What does wealth mean to you?

Wealth is only a guide for you to choose your path– it’s either you’re a spendthrift but generous person OR a stingy but somehow selfish person.

It is also something to be proud of but sometimes, it is something not to be proud of.

Wealth in moral situations

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for yours is the Kingdom of God.

Being poor in spirit doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, or in other words, wicked. You may be somehow wealthy by social status, but on the inside, there’s something which won’t make you feel complete.

Being poor by social status but being rich in spirit means that you are still contented despite living in a frugal life. I was like that, before. I never wanted to be isolated simply because I didn’t mingle with the poor ones. Mingling with the poor ones in terms of social status will make you rich in spirit.

In Buddhism, however, there is inequality simply because of materialism. Like what Buddha did, he gave up his princely status then ventured into a journey to a life of nirvana.

Wealth in International Political Economy VS. Sociology

blogs@wsj.com|Jang Ja-yeon’s death is caused by the exploitation of women in her home country.

IPE states that developed countries prosper is because they import raw materials from poor countries and produce them to a very creative output, if you know what I mean. Developing countries, however, are still poor is because the mentality of preserving agricultural economy is still apparent. But in aspects of sociology, richer countries tend to have a very high suicide rate(s) compared to the poor countries.

It is most likely that a rich man will commit suicide compared to a poor man whose aim is to solve the problem without any doubt at all.

Now let us compare… the Philippines vs. developed countries

The Philippines has a very low suicide rate. That’s because of the strong Catholic tradition in the country where people think that it is a mortal sin to commit suicide, unless you belong to the wealthy, or if you’re most likely, a political service person.

Compare the suicide rate of Philippines and East Asia. Who is most likely to commit suicide in only five seconds?

Answer: East Asia.

In East Asia (most particularly Japan and South Korea), people usually commit suicide due to depression attacks. For instance, you just failed an exam, you’re most likely to commit suicide. However, comparing Japan and South Korea, Japanese people only commit suicide if they think they’re already a burden to the society. However, in South Korean culture, people are most likely to commit suicide due to the pressures that are caused by the strong conservatism coming from the teachings of Confucius. Like how Roxy lambasted the backwardness of South Korean culture, at least you’ll realize that it’s way much easier to be a woman/female in the Philippines, because in Philippine society, women are thought to be dependable. Totoo naman, eh. I would admire DLSU’s USG president Cabe Aquino for being a very strong and intelligent woman for fighting for the rights of the students. She represented DLSU as a respectable institution and also as a center of research. I really admire her a lot, and even at the elections, she seemed approachable.

I personally think that being a woman is much better in the Philippines, although the issue of virginity loss and yes, a woman chasing a guy is still considered sexist.

Nako, ba’t pa naman tayo napunta sa sexist vs. feminist?

Alright, never mind.

It is thought that if you come from a rich country, you think like a liberal. EHEM. Do you think Romance-language countries are liberal? Not really.

Since I have Spanish ancestry (ehehe Bisaya kasi ako, eh, aber ich spreche kein/e Bisaya), my mom said that my great-grandmother  didn’t even pursue a college degree since the Spaniards have a very patriarchal culture. Alright, I’ll speak something which may not be relevant to this, but Italy’s divorce rate is only 12%, France has a very long history of anti-Semitism and the rest of the Romance-speaking countries? Well, I really cannot be judgmental, but based on my observations, it seems that Germanic-language countries (e.g., Germany, Netherlands, UK, Scandinavia/Norden) have more leftist thought/view compared to Romance-language countries. But comparing Romance-language countries to Slavic countries, Slavs tend to be more conservative.

Comparing commoners and blue-bloods

biographyonline.net|Prince William is of course, the most handsome dude in royalty until he became “panot.”

To be honest, commoners could roam around more freely than the blue-bloods. Do you think, royal-blooded people love their life as a royal-blood?

You’re choked if you live a life of a royal. You have no problem in life, but in terms of etiquette, that’s the only thing. You have to act prim and proper.

How do royals get their wealth?

Royals receive their wealth through people’s taxes. TAXES, ah. But they’re not the only ones who get rich through taxes. Even the universities in Scandinavian countries get their funds from taxes, too. If you’d notice, Scandinavian state universities are tuition-free compared to Japan, UK and Australia.

Do you think, being a rich country is the most ideal?

Yes, it may somehow be ideal, but think about it; despite the fact that most rich countries are individualistic, you’re most likely to experience intolerance, unless you live in the Germanic side of Europe.


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