Felice Fawn Cult: Oh, no you don’t!

Felice Lilith Fawn, is now a cult leader. Wait… am I joking or what?

It’s bad news: Felice Lilith Fawn’s moving to WordPress, but I hope she doesn’t read my blog.

Alright, if my entry about Felice Fawn was the reason why many people are disliking her, I really do not care at all. It used to be first blog post with many pageviews, then the hoax about Mark Zuckerberg’s statement about porn attacks surpassed, with 3000+ pageviews.

The cult of Felice Fawn

Do you think she’s a cult leader? Alright, it’s like this: Everyone’s becoming atheist, everyone’s following what she does. Also, there are a lot of people who are worshipping her unendingly. It’s bullcrap. If Felice should be someone to look up to, her aura shouldn’t be converted into a cult after all.

Felice Lilith Fawn – a fictional name.

AND YES, I would prove it too!

screenshot|Why can’t she even say, “Who’s that? I don’t even know her.”

She said, it was her “legal” name. Yes, legal, but a birth name will never be changed. It is your past, but definitely not your present.

I wonder why she did that, though?

Understanding the meaning of “drastic transformation”

AS MUCH as I hate ranting about AA Klenk here, well, I really couldn’t help but mention her right here. If her transformation has been widespread all over Twitter way back from late 2010 to the early 2011, same with Felice. As I searched for Felice Fawn all over the Internet, it is found out that her birth name is Lauren Emma Cook. Birth name, huh.

Everyone was doubting if the then-Lauren had a nose job. If some would say that a person’s nose gets thinner if the body gets thinner, it rarely happens! Same piercings, same eyes, etc., you really don’t have to fool yourself that she’s no other than Lauren-turned-Felice.

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