More questions… but Felice Fawn related. Check These Out!

Here are the PMs, messages and of course, questions that I found in Tumblr… tagged = Felice Fawn.

Do you wish you were anorexic like Felice Fawn? Would you kill to have her body? Don’t you wish you could look like a skeleton like so you can get more followers?

I never, EVER wished to be a skeletal figure like Footlice Yawn. Like, what’s WRONG if you’re not skinny but has no followers? Do you think, being “skinny” will make you Tumblr-famous? HELL NO! I may become Tumblr-famous WITHOUT BEING GAWDDAMN SKINNY! Now what’s the use of being malnourished with a lot of followers? It’s better to be hated for being fat rather than to be worshipped for being drastically anorexic.

Do you dream of becoming a skeleton like Felice Fawn?

No way, and it will never happen.

WHEN WILL ALL YOU FELICE CULT MEMBERS LEARN? You’re idolizing someone who used to deny being anorexic, scams people for a living, takes people’s tumblr themes and sells them as her own, copies straight from google, abuses her pets, and has Rich whipped? Does it make you feel loved when she uses pet names when trying to sound like she cares about people’s problems? Do you dream of becoming a skeleton like Felice? Are you aware of all the evidence there is against your cult leader?

Lawl, to this person who asked in Tumblr, I’ll answer this honestly.

TO ALL FAILICE YAWN FOLLOWERS: Read and understand THIS statement, because it’s partially true.

Do you dream of becoming a skin and bones like Felice Fawn?

If that’s the case, I do not have muscles then.

No you’re not individuals if you continue to worship Felice Fawn after all the evidence that’s out there against her. “Whether she was lying or not, I don’t mind.” So you admit that you’re a mindless, ignorant tool willing to overlook any wrongdoing that Felice does because she’s such an “inspiration.” Honey do you even know what a scam is? It’s not forcing people to buy things like you said, it’s stealing people’s money. You obviously have no idea who you’re defending. Fail.

Once again, read and understand this.

You’re a tool for believing everything Felice says. Oh my gosh you’re so brainwashed. There is proof that she abuses her pets from her own fucking blog. She actually did deny for the longest time that she ever had an eating disorder. Clearly you know nothing about the person you worship if you didn’t even know that much. Does your boyfriend pay for everything for you like Rich does for Felice? Felice has Rich doing her dirty work in messaging scammed customers for crying out loud.

I don’t care whether she loves her pets or not. I don’t care about Rich, except her lies. To all Felice Fawn worshippers, she’s only human. That’s it!

Ok so even though Felice has done horrible things to people (based on the evidence) you still think she’s a beautiful and inspirational role model? After she has been found to have several password-protected thinspo blogs even though she claims to be anti thinspo and tells girls to love their bodies? After all the money she’s stolen from people? Sickening.

I know, right? xD Guys, please always consult el-o-el, whiskeyandwords and err… what blog should we recommend?

AND YES, don’t ever think that Felice is “perfect,” everything.

Felice fawn is a scammer. she’s trying to show that being anorexic is good. people cant see past her looks. lauren has so many pro-ana blogs which she claims are recovery blogs. she gets all her ‘religious information’ from websites. She’s a fraud.

I really can’t say anything about the scam thing, but hey, I sort of agree with you.

I really love Felice, she’s actually a really kind person and so beautiful! I don’t see how anybody can hate on her because of what her body looks like D:

LMFAO she’s like any other snobbish “internet celebrity” who cannot just answer all my questions, BE IT anon or non-anon. I know she’s really “nice,” but she’s too choosy to answer a question. Sorry, I really couldn’t help it but yeah.

Felice Fawn has been found to have several pro-ana and thinspo blogs (now deleted) that you could easily identify as hers. Your cult leader is a hypocrite. Even though she denies being pro-ana and call them “recovery blogs,” people have seen her blogs and know she’s lying. You’re a stupid twat to believe everything she says.

Yes, and I have to say that she got the skinniness from anorexia! But I’m no stupid twat either. :p


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