Citizenship Question

If you were to obtain another citizenship, what would it be?

If only Japan would simply allow dual citizenship, I would apply for it. Not because I’m a Japan-fan, but also, it has more benefits compared to the US like, I could visit mainland China without visa at all.

Truth is, I won’t apply for another citizenship UNLESS I marry someone from a rich country.

Oh, and I admire Taro Kono, though. (This guy has proposed something only to allow/re-allow dual citizenship in Japan.)

Is “fighting for your citizenship” your main concern or not at all?

Fighting for your citizenship isn’t the concern at all. Well, if I were to be asked, there are passports with its own unique abilities. Like for instance, I hold a Philippine passport (single citizen here, I never had any dual citizenship, be it jus soli or jus sanguinis), and what it can do is to send me to ASEAN countries, without a visa at all. Despite being a somehow restrictive passport (usually developed countries issue visa-immune passports while developing/underdeveloped countries issue restrictive passports), at least Filipino citizens have the freedom to travel in ASEAN countries without visa at all, which a Japanese or a US passport may not have. If a Philippine passport could bring you to Brazil without visa at all, this cannot be done by the passports issued by the two rich countries I mentioned.

So, yeah. I really have to say that I am for dual nationality.

Will you ever give up your citizenship for another citizenship?

It depends, actually. However, I agree with what Gong Li said about her switching of citizenship. Since she’s a Singaporean, in legal terms, she once said that she’s still Chinese (by ethnicity), regardless of nationality. Well, I would still say that I’m still Filipina by blood although I do not hold a Philippine passport anymore. That would be fine with me, but it’s better if countries would allow dual citizenship only for certain reasons.

What do you think about dual citizens who have dilemma about their citizenship and identity? (Halfies or pure-blooded people who was born and/or grew up in a foreign country.)

I think it’s not my concern at all. It’s their concern since I’m not a dual citizen. In fact, there are some dual citizens who are willing to give up their other citizenship if they’re running for a political position.


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