna argue about this.

NOT being an owner of a DSLR doesn’t make you LESS a photographer. Look, I was actually allowed to bring a digital camera for documentary since I’m an editorial staff member of the school paper way back in high school. The only thing is, I didn’t have a Photoshop back then.

I know, that having a DSLR doesn’t make you (more) a photographer, but sometimes, even those who don’t own a DSLR could actually make good pictures, and I have to admit that I am still practicing on digital cameras when I take a picture.

I actually applied in the photo section of the school paper during the first term of my sophomore year in college. However, I didn’t continue everything since there’s no spectacular event to cover that time. I just took the test, but doing the assignment? Sorry, I didn’t even manage to finish all the tasks.

What do I think about people owning a DSLR without declaring his/her “photographer” status(?)

Owning a DSLR doesn’t really make you necessary MORE a photographer, but there are advantages if you’re owning one. You’re always doing the job as a documentation staff, or whatsoever people would assign to you.


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