Don’t ever bring yourself into emotion

Especially… in blogging!

That’s a fake nose ring|Don’t ever get me started that my nose is “big.”

I used to blog by the use of my emotions.

However, I’m over it.

A blogger doesn’t bring him/herself into emotion

Being able to blog is to blog by thought, not my emotion. Sometimes, you really cannot create a decent blog entry if you do rants and make spitfires out of nothing. Being able to control your emotions while blogging should always be the top priority.

Being able to blog is to be strong and witty

Having a very strong wit is always number one. You really can’t rant towards your haters if you don’t have self-confidence.

You can’t blog without feeding your mind with decent information, be it the Internet or printed references. Alright, I could blog about the Upanishads without any problem at all (must first go to the library or get my books because my late grandmother promised me to give it to me hehehe).

Being popular doesn’t mean you have to blog like a pro

If you’re a popular kid (or one of the popular kids, at least), it’s either you become blog-trendy or not, but if you create a shitty blog entry, fuck you! People will not appreciate you if your blog is full of shit and backfighting. If you backfight someone, just keep it to yourself. If you can’t really say something decent at all, GTFO the blogosphere.

I’m not scaring the hell out of you, but popularity doesn’t really make you more of a blogger. If you’re popular just because you are related to a celebrity, then that’s understandable IF and ONLY IF you blog decently. There are some bloggers who are popular because of a celebrity relative, but can blog decently.

Introducing yourself like how most popular kids do IS… a losing trend

It’s really annoying if you post things like, “I hate plastics, feeling close and backfighters.” I lambasted that before!

There’s NOTHING wrong with being “feeling close,” like what I said before. In fact, being “feeling close” is a good strategy to know more about the person, but of course, not in a sudden way.

Being plastic, however, may seem to be a negative notion, but there are times that you have to keep vigilant.

Alright. There are some “popular kids” who could blog decently, but of course, they never ever uttered that they do not accept fake people in life. In fact, they’re the most followed, liked and of course… watched.

Oh, yes. Do you remember how I mentioned Miho, Arnie and Nina in Anything at Random posts? These people at least, blog decently. Miho and Arnie are really good bloggers, and it’s no doubt that their posts are of high quality. You really can’t question that, if you just know them based on first-hand stories. If I almost never communicated with Miho personally, it’s alright. I actually communicated with Arnie, but rarely. Nina? Until online only, but I’ve seen her in person a number of times already.

These people show good example to the blogosphere.

Preparing your feistiness is like an emergency tool

If you’re really a good blogger, feistiness is another key factor. Like how I defended Roxy over those Anti-Pinoy loyalists, it’s like for the first time, stopping their badness. Oh, and this is my first success in life: Those two trolls stopped bashing her after I said, “Go fight me, if you’re just going to lambast here.”

If you’re the typical blogger who “hates plastics, feeling close and backfighters,” better not do self-promotion about your narcissism.


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